Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Congrats are in order!

Rosella Whitlock, one of the Major's Southern Belles and the author of TwiSlash Unveiled's Poly Pleasures, was featured on The Perv Pack's Smut Shack today for her One-Shot, Conflicted Soldier.

The post was done by none other than The Future Mrs. Nina Facinelli, Ninapolitan, herself. Here's the excerpt...

Title- Conflicted Soldier
Author- Rosella Whitlock
Chapters- One-Shot
Words- 4,841
Reviews- 32
Summary- Jasper is still part of Maria's army and has not met the Cullen's.He's forced to change a young girl into a vampire due to her unique ability to resist vampire powers. They despise each other at first,but feel an intense connection as well. AU/OOC/NC-17 J/B

“Fuck, Bella. You’re so wet for me already, darlin’”
“Don’t fucking call me darlin’!” she yelled. “And fuck me already, Jasper!”

From the quotes she's chosen to highlight, it looks as if Ms. Nina likes a dirty talking Jasper and a pissed off horny Bella.

Congratulations, Rosella, baby! You totally deserve it!


Dizzygrl28 said...

Congratulations!!! The o/s was pure awesomeness and you deserve the recognition!

Anonymous said...

Thanks bb! :D