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Tuesday's Best 8-10-2010

Good morning, ladies and gents! I hope this day finds you smiling, happy, and healthy. If not, well then let's see what Aradi and Captain Jezebel have found to maybe brighten your day a little. So, grab a towel, maybe a Kleenex or two, and let's get on with the show!


I mentioned last week that I love the emo boys.  Really, long before I learned that Slash can be fun, I loved angst and darkness and misery and allll that.  I love me an unhappy ending.  It’s a sickness.

The first five chapters of Whiskey at Midnight were originally written by ahizelm as a gift for (lucky wench) Starfish422 in the TwiFic Gift Exchange.  She had some specific requests in her prompt including (lucky me!) angst.

"Anytime. We haven't seen you in here lately. Everything all right?" she asks with a furrowed brow. Jasper is surprised and almost happy to see that she is clearly worried about him, but his momentary comfort is quickly destroyed.

In a split second, a thousand thoughts flow through Jasper's mind, and in his pocket, his right hand curls into a fist. He shoves his left hand through his hair, and his eyes flash with grief.

No, I made a mistake, and it cost me dearly.

No, I haven't been back here because I feared it would remind me of him.

Have you ever lived in regret? I have, and do, and it's terrible.

But instead of answering her honestly, because he knows this is not the time or place and their relationship does not call for it, he lies.

Mmm suffering...  

Whiskey is about Jasper drowning his sorrows in a bar on New Years Eve, while mentally revisiting the rise and (obviously) fall of his relationship with Edward.  We eventually find out what went wrong, and why Jasper feels so guilty about it despite, as the memories show, being so in love with Edward that he’d never do anything intentionally to hurt him.

The angst flows like Jameson through the 5-chapter arc.  What should be happy flashbacks are clouded by our knowledge that things didn’t work out.  The unhappy flashbacks are twice as bitter.  The only thing worse than watching a trainwreck is watching a trainwreck knowing it’s coming.  

At this point I would say, if you love Jasper and Edward, with a side order of misery, go read.  Except it’s a little more complicated than that.

Shortly after the story was posted for the Gift Exchange, ahizelm posted a sixth chapter with an intention to continue the storyline.  (Would our boys get their impossible reunion?  Could I maybe have my angstycake and eat a HEA too?  Please?)  It hasn’t been updated again though, not due to slacking on ahizelm’s part, who is clearly still cranking out other tasty fics (like the recently recc’d and just-completed Learning to Breathe).

So there you go.  Try out the 5-chapter story as it was originally created.  Peek at the sixth chapter if you want.  Sit with me and fan tiny flames of hope that the story continues someday.


Ello my slashy strumpets, Captain Jezebel back this week with yummy, athletic boy lovin to rec. Athletic?...you ask....why yes athletic indeed, and I don’t just mean bedroom olympics *winks*. I was lucky enough to have been on twitter when rmhale was struck with the sexy premise behind her latest one-shot; so I knew the treat that was coming our way once she was finished.

When Strikers Collide is the tale of two soccer players, both known for being extremely good, on rival teams playing their first game against each other. Jasper Whitlock is nervous about facing Chivas USA’s newest sensation, Eduardo Cullen...yes that’s right I said Eduardo... he’s half Spanish was raised in Spain, and is extremely mo’fo’ing hot. I believe this is going to be a problem that Jasper did not foresee when hyping him self up for the match.

The ball came barreling towards me, fast and furious and as I prepared to shoot it in, I was yanked backwards. I lost my footing, stumbled and landed on top of someone.

Rage surged through me as I turned over, prepared to punch the fucker, consequences be damned.

"What the fuck is your p..." the words died on my lips and my breath escaped me when I looked into the brightest green eyes I had ever seen set in a handsome, pale, olive-skinned face. My hands were clenched, holding the front of his jersey and I was powerless to let go. Messy black hair topped his head, it was so dark, yet in the sun, glinted bronze. My eyes were focused on his beautiful red lips. His picture did nothing to prepare me for how he would look in real life.

My body was on fire everywhere we touched and his eyes were just as wide as mine, his breathing just as harsh. Knowing it had only been seconds, I let him go and slowly pushed myself up and off of him. I leaned in one more time and smelled his skin before jumping up. Salty sweat and ocean air. Goddamn perfect.

Oh no! It seems Jasper is quite taken with Eduardo. How is he supposed to focus, when fuckhawtness is staring him in the face? How is he supposed to play hard, when he is hard? But most of all, how is he supposed to play his best, when he doesn’t want to hurt his opponent?.....intentionally.

All joking aside this becomes a problem for Jasper, because he isn’t exactly ‘out’ to his team, and he doesn’t know if Eduardo will use his attraction as manipulation during the game as a distraction.

Two emotions hit me at once: elation for the goal my team got, putting us on the board and anger at Cullen for fucking with me. Deciding to focus on the latter, I turned towards Cullen and shoved him, knocking him to the ground. He looked up at me with a delicious fucking smirk before standing up then shoving right back. I could feel the touch of his hands through my jersey and tee shirt, I was stunned. Rooted to my spot. All the screaming and yelling around us was of no consequence to me. In that moment it was just us. His hands, my body, his eyes looking at my mouth.

His hands grabbed the material of my jersey and pulled me against his body, his green eyes followed the movement of my tongue as it came out to wet my lips.

"Fuck," he hissed as our bodies touched. It came out sounding like "fack" with his accent.

I placed my hands on his chest, intending to push him away when he pulled me tighter to his body.

Te quiero...desnudo," he rasped before shoving me so hard I fell backwards. It was for show, I knew that, but I was turned on and pissed off and crazed with need for the man.

Eduardo's words seared me to my very core. I knew what he said, I took Spanish in high school.

"I want you...naked."

Fuck...images I didn't need were flooding through my head. Turning to him, I shoved with all my might.

"Fuck you," I screamed at him as I brought my fist up to knock that smile off his face. He knew what he was doing, disarming me and I was both terrified that he was going to out me and pissed that he was distracting me on purpose. As my hand came flying down, it was caught mid-air.

*gasps* Yeah...I’m gonna leave you there. I know I’m evil, but I can’t give you too much, otherwise you wouldn’t run to read this one-shot...which I seriously think you should. Don’t you want to know if Jasper hits Eduardo?  Or if Eduardo is attracted to Jasper? Don’t you want to know how the anger towards each other on the field translates in the bedroom? Don’t you want to know if they even make it to a bedroom? I know you do

One last tidbit of info to entice you...I love rmhale’s writing because she always does her homework when she is trying on a new topic, and you can tell that this story is no exception. She puts you right in stadium with these boys, you feel the excitement and nerves leading up to the game, hear the horns blaring and the crowds chanting. You’re right there in the thick of the action. What more it there to ask for? Stop by ...and most definitely bring a towel...think about it, they are sweaty athletes...you’ll need it.


There you have it, folks. Another couple of delicious stories to sink your teeth into! Speaking of sinking your teeth into something. There are still five (read it: 5!) days left to enter the Slash//Backslash 2.0 contest. Bring on your Emmett's, Jasper's, Riley's, Edward's, Carlisle's, and who ever else you can think of and get them into some slashy good times ;-) I know you want to ;-)

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