Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday's Best~August 4th, 2009

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With Summer coming to a close, we here at TwiSlash Unveiled want to warm you back up. Tuesday's Best is here with two FUCKHOT stories to sink your teeth into.


Donna's HOT new find...

by SuffocatingUnderWordsOfSorrow

Come one, come all! That's the premise of "My Boyfriend's Parents". Bella just happens to stroll into a kinky threesome with boyfriend, Edward Cullen's parents. The young, the hot, the HORNY Esme and Carlisle Cullen. This AU/AH is freaking hot. IF you can get past the squiky fact that 17 year old Bella is getting her kink on with her boyfriend's 33 year old parents.

I swallowed past that moment of squik and read on. Fuck me, I was glad I did. The smut in this four chapter story is so hot it got the girly bits happy all on its own. Give this one a shot. There are very few references about parents and none that had me so squeamish I had to turn away. If you are looking for SMUT, this one will do it for you.


The Master brings you...

by Beautiful Figment

This story was recommended to me a few nights ago, I asked myself why the hell I had not found this story before!? Although, it has more reviews then the other stories I have been reading lately, this story deserves so much more attention than it is receiving. “What I Failed to Realize” by Beautiful Figment is a sweet story about Jasper discovering something in himself he had failed to realize existed-his attraction to his friend and roommate, Edward.

Jasper, Edward, Emmett and Jake are all college students and roommates living in one house. The opening scene with Jake and Jasper playing darts was wonderful and drew me right in; of course, I am a sucker for most anything Jpov! As Jasper walks back to his room, he passes by Edward’s room and overhears Edward moaning. Jasper owes Edward a little payback for some embarrassment Edward had caused him, and Jasper stops to listen to Edward and friend-who he assumes is Bella; getting a bit turned on in the process. Edward knows Jasper is listening and calls Jasper into his room. As he talks to Jasper, Edward continues to receive a blow job under the covers by his lover. Edward, apparently not shy, half jokingly invites Jasper to join them-revealing that his lover is not Bella at all.

That is not all Edward reveals-he also reveals he is bisexual. Jasper is embarrassed and shocked that he failed to realize this before; both Emmett and Jake already knew. Unnerved by the revelation, Jasper accepts a proposition text from his fuck buddy Alice for some physical lovin’ and she comes over dressed, or rather undressed, for the occasion. While Jasper is in the middle of giving Alice oral, Edward walks in on them, inviting himself to join. Alice jumps at the offer, and Jasper does not exactly refuse. While there is no full lemon between Edward and Jasper, they do get into a compromising position, leading to orgasms for both. Afterwards, Jasper is confused, hurt, emotionally spent and quickly leaves the room.

My praise for this story is never ending. The voice Beautiful Figment has given Jasper is intelligent, witty, honest and confused. He is only beginning to come to terms with his sexuality and possible feelings for his best friend, Edward. At first he feels his own body has betrayed him, but realizes his heart is soon to follow. Her Edward is honest, confident and sexy as hell. There are so many things to still be worked out in this story; Edward’s part time girlfriend Bella, Jasper’s questionable relationship with Alice, and Jasper’s feelings, both emotionally and physically toward Edward. I am very much looking forward to seeing how Beautiful Figment has the boys handle their situations-it is guaranteed to be an enjoyable sexy ride.

There is a funny story that goes along with my reading “What I Failed to Realize”; as I said before it was recommended to me and I began reading it immediately. I get a few paragraphs into the first chapter and see mentions of Jasper and Alice fucking. I inwardly cringe but keep going; only to come across actual Jasper/Alice physical interaction in chapter four. I safe word out of the story, as Jasper/Alice sex is a hard limit for me, and the reader who recommended it to me began to guide me through the remainder of the story, giving me the ‘touchstone safe parts’ to read. I reviewed the story, explaining how I had to safe word out of chapter four and five and that I need huge warnings when Jasper/Alice sex is going be involved. You know what she did? Beautiful Figment went through chapters four and five and replaced all the “Alices” with “Bellas” and emailed them to me. Is that a devoted author or what? I got to enjoy the chapters in their completion, and it the story made more sense! So, on her promise of no more Jasper/Alice sex without warnings, I made her a banner-it was the least I could do. Also, I totally admit Alice is certainly not bad in this story; she knows something about Jasper he has failed to realize and confronts him about it, thus giving Jasper the courage to go have a much needed talk with Edward.

Read “What I Failed to Realize”, leave Beautiful Figment some love and let her know how much you don’t like Jasper/Ali-I mean how much you enjoy her story! It is truly beautiful, funny, hot and pure win!


So, there you have it. Another Tuesday filled with TwiSlash Unveiled's picks of the week. Hope you remembered your towel.

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Alicia said...

Hah, I wonder if Beautiful Figment would be willing to pass the Bella version around. I was with you through that review (and so into the story) until you got to Alice, and then I cringed and said "forget it." I can't handle anything Alice so it would be nice to not have to skip over parts. I'm also just glad I'm not the only one like that.

Master Jasper said...

Well, if you are intersted in continuing the story, email me and I will send you the Bella versions-they are worth it.

Also, she has promised NO MORE Alice in the story.

my email is masterjasperwhitlock@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I LOVED it.. Val you pick the BEST recc's.. I can never go wrong when I need a slash hit if I read something you've made a banner for or Recc'd on the blog! I am THOROUGHLY addicted and CANNOT wait for more. And.. i didn't mind the Alice, because she facilitated the Edsper fun ;) Thanks again TwiSlash for ULTIMATE fic finding!

Master Jasper said...

Hey Kass! Thanks so much! I am glad our tastes are similar :)

I have been trying to find those lesser known, but still very good slash fics and you would be suprised at how many are out there!

Alice. Sigh. Yes, well, the ONLY reason I was able to read chapter 6, was that I knew ahead of time he threw her ass out AND that she forced him to make that revelation that he needed to make desperately.

However, now we, or me, can conitue Alice free! Woot!

thanks again for the sweet comments!
take care

Lila b. said...

Does anybody have any idea what happend to "What I Failed to Realize"? It is my favorite fic, and I can't fnd it. :(

Master Jasper said...

Beautiful Figment, the author of WIFTR, left the fan fic community a few weeks agg. Upon her leaving, she removed her stories from ffnet and deleted her account.

As of know, we don't know if she will ever return or continue with the story.