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Saturday's Best - 10/20/2012

Again I am keeping this short and sweet. I'm wiped. My middle child has just finished her first swim meet. OMG was that a learning experience.

Congrats to all the Slash/Backslash 4.0 winners. I remember how awesomely gratifying it felt when I won my fanfic awards. There is very little like it.


There is nothing I like more than finding that story that makes me fall in love with TwiSlash all over again.

And thanks to the Slash/Backslash 4.0 we had plenty of those stories.

My choice is Come Away With Me.

Last saturday the authors and winners were revealed - Congratulations to all!!! by the way - so I went and reread my favorites and decided on a wolf pack fic to share with you today.

kerigocrazy had Quil and Embry as her pair of choice and a very interesting concept.

What is a wolf to do when his imprint is a toddler and he must wait year to finally approach her?
So he was horny, and Embry was there. He leaned in and pressed his lips against his best friend’s, fully prepared to get punched in the throat, when it happened: Embry kissed him back.
And what happens with the wolf that has no name? can he just be there, be the friend, be the lover...and wait?
"If they'd just let me tell her; I've asked again and again. But no, she's Makah not Quileute. We must protect the ever-loving secret. Everyone else has a parent on the damn council, at least one person in the know, but because my sperm donor doesn't have the balls to man the fuck up, I get screwed."

“You can stay here.” Quil said, voice low and soothing. “With me.”

That was the second time in their short lives that Quil Ateara hugged Embry Call. It was quiet and still around them, as one large man cried into the shoulder of the other. Quiet except for five words that Embry whispered over and over. "I have no last name."
And in one moment, one look is all it takes to challenge their destiny. When man and wolf finally come together they can alter the course of both lives. Can a wolf challenge the imprint? Can he break free from it?
In the beginning, it was fucking. There were teeth and bruising grips and guttural groans. It was his eyes that changed things. Poised to enter a willing Embry, he met those deep, brown eyes and paused.
Honestly kerigocrazy ‘s words are powerful, the connection between the wolves is strong and you can feel it and their feelings UNF their intimacy.

I will let you find out for yourself, I absolutely love it!

One quote that will stay with me...
"It' wolf. He wanted you."
"And you?" Embry asked, gaze steady. "What do you want Q?"

"I'll give you my name. Or I'll leave mine behind."

And with that I shall see you all next week.

Don't forget to leave some love and reviews for the amazing authors and maybe ask for a sequel ;)



Since I no longer read Twilight fics on a regular basis, I'm sticking with another QaF story. This one is called Come Undone by charming1. This story is AU and while I don't normally like AU's this one touched me because it shows a Brian that is ready and willing to admit his faults and ask for help. 
I gave Vanessa my piss sample a bit later, which tested positive for MDMA, or what is commonly known as ecstasy. I confessed that I took a couple pills the night before, and she said that it usually stays in your system for a day or so and that she would re-test me in a couple of days. If I fail the test again, they will throw me out of the program. I'm sure that my well-exercised kidneys and liver will have it filtered out by then. I also had to give her my cell phone, which patients are only allowed to use for a few hours in the evenings. If we needed to call someone during the day, we would have to use the phone in the Common Room on our floor.
That help comes in the form of Justin Taylor. Justin is a counselor at the facility Brian checks into and is assigned as Justin's personal counselor. Problem is Justin develops feelings for Brian. BIG NO NO! Brian being Brian tries to force just to admit them.
“Admit it,” I said.

“Ad… admit what?” he stammered.

“I’m not just ‘another patient’ to you.”

He looked over at me, his eyes pleading. “Brian…”

“Say it,” I demanded.

He opened his mouth to speak, but only little squeaks came out.

“Come on,” I urged as I placed my hands in my lap. To make it more difficult for him, I put my right hand over my cock and began to rub it through my jeans. “Tell me you don’t want me… that you don’t want me tear your clothes off and fuck you right here on the floor.”

He huffed out a few surprised breaths as he looked down to watch the show I was putting on for him. “I…” he began to say, his eyes glued on my hand.

“Don’t…” I tried to coerce him to say.

He forced himself to tear his eyes away before jumping out of his chair and bolting for the door.
Brian's actions force Justin to admit things to himself. All of which leads Brian to make a decision that greatly affects them both.

Check it out. See you next week!!!

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