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Read, Rate & Review~Thursday, August 13th!

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled!

As we do everything Thursday, Val and I try to dig deep into the fandom and pull forth those little known fics that we think you'll love. This week is no different than any other week. We've even managed to change it up a bit and today we bring you a Jake and Edward story.

But, without further ado, we bring to you...

Meeting Him
by xXAngle WingsXx

Author's Summary
“J-Jacob…” Jacob nuzzled his neck and gently reached a hand into Edward’s pants. “Yeah baby?” Edward shivered. “I want you…” Jacob smiled against his neck. “Prove it.” AU. All human. M for safety.


Val aka The Master:

So, once again, Donna and I were like ”omg what do we do for a story this week?”, because DAYUM if Thursday doesn’t just sneak up on our asses. So, Donna did what she does best and scoured her slashy resources and pulled out “Meeting Him” by xXAngle WingsXx. “Meeting Him” is about Jacob Black, an openly gay man-whore in high school who suddenly has his dick set on Edward Cullen. Edward has been attending the school for four years, but it is not until a growth spurt the summer before his senior year that starts to garnish him attention from others-ie Jake. They first meet, accidently of course, when Edward bumps into Jake and Jake hits on Edward and based on Edward’s blush and slight hard-on, Jake confirms that Edward is indeed gay. Edward tries to resist the charms of the man-whore, but his sister, Alice, has inadvertently given Bella some information about Edward to pass on to Jacob. When Edward is stranded on the side of the road, Jacob comes to his rescue and they decide to skip school. Jake puts his new found knowledge of Edward to good use, taking him out to lunch and then dining on Edward under the table-if you know what I mean! After, Edward realizes that all Jacob is after is his ass and he wants Edward for nothing more than a fuck buddy-which shatters Edward’s heart.

While this story has some potential and I have discovered that Gay Jacob is *not* a hard limit for me, there are some small things that could use improvement. A few grammatical errors and one or two continuity errors as well; however at this time, neither of these are enough to distract from the story itself. The voices in the story do sound a bit…young? But I am hoping that is the voice of the characters and not the author. I would also love to see some more detail. Edward is a beautiful boy and I want to read about that, as well as Jacob-his russet skin, black hair and incredible body!

The saddest part about this story is that four chapters into and I have no read the name Jasper once. Sigh.

I am not sure I will continue to read this story; I will definitely give it another chapter or two, as I am interested to see where she takes the characters. I do recommend at least giving this story a shot, if nothing else, you might learn something about your hard and soft limits. If you find out that gay Jacob turns you on as much as Jasper, then you can move on to another other slash genre!


Donna aka Whitlock's Girl:

Whew! We found a story that isn't an Edward & Jasper pairing that didn't make Val squeamish! My job for the week is done. LOL! (You know I love you, Val.)

Meeting Him” is a beauty and geek story with a twist. Only this time the beauty is none other than Jacob Black, who didn't even realize that Edward attended school with him until Bella pointed it out. I like that Edward is the innocent and Jacob the man-whore. It's a refreshing change from fanfic and more canon-like.

There were a few errors that I noticed, but nothing that greatly distracted from the reading. The biggest issue for me was the age of the characters or rather the maturity of their voices in the story. They sound a little young to me, but the story has great potential. I can see the story growing and expanding into a beautiful accounting of the budding relationship between Jacob and Edward.

I'll be adding this one to my alerts so I can see if it follows the Beauty and the Geek story line through to the end. I'd like to see Edward tame Jacob's man-whore ways and teach him about relationships and love. I'd also like to see Jacob teach Edward why he's so popular with the boys. EVEN THE STRAIGHT ONES!


So, what do you think you think? We'd love to hear your thoughts and be sure to leave xXAngle WingsXx some love as well. Remember to let her know we sent you!


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veddersgirl said...

Crap I've been busy lately and haven't been able to comment.

I read this story awhile back. I agree w. you guys about the "voice" of the story. It is at times very young. I am really bothered by the continuity of the story. First we read Jacob is driving a Mustang and then he's driving a truck a few paragraphs later. Continuity is one of my big pet peeves when reading. It might be my hard limit. ;).
However, this is def not the worse story I've ever read but it not one of the better ones. It does have potential. The chapters just feel really rushed to me and I think if she got a beta and few people to preview her chapters it would help. There's my 2 cents. :)