Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday's Best - March 2nd, 2010

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled

Tuesday's are for the best slash stories we can find and this Tuesday is no different. Naelany and I are here to present you with a few FUCKAWESOME tales that will get your heart to sing and your juices to flow.


Donna's Pick of the Week...

by pulsepoint

Every week I try to find and bring to you little known stories from fabulous, yet unheralded authors, and this week I think I've found us a doozie.

Brand of Skin is a story of Jasper and Edward's first time with each other. The weird thing is that NEITHER of them are virgins and Carlisle, Felix, Alice and Tyler are all involved.

{insert smiley shaking head in shock here}

Yes, you heard me right. Now, granted on this site, threesomes, foursomes and moresomes aren't that uncommon. Hell we fucking love them, but with pulsepoint's Brand of Skin you're in for a bit of a twist. See, Jasper is a amateur porn star and he's initiating Edward into the life in style with his massive cock leading the way.

Here's a taste to whet your whistle...

"Are you sure you're okay?" Jasper wants to know.

Edward nods sheepishly.

"You're big," he offers, rubbing the back of his neck and blushing.

Jasper has to laugh at that – who doesn't like being told they've got a big dick? Jasper knows that already, of course, and it's one of his major selling points on the company's website. They took the time to measure it and list the length in Jasper's profile, even though it's really the girth that makes it stand out.

"I'll go really slow," Jasper reiterates, once again getting ready to penetrate Edward.

This story is funny and sexy and sweet and I, for one, LOVE it. I only wish that pulsepoint would expand it into a multichapter fic. I think it would make a fucking awesome one. ENJOY, leave pulsepoint some love and let them know we sent you!


Naelany brings you...

by SubtlePen

Y'all should realize by now that I'm an absolute sucker for sweetness, and our beloved SubtlePen never disappoints to deliver it. This time she's doing it for the Devirginizing Edward contest, in My Favorite Way To Wake Up.

You get to follow Edward and Jasper from the moment they meet, up to when they first make love - and make no mistake, it is truly love-making they do. It is sweet, tender and perfectly beautiful for a first time. Come on, it's for that contest, so you know they're going to get some good lovin'. I'm not spoiling anything there. How they get there though, that you'll have to read to find out.

“Jasper,” I said, to which he looked bewildered. I stuck my hand out and said it again.

“Like the rock?” he asked, taking my hand in his.

I rolled my eyes, cursing silently. “Like the rock, and my great-grandfather.”

He smiled at that. “Edward, like my grandfather,” he said. “Nice to meet you, Jasper.”

I smiled, and felt his warm thumb graze my knuckles as we reluctantly released each other’s hand.

“Where you headed?”

“I’m done for the day,” I said, glad to have the afternoon free.

He nodded. “Me, too.”

We walked across campus, comparing majors, home towns and living arrangements. We parted ways a few blocks from my apartment, and I watched him for a minute as he walked toward his own, slightly embarrassed when he caught me admiring the view.

Curious yet? Thought so. Go check it out.


So, there you have it. Another Tuesday filled with TwiSlash Unveiled's picks of the week. Hope you remembered your towel. If not, don't send us the dry cleaning bill, we warned you.


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