Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday's Best~July 28th, 2009

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled

Tuesday's are for the best slash stories we can find and this Tuesday is no different.

First off, Jenn has had to take an indefinite hiatus from fanfiction. We wish her loads of luck and love and hope she can return to us soon.

So, that leaves Val and I. We've put our heads together and have decided to switch it up a bit. Instead of picking stories from certain categories, we are each going to bring you a story that has us quivering with need, something so fucking fabulous you'll hate yourself for skipping over it.

We won't be foresaking any of the categories. The stories we bring you will always be from one of the 4 original categories and remain true to our mission. To bring you the best slash we can find.

We hope you enjoy!


Donna's Pick of the week...

by stolenxsanity

After entering the Tattward and Inkella contest, I subscribed to their Community on FFnet. Verum Quod Eventus hit my inbox and I went nuts after reading. I decided to recommend it today for one reason and one reason only.


That is it, in a nut shell. The angst and lust are abso-fucking-lutely amazing. You can FEEL the emotions and the angst. It twists you up and demands that you read and continue to do so until you get to the end and once there you're pissed that the >> button is missing.

As some of you know, my hubs is a slash lover. He's an avid fan of DefinatelyStaying's and when I read this story I literally threw my laptop in his lap and said, "READ THIS NOW! RIGHT FUCKING NOW! AND MAKE SURE YOU REVIEW!" I think it's the first time I've ever recommended a story to him or anyone else in such a forth right manner. If I were able I'd do it, I'd do the same exact thing to each and everyone of you.

If you don't read this...I might just round up a posse with Major Whitlock at the helm and hunt you down.

OH! Be sure to leave stolenxsanity some love.


The Master brings you...

by SubtlePen

Even though “Simple” by SubtlePen is a one-shot, there is nothing simple about it. It is one of the most unique premises for a story I have read, leaving the reader to guess the characters involved. SubtlePen drops clues throughout the story to the character identities but their names are not revealed until the end. This is so cleverly done, that when you are finished reading the story, you immediately want to read it again, to see if you can spot the hints along the way. The clues start off small and get more obvious as the story continues.

SubtlePen pushes the envelope by also dealing with controversial subject matters. First, the story hints at underage consensual sexual activity, but both characters are willing (very) participants. While agreeing to keep things ‘simple’, not involving emotions behind the physical act, they soon learn that this is much more difficult than they originally intended. Second, also involves incest; as the two characters are adopted siblings of Carlise and Esme. If this is something you are not comfortable reading, I suggest skipping this one. Personally, while both these matters are controversial, you get so wrapped up in the characters, and who they are, that you completely forget their situation…until one of them reminds you.

I recommend “Simple” for the simple reason that SubtlePen manages to weave mystery, sex, and controversy all into a brilliant one-shot.


So, there you have it. Another Tuesday filled with TwiSlash Unveiled's picks of the week. Hope you remembered your towel.

Stay tuned until Thursday for when we bring you Thursday's Read, Rate and Review. They have an absolutely fabulous story lined up for you.


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veddersgirl said...

Loved Verum Quod Eventus. I've been PMing the author begging her to continue. I think this is a great story. There have been a few stories dealing with homosexuality and the military. However, I don't think they have really addressed the issue head on. This story has really great potential and is off to a great start (IMO).

Also I'm starting to feel like I might be your biggest fan and alone because I'm the only one posting comments. Maybe I need to get a life. ;) OH NOES!!

Whitlock's Girl said...

Don't you dare get a life! I'm loving your comments. I think the reason not many are commenting is because some are still a bit leery of outting themselves as slash lovers.

We have a thread on Twilighted as well if you'd like to join us.

veddersgirl said...

Alright I won't get a life. ;) Sure send me the link. I do need more people to talk to about my love of the slash. I think my other fanfic friends think I am little nutty over my love of the slash. I can't help it. I love me some Jasper/Edward loving. Those boys are HOT!

BTW just read Simple. OMG that was HOT stuff. Now I'm gonna have add Simple to my list of authors to beg to continue their one-shots.

Whitlock's Girl said...

There's a link at the top of the right column called TwiSlash Unveiled on Twilighted.

Subtle Pen said...

heya bbs! OMG - i was rec'd on TwiSlash... *faint*

i so fucking love you! this was my first attempt at slash, and i guess i did okay? i love playing with mystery pov's, and the premise for the love without lemons contest just got me all kinds of fired up - to convey love without using the word or any synonyms. i'm not sur ehow i'll do in the contest - there are some amazing stories entered, but this was a great ride either way.

the story was a blast to write, and i have an additional one-shot alt pov already written, but i have to wait until the contest for which this was written is over - look for it on my profile on FFn and Twilighted after august 5th...


Master Jasper said...

twislash forums..


stolenXsanity said...

I am simply at a loss for words. I never expected my little slash!fic to get such attention. Not at all.

*breathes deeply*

Anyhow, I'm really honored that you featured VQE here on your blog and, I'm definitely considering turning it into a multi-chap. :)

xx, stolenxsanity