Monday, March 1, 2010

Guest Slash Author Rec - Starfish422

Thank you to the TwiSlash Unveiled chicas for inviting me to contribute to the Slash Author Recs feature! I love pimping my favourite stories, both the slashy and the non-slashy.

Here's what I'm reading right now in the slash category:

Errors & Omissions, by Oh Jasper My Jasper

This story begins with Edward's take on what happened in , then continues beyond the end of that story. I'm kinda lucky in that I had a preview ahead of time, of some of the story plot points of OJMJ's plans for Edward in this story. I've been anxiously awaiting the revelation that took place in Chapter 11; and I think she did it so much justice. Make no mistake: these stories are not light, fluffy reading - not at all. But Liz's writing style is deep and detailed; the characters' emotions are palpably real. Read with a vodka-valium latte in hand.

Begin Again, by C-Me-Smile

Sometimes a relationship ends for the right reasons. Love, if it existed, ends, the parties get closure to the relationship, and they go on to find someone better suited for them.

But sometimes one person makes the decision to leave because they can no longer support the choices made by their partner. It's a difficult decision to make, especially when you're leaving someone you still love. Even if years pass, the memories of a love that has never died can torture both lovers. Edward and Jasper are this couple; and when they meet again after several years apart, it seems many things stand in the way of them having a chance at happiness together.

C-Me-Smile has a wonderful, rich narrative, describing the characters, settings and emotions in such vivid detail that I find myself completely enthralled and immersed in the pathos and hoping for glimmers of redemption for the relationship.

Thank You, Elvis, by Klytie

When Alice and Jasper show up and adopt the Cullen coven, Edward and Jasper begin to experience some decidedly non-canon emotions and feelings towards each other. Edward's response is very much in keeping with his canon character; that is to say, massive overreaction. His decision brings heartbreak and regret to both he and Jasper. Meanwhile, Jasper and Alice have to deal with the fallout from what Alice has already seen for their future.

Klytie has had me enthralled from the first chapter; I particularly enjoy her use of period vernacular. I'm really hoping for some happiness to return for the characters, and maybe even a happily-ever-after resolution.

Yesternight, by Pastiche Pen

Brand spanking new story that has Carlisle and newborn Edward meeting up with Jasper much earlier than the canon story does. It's only on Chapter 2, so I can't say much yet! But from Pastiche Pen, I know we can look forward to something amazing.

A Roll of the Dice, by theladyingrey42

Snaps for this brand-spanking new one-shot from theladyingrey. Can we say how happy we are that she writes slash? Happy enough that it makes us speak of ourselves in the plural form. :) I'm a total sucker for geeky boys to begin with...geeky + gay + UST = omgyeahrighttherebabyyeah.


I would love to recommend some of the one-shots from the current FML contest, but since the contest isn't yet closed it wouldn't be fair to recommend some of the stories over their competitors. When the contest is over, watch my blog for my favourites. In the meantime, visit the contest C2!

My non-slash faves are:

The Cannabean Betrothal, by ItzMegan73 - Thank the goddess for a very unique, beautifully-written story, thick with unresolved sexual tension. So delicious you can roll it around on your tongue.

Edward Wallbanger, by feathers_mmmm - Alice's gift for humour is doubly-enjoyable in this story as she adds UST to the mix. I think this Edward is my current favourite Straightward in the fandom.

Twice As Long As Yesterday, by Hopeful Wager - I have seen this story around the fandom for almost as long as I've been reading here, and never, ever clicked on it until just two weeks ago. To my delight, the final three chapters were posted this week. The story developed quickly into so much more than I thought it would, based on the summary. I loved the ending.

And while I have your attention, I'd like to beg for updates for The Vampire in the Basement, Resident Geek, and Innocent, Vigilant, Ordinary. PLEASE. :)

Smooches infinity,

Katie Starfish xoxo

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