Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Guest Rec: Naelany

So this is me, naelany, giving you a peek into my reading list. Most of y'all know what I write by now, I think, so let's get to what has me glued to my screen when I'm not writing, shall we?

I had a Dickens of a time finding a single fic to recommend. Do I pick a slash story? Nah, the lovely Whitlock’s Girl and Touchstone67 bring you tons of the stuff already.

Do I pick AU? Hmm, maybe something like...

Bonne Foi, by Amethyst Jackson.

AU. Edward Masen was changed in 1918 and abandoned by his sire. He feeds on human blood, unaware of any other way…until he stumbles across college freshman Bella Swan for a night that will change everything.

My thoughts:
What's not to love here. Edward's darker at first, but after meeting Bella starts to have an epiphany of sorts. There's not much to tell without giving too much away, just trust me when I say that he's worth it.

Bella, in this fic, is not quite as dense as you might think she is.


Maybe a Bella/Jasper story, like...

A Murmur of Fire in the Vein, by ElleCC (it's finished, by the way *cries*)?

One stormy Seattle night, the last person Bella expects to see appears without warning at her door. How will history – hers and his – impact their unexpected and growing friendship? AH, Bella/Jasper.

What to say about this gem of a story. I love it. Plain and simple. Jasper is broken, yet beautiful. ElleCC deals with the brokenness in a realistic, yet - I want to say beautiful again, simply for a lack of a better word – way. Bella at first doesn't quite realize what she's gotten herself into, but she steps up to the plate and handles things very admirably. Both Jasper and Bella grow, and seeing their relationship take shape is a wonder to behold.


Do I stick with good old Edward and Bella in AU/AH? Which alerts do not sit waiting in my inbox for me to finally catch up to them (trust me, you do not want to know the actual number in my fic-file. It's horrendous)?

And then of course, just pick one. Right. I can do that... then again, maybe not. I'm hoping the girls won't kill me for it, but I'd like to give you three. All E/B, AU/AH. Some you may know, some maybe not.

First, there's...

Just One of the Guys, by SorceressCirce.

Scarred by events in her past, Bella relies heavily on her best friend and roommate, Jasper. When Jasper falls in love with a girl named Alice, Bella is excited for him but can’t help but wonder – where will she fit in? Canon pairings, AH/AU, OOC

My thoughts:
Why do I love this story so much (yes, I'm a PWB – PinkieWard Bitch)? Bella is both strong and vulnerable, thanks to her past. She's also quite lonely, because of what's happened to her. Her friendship with Jasper is so strong, it'd be easy for any outsiders to feel jealous. Edward..ah, Edward. What can I say about him *grin*? He is adorably cute, very caring and, much like canon Edward, has a tendency to over think and feel himself unworthy. Unlike canon Edward though, you just want to hug him (okay, well I do...and then some) and commend him for having turned from his own not so shiny past and being there for Bella. I won't say more, this is just something you are going to have to read. I will warn you though, that it can get heavy at times, but it's so beautifully written it is well worth reading every bit of it (including the outtakes!). Give it a shot!

Second, there's...

The Lost Boys, by hwimsey.

Three young woman, three young men, a potentially haunted Victorian that's falling apart around their ears, unrequited love, and an up and coming band. Take all that, shake it up, and set it in romantic San Francisco. All human, usual pairings.

My thoughts:
This one, I love simply because... well, let's be honest here. English accented Edward, who sings and plays guitar and written in the most PD-way possible. It might seem a little odd, what with the paranormal aspect, but it's actually quite a cool fic and I drop most everything to read it when it updates. All is not always as it seems.

And thirdly, the less well known, but no less kick-ass...

Three Forks, MT, by CarminMoon.

Bella has left Phoenix and her past behind to live with her father in Three Forks, MT. She needs a new start and it just might be the place for her to find it.

My thoughts:
Bella, oh how I love her here. She's feisty, snarky, has a great sense of humor and is klutzy... on horseback.

Edward... cowboy. Horses. Need I say more?

I do? Okay then, how about Jasper? Cowboy, horses, rodeo?

What are y'all waiting for? Check 'em out ^_~.

And that's it. I think I'd best stop here, or else the girls'll have my hide. I hope you enjoy the read, and keep coming (haha!) back for more! I know TU has a lot in store yet, and I'm honored that they let me play a small part in it.


Dizzygrl28 said...

Naelany!! Love the recs, I think I'll start Just one of the Guys today.

TU girls, I love the changes you've been making; the blog is looking great!


Ashley said...

Thanks Nae for the rec's! I have read some but put the others on my "to read" list!


Anonymous said...

Me Too Ashley/mspacman! I love Bonne Foi and FiTV and have been MEANING to get to JOoTG for an AGE now! Great Recc's Nae! Love the site ladeez of the TU, its looking amazing and I love the look of whats to come!