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Tuesday's Best now on Saturday - 10/6/12

Good Saturday morning my lovelies!! As a child I always watched Saturday Morning Cartoons and it just hit me that we here at TU are providing all of you with an adult version of SMC. LOL! I love it!!! Enjoy and I hope this gets your Saturday off to a great start.


Hello, my loves. I’m coming to you today with one hell of a HOT story by loopylou992 . Love in an Elevator is a great little story starring the amazingly HOT Emmett and the sexiest man on two legs, Carlisle. All I can say about these two is that I would love to be a fly on the wall when they get together. Be still my beating heart. Wanna see why I’m so worked up? Let’s go read, shall we??


A desperate longing…

An unrequited crush…
For Emmett, his daily torture began the second he met Carlisle Cullen.

The very first time that I saw him, he took my breath away ...literally.

He blushed slightly as our hands brushed for the briefest of moments and that was when my stupid crush on him started. I thought that he would never notice me.
 Emmett wanted Carlisle more than he’d ever wanted any man, only there was a problem…

Carlisle had a girlfriend.

Emmett had seen them together and knew that Carlisle was the one man he could never have. So, Emmett sat alone, resigned to the fact that his feeling would never be returned.

At least he thought so, until small twist of fate (or was it something else) that forced the two into a broken elevator… all alone on a Friday night.
We stood there in an uncomfortable silence; him standing just slightly in front of me. I had put myself in the corner and from where I was stood, I got the perfect view of his delicious ass. It would have been rude not check it out.

I watched as the numbers slowly counted down towards my goal of freedom when with a sudden jolt, the elevator ground to a halt. Shit, not again! I realized that it had obviously broken down, again. Why now? Why with us inside? Was someone, somewhere mocking me?

It was after all, Friday night. Great! Not that I didn't want to spend time with Carlisle, hell, being locked together in a small space alone with him was like my idea of heaven, but urgh, why now?
Why now?? It’s a great question and maybe… just maybe… Carlisle has the answers.


I wish I could give you more but I can’t give everything away. So, hurry and read this great story and find out if Emmett’s crush is as one-sided as he thinks. And don’t forget to leave loopylou992 some love. It is greatly deserved. Until next time…much love to you – D.


I'm going to take a stroll through the TwiSlash world today. I found this a few weeks ago and for whatever reason I never rec'd it. So, today I bring you Steel Resolve by tattedheart.

Jasper is an architect working on his very first project when all hell breaks loose and he's in need of a new contractor. Enter Emmett McCarty. 
I take my seat facing the front of the place and start to fidget with my place-setting. Deep breaths, Jasper. Just because everything is riding on this doesn't mean you need to show it. Tucking away the nerves, I straighten my silverware one last time and collect myself. Just as I look up, I spot Antony heading back my way with a hulk of a man in his wake. He was built like he stepped out of a comic book. All that was missing was the Spandex, cape and mask. The man's body was unreal. Even tucked behind dark jeans and a white button-up, you could count the muscles. But when I completely lost it was when I looked up to his face. I think my heart stopped. I looked up into possibly the most beautiful face I have seen in my life. His dimpled smile lifted all the way to his pale green eyes. The way they sparkled and the raised eyebrow tell me he caught me checking him out. Way to be professional, Whitlock.
 This story is LONG and I'm still reading it myself so I can't elaborate on where it goes and how it ends, but it's beautifully written. Their first encounter as well.
Just as I am taking a drink, he says, "So I guess we are officially in bed together."

I suddenly can't swallow and wind up choking spewing beer everywhere. Emmett hops up and pounds my back. "Dude, you OK?" I nod while still coughing a bit. "I am so sorry. I can't help my mouth sometimes."

I had some pretty dirty thoughts about what I could help his mouth do. Slowly regaining my breath, I straighten up and come face to face with him. His lips are just a fraction away from mine. He seems to be bent forward a bit to make up for the height difference. Then I see his eyes dip to my mouth and his tongue dart out and lick his lower lip and I go for it.

Closing the gap, I smash my mouth into his. Shoving my hands into his curls, I tilt my head and give everything I have into the kiss. Startled for a mere moment, he doesn't move. Then I lick the lip he just had licked and he responds.

Grabbing my hips, he pulls me tight against him and he opens his mouth and then his tongue is battling mine. He nips at my lips and I moan, then he moans. I am rock hard and so is he, the friction of our cocks rubbing together through soft worn denim only enhances the sensation. He tastes like beer and man. By the sounds he is making, I can tell he is feeling this as much as I am. Never breaking from the kiss, he backs me to the wall and we start grinding against each other.
Enjoy and have a great weekend.


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