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Saturday's Best - October 12th, 2012

Hello my fellow Slash lovers. Connie and MizzDee are here today bringing you a couple of great recs. I'm in a rush, so enjoy. 

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Hello Ladies! Hope you are all having a great day and like the changes we made to the blog :)

Let’s jump straight into the story I have for you today. I have a soft spot for Calrward stories, I am a huge fan of Carlisles and Edward together, and if we add a little bit of BDSM to the mix...I’m in fanfiction heaven LOL. Let me introduce you to Home A Carlward Contest Entry by dirtybrat
"Are you going to be late next week?" I ask.

My hand smacks at his flesh, hot sting over hot sting, and he is clearly exercising a great deal of self-control. This is where he is perfect.

"No, Sir," he says, voice straining.

"That's fucking right."
This is a power play story, Edward is used to take from Carlisle. Without even questioning the other man motives, he just know that Carlisle will give him everything.

When my fingers curl around his hips, digging into his skin, he begins to groan. I know he's ready, but I'm not, and we fuck when I say. My petulant side cannot be reasoned with tonight, apparently.

He accommodates me easily, his body accepting me as his heart did years ago. Every time I think I'm a sentimental sap, I remember that Carlisle is ten times worse. The thought spurs me into action, and once I'm in all the way, I pull back out almost the same distance.
Outside the playroom, Carlisle's is the one with power. In the boardroom one look from him has everyone listen and doing as he says.

Carlisle is waiting there, the rest of the room occupied with strange and stuffy old men, but he's my sole focus. I could give two shits what these over-educated assholes think should be done with my father's company. But what Carlisle says? That is gold, because he's the smartest person I know.

He's smarter than me, that's for sure.

The meeting begins with his wide palms on the table, fingers reaching out, serious business pose all the way as he observes each of us. When I see the platinum on his left hand, I smirk. It covers my initials, my ink, that marks him as mine. We agreed it probably wasn't prudent of him to wear a bold EC on his left hand with no explanation, so he wears the band to cover it.
Yes, Carlisle is wearing Edward’s ink, but unfortunately Edward doesn’t know who Carlisle is. He is confused by the new feelings, he is unsure of the new relationship forming between them. Those meetings in the playroom are not enough anymore and the weekends away are more fulfilling than ever.

There are more board meetings, more sessions in our private space, and more weekends alone together. I find myself confused, more than ever in my life. I've always been certain of who I was, what I wanted, and where I saw myself. It's distracting, and I fucking hate being distracted.

As I'm driving home from another maddening day at work, I drive a familiar route, but not the one to my apartment. I don't see his car out front where we usually park on weekends, but I go inside anyway; I need to smell and be near him, and maybe I will call once I'm inside, if I can find the bravery to confess this weakness.
 Will Edward be able to put a name to what he is feeling? Will Carlisle finally have the man of his dreams in and out of the bedroom?

Go read and see!

I loved this O/S, fast pace really, really hot scenes ;) and as a bonus I discover a new writer, dirtybrat.

Leave some love while you are there.

See you all next weekend with more slash.



Hello, my loves. I’m coming to you today with a great story from tattedheart . I Had It All Wrong tells us all about the havoc that secrets can cause in relationships. This drabble fic brings Edward and Emmett together as they and their families fight for their relationships. Let’s see what they have in store, shall we??

"This is it, my heaven, my forever." I tell him.

"Our heaven. Our forever." he replies. Slowly I start to move and he meets my pace.
Two men so completely in love should be planning a lifetime together. But their secret was keeping them apart.

It started with a wedding… a wedding that didn’t happen.

He couldn’t go through with it. She wasn’t the one he wanted.

“I'm sorry," I whisper. "I thought I could but I can't."

Rose's beautiful crystal blue eyes plead with me as the tears make them sparkle even more.

"We have to, everything rides on this." she begs.

"I can give up the money, I can give up the fame, I can't give up him."
And he shouldn’t have to. But what is standing in their way? Why can’t they be together… forever?


I want to give you so much more but this story is short enough that I would give it all away if I tried. You’re just going to have to trust me and rush to read this one. tattedheart created such a great story that just needs to be read. I would hate to see you miss out. And don’t forget to leave her some love. It is greatly deserved. Until next time…much love to you – D.


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Have a great weekend. See you next Saturday.

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