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Tuesday's Best

Life is crazy busy 'round here for me, so I'm going to be short and sassy (I don't think I've ever been accused of being sweet in my life). Glad to have you back for another TU Tuesday's Best. This week I promised a bonus and I can't wait to deliver. I hope you enjoy it and also what the other girls have brought you as well!



Hello again! Back with a new story...

Is no secret by now that I am a huge fan of LyricalKris ´s writing.

With Betwixt and Between she grabs a very well known plot and add the slash twist to it.

Jaspers is in a loving relationship with Edward, goes out hiking with Emmett and has an accident that leaves him in a coma.

After days of worry beside Jasper´s bed Edward is not ready for what happens once Jasper finally wakes up.
"It's okay, love. You're just fine. Everything's going to be just fine."

Jasper's eyes focused finally on him, and they were the most beautiful thing Edward had ever seen.

And then they narrowed sharply, and Jasper yanked his arm out of Edward's grasp.

"You better... you better back up off me, man," Jasper said, his voice thick and raspy.

Edward blinked. "What?"

"Look you... I'm sure you don't mean any harm, but you need to be out of my personal space."


Jasper didn't respond. He was looking around now, blinking sporadically, taking notice of things like the IV in his arm and the fact his body wouldn't respond the way he wanted it to. "What the hell... what the hell is going on?"

"Calm down," Edward soothed. He started to stroke Jasper's cheek, but his lover batted his hand away harshly.

"Stop. Touching. Me," Jasper demanded in a growl. "Where the fuck am I? What happened?" He dragged in a deep breath. "Look. You need to call my wife. Her name is Alice. You need to call her right now."

All the breath left Edward's lungs in one big whoosh as Jasper's words hit him hard. He imagined taking a hit right to the gut from Thor's hammer would hurt less than his lover's confused, angry words. "Jasper... do you know who I am?" he asked in a small voice, dreading the answer.

Jasper's frantic eyes looked at him, searching.

"No. I don't."
WOW...yes, that´s how I felt too.

So, who are the other players in the story?

Alice, the ex wife. Bella the almost six years old daugther of the couple. And of course Edward, Bella´s “Daddy” and Jasper´s life partner...even if jasper does not remember that at the moment.

After the accident, Jaspers goes back in time, 7 years to be precise. So in his mind he is still married to Alice and they are expecting a baby.
"How long?" He swallowed hard, closing his eyes. "How much time am I missing?"

The doctor cleared his throat. "It's the fourth of September, 2012."

Jasper's eyes went wide. He felt lightheaded, his mind struggling to wrap around the idea of missing that much time.

Seven years. He was missing damn near seven years. Last he remembered, it had been just a few days after Christmas. Just a few mornings ago, to his reckoning, Alice had told him she had a late Christmas present. She was...

"We were..." He struggled to take deep breaths. "Going to... have a baby."
How is he supposed to react to the fact that he no longer has the picture perfect type of family? His parents don´t even talk to him and he doesn't know why.

And more important, how is he going to accept that he is gay and in a loving relationship with a man?
"Okay. Who the fuck is that guy? The one with the personal space issues. Edward."

Alice took a deep breath, visibly steeling herself. "Edward is your boyfriend," she said carefully.

Jasper blinked at her, positive he'd heard wrong. When she only looked back at him with pensive eyes, he wracked his brain, trying to figure out why she would want to say something like that. He laughed, the sound raw and a little hysterical. "Oh, come on, Alice."

"Why on Earth would I lie to you about something like that?" she challenged, her voice tired.

"I'm trying to figure that out." He shifted against the pillow, his thoughts reeling. "I mean, I can tell I hurt you. Obviously I hurt you bad enough my parents won't even see..."

He sucked in a big gulp of air, his chest tightening.

His parents would probably not understand their son being with a man, let alone leaving his wife for one, if that was what had happened.

But no. It was impossible. He was in love with Alice. He loved her enough to marry her. Yeah, they were young - they'd been young - and everyone told them they were foolish to get married when they were barely 19, but...

"No," he shook his head. "I don't know what the hell you think you're pulling. You're mad at me. It's only right you think you can mess with my head, but just don't. Please. Whatever it is, you tell me the truth right now."

"That is the truth. You and Edward have been together for four years.

"Just shut up," he snarled. "I don't believe you. I don't fucking believe you!"
I'm going to leave it here, because I want you to have some surprises left.

I can tell you that we are still on the light side of the angst, but knowing LyricalKris I am not sure that is going to last.

I can tell you that I don't like how Jasper feels about Edward right now. And that I want to read about these two finding their way back to each other.

So go on, read and leave some love for the author while you are there.

Have a great week.

See you next time.




Hello, my loves. I’m coming to you today with a sweet love story by Twilightobsessed09. It's You shows us that love at first sight is possible if we are willing to believe in it. So, let’s go see the proof, shall we??


They met in a bookstore.

Their eyes locked and that was it. Edward was lost forever in a set of beautiful eyes.

But was that enough.

He had to check. He had to know who the man was.
I learned that you were, you were Jasper Whitlock, 29 years old, prominent lawyer at one of the best law firms in the state of California.

I looked you up on Google, and was surprised to know that you were one of the best. You never lost a case. You were the most sought after and also well known for being quite the player on the dating scene.

I would've been lying if I didn't say I wasn't curious about you, the person, and not what I read. I wanted to know you, and I wanted you to know me. And that’s we did.
Their relationship began over a cup of coffee.

Their connection was immediate. Their attraction undeniable.

And their forever began with a first date.


I wish I could give you more but it’s short and I can’t give everything away. So, hurry and read this wonderful story and find out exactly how that date led Edward and Jasper to a forever together. And don’t forget to leave Twilightobsessed09 some love. It is greatly deserved. Until next time…much love to you – D.


Here's your bonus from Whitlock's Girl

While Major Whitlock was my first Fanfic love, I must say he certainly hasn't been the last. The beautifulness that is Katie aka Starfish422 (author of Over The Top) wrote an awesome oneshot featuring the boys from Queer as Folk called Blown Wide Open. Blown Wide Open picked up during the last episode and totally drug me in and of course, being the nut job I am, I proceeded to get lost in 5 very long, very heartwrenching seasons of the Brian and Justin show that ended way too soon. 
Justin stayed with me that night; there was no one at Ben and Michael's, of course, and neither of us wanted to be alone. More to the point, we wanted to be with each other. I called the hospital when we got back to the loft; Michael was out of surgery, Ben said, and the prognosis was good. We showered before bed, cleaning away the physical reminders that tarnished the exterior; wishing the emotional and mental defilement could be as easily remedied. We crawled under the covers of my bed together, and I slid up against him, spooning him and pulling him tight to my chest. We lay that way for a long time until I began to tremble. The tremors grew till I was shaking uncontrollably, and Justin finally pulled free, rolling to face me.

"It's okay," he whispered, sliding one arm under my neck and drawing me to him. "Michael's going to be okay; and you and I are both here, together. We're alright."

My trembling continued, my muscles clamping down to try to control the quakes. Justin's warm body, his sweet smell and his hot breath on my forehead – finally they calmed my tremors. My legs and back and ribs were sore from the strain; but eventually we both slept, tangled together.
Like Edward and Jasper in Over The Top, Brian and Justin in Blown Wide Open captured my heart immediately. Katie's prose has always had a way of doing that to me. She is a marvelous writer and the QaF fandom is huge; with writers just as talented and amazing as our Starfish422 and other TwiSlash favorites. Give BK&JT a shot. You never know when you might seek up on something that will blow the doors wide open.

Want to know what the QaF fandom has on the TwiSlash fandom? VIDEOS! You can thank me later. :)


By the way, hop on over to the Slash/Backslash 4.0. I'm told there's already an entry or two. Or do one better and write an entry. I just know there's a few gems waiting to be told. Come on, join in on the fun. 
Or, if you don't feel up to writing, they also allow art in this round. Give it a go. Have fun. And spread the slash-love.


TwiSlash is still looking for a few people to help with spreading that slash-love. Job is not hard. You just tell us about your favorite stories. It's like talking to a friend, only without the filter. If you know an awesome story, but it's outside the boundaries of the Twilight fandom, that's okay. We know that a lot of you have ventured into other fandoms, and TU wants to share it with you. Just leave a comment to this post with contact info, or ping me (Whitlock's Girl). Don't be shy. We'd love to have you!!


Stop back by next week when Connie and I will be posting a few more awesome stories. Until then, happy reading.

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