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by EmmyDoll


Donna aka Whitlock's Girl

Ok, so this review has been bugging me all day. Why? Well, words and I aren't getting along this week, at all. I think it comes from writing 4 chapters last week only to have the muse desert me in the end. Anyway, while I dealt with being a single mom all last week and trying to lure the muse back out of whatever hidey hole she escaped to, Val was a dear and found us a story for today. THANKS BABE!

So, where was I? Ahh, yes. "Lessons". Lessons are a thing we all have to experience. Whether they be lessons in life, in love or school, Lessons are a part of life that one can not escape, no matter how hard one might try. The lessons in EmmyDoll's story are lessons Edward desires Bella to learn. Lessons I believe we all might benefit from a bit.

How does he manage to do this?

By embracing the monster inside and dominating Bella. Teaching her Humility, Self-Respect and Thankfulness. All valuable lessons that I myself have had to learn in life. Unfortunately for me, though, I didn't have sexy, mysterious, intelligent, dangerous Domward spanking my ass when I stepped out of line while I learned them. FUCK ME! That would have made those lessons much, much easier to swallow.

The Bella in this story is bit...umm...what's the word I'm looking for? Oh yeah! BRATTY! Now before you get your panties in a wad - assuming you're even wearing any to begin with - I wholeheartedly admit that Bella's brattiness annoys me,but I secretly think it's done purposely. I mean, come on! Wouldn't you push Domward's buttons if it meant you got punished afterwards? Fuck yes! In a fucking New York minute. No questions asked.

Seriously though, the story is a really good read and even though there are some errors throughout it, none of them detracts overly from the pace and tenor of the story. All I can say is live and learn your "Lessons"!


Val aka The Master

So, in order to keep with my new ‘stepping out of the box’ theme, we decided to take a little liberty with our “secret cravings” category to include BDSM that does not contain any slashy moments (at least not yet. We decided to do this because I came across a little fic called “Lessons” by EmmyDoll, featuring a lovely vampire Domward-and he was just too hot to resist.

"Lessons" is actually a sequel to “Selfish Behavior”, but you do not have to have read “Selfish Behavior” in order to understand "Lessons", as it can completely stand on its own. Each chapter is titled after a ‘lesson’ that Bella must learn for Edward. She is punished for failing to learn the lesson, or encouraged to learn it sooner, by Edward’s sessions. The first chapter, he teaches her humility, putting one’s feelings before her own, by making her compose a letter to Jacob, apologizing for kissing him. Edward tosses out her first many attempts, finally having her strip and write naked in order to concentrate on her words-to write from her heart and not what she imagines he wants her to say.

Bella’s second lesson is self respect. Edward overhears a conversation between her and Alice regarding Bella’s belief in her lack of skill when Edward teaches her to play the piano; she feels she is not smart enough to take on such a task. He canes her until she admits that she does not feel she is good enough for him, or his family. After their session, she explains her feelings on inadequacy to Edward, and his reply is that “Sometimes, it is okay to think and do what makes us feel good. This includes feeling good about ourselves”. Very poignant reply, and yet another lesson learned for Bella.

The third lesson is thankfulness. While Edward is hunting, Jake is ‘assigned’ to take Bella up the mountain. With specific instructions from Edward, Jake convinces Bella to go with him; however snowfall hinders their travels. Knowing Edward would not want him to carry Bella up the hillside; Jake pulls out a sled and a harness. See, it is handy to have wolf as your best friend!

Y’all know me by now-and my feelings on canon stories; however I am good with Edward/Bella (and there is, so far, very little Alice and no Jasper), and this story has already provided some excellent smut with more promised. The lessons are ones we should all learn, and if I was going to be taught, I want Edward as my teacher-with Jasper has his assistant.

While there is no slash in "Lessons", it contains some lovely scenes of the BDSM variety, surely enough to leave you wanting more lessons from Domward and his humble, thankful, self respecting Bella. If you enjoy Domward –and he is very Dom sometimes- then this is definitely a story to check out, alert and come back for more!


Well, we loved it! Now, we want to hear what you all thought about it, so leave comments here or on the Twilighted thread.


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