Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Apologies & an update

I'm so sorry that this week's post is late. However, in my defense, my husband was hospitalized two weeks ago with a suspected heart attack at age 37 and the job I loved has been yanked out from under my feet and I've been transferred to a new division. Needless to say, LIFE SUCKS.

With that said, when TwiSlash was started, I was a stay-at-home mother that had no problems with posting first thing on Tuesday mornings. Now, I have a three kids that catch the bus at 7am and job I'm not in love where I must be at work by 8am. Since I refuse to let this blog die, I am moving Tuesday's Best to Saturday. This way I will have Friday evenings to work on the post and it will go live on Saturday morning. I hope to see you all reading and enjoying our posts on our new day.

Much love,

Whitlock's Girl

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Staci said...

Hey Lovely Lady, life happens. The most important thing is that your loved ones are safe and cared for. Best of everything to you and yours, and thank you for being generous enough to keep posting despite all of that. Be well--