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Tuesday's Best~June 2nd, 2009

Are y'all as excited as we are?
We are so freaking excited to finally go live with this site and can't wait to spend every Tuesday regaling you all with some awesome slash recs from Major Whitlock's Southern Belles and Yankee Lady.

This week, Whitlock's Girl recommends for your fem slash lovin...

Paper Moon
by MsKathy

When the other Belles, Yankee Lady and I were divvying up the duties at TU, I just had to have the girls. Don't think that means I don't love the boys, believe me there is nothing I love more than Jasper being balls deep in Edward (or vice versa); them kissing, stroking and loving. Both of them grunting and moaning in ecstasy...OOPS! Sorry, got sidetracked there. *Takes deep breath and ignores the pulsing pussy for a bit* Now, where was I? Oh, right. There's nothing I like more than the boys going at it, but the girls seem to have been left on the wayside and I want to fix that. I mean, really, who would know better than another girl, what a girl really wants. So, I chose to bring you the best of the best in girl on girl action. Paper Moon by MsKathy was the first story to pop into my mind once the girls asked me what I thought my first story was going to be.

MsKathy is the fabulous author of so many great stories. The Trip Home is my personal favorite of all her stories and I jump for joy and squee like a teenage girl with Jackson in sight (sorry, Rob doesn't hold a candle in my book) whenever the alert for Trip hits my inbox. Once I read The Trip Home, I had to go search out the rest of her stories, because I knew that if they were a tenth as fabulous as The Trip Home then I was going to be a happy, happy girl. Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed when I found The Discovery of Bella Swan. Discovery is a great story and features some girl on girl action that is super hot, but it's got nothing on Paper Moon.

In Paper Moon, Bella, a single girl that is in need of some lovin', shows up at Paper Moon, her favorite night club, on a Saturday night dressed to the nines. She's prowling for a "soft, pretty girl she can fuck" and Alice fills the bill. PERFECTLY! .

Bella is hot to drag Alice off to fuck, but she miscalculates Alice's readiness to hop into bed. A game of cat and mouse, ensues and after some temperature raising flirting and dancing Bella gets Alice back to the house. Once there, let's just say that you need to bring out the industrial tools for this story as things not just heat up, but they reach a Tungsten boil.

According to MsKathy, while Paper Moon started out as pure smut, there is a real meaty story in there, coming out slowly. In my opinion, the turning point that makes this a story and not just a great piece of smut are these two sentences, "Somehow, in the middle of going down on her I shifted from fucking her to making love with her. It scared me until I saw the look of adoration in her eyes." Bella, the Pussy Hunter, as I think of her in the beginning of this story, has recognized a need within herself for something other than just a piece of pussy and a good fucking and has found something she knew she wanted, but wasn't actually looking for.

While the sexing is FuckHot, things don't always go smoothly for a couple of passionate girls like Bella and Alice. Learning to love again or for the first time isn't easy as there will always be ups and downs. I, for one, am excited to see where she takes these girls and how they get there and not only for the pussy throbbing sex that's to come.

Now, if you are into the boys more than the girls, then never fear, MsKathy has got you covered. Jasper is Bella's best bud and he's a hot ass bisexual man with some baggage and Edward is Alice's older brother with some baggage of his own. They are learning and loving as well and her boys are just as fucking hot as her girls.

I've got to tell you, if you don't run straight to this story and put it on alert, I'll be sadly disappointed in our slash lovin' groupies, because you are missing something that is truly wonderful and is sure to only get better once Rose and Emmett are introduced.

You can find MsKathy frequenting Paper Moon's Twilighted thread, where she answers questions and posts teasers.


Master Jasper presents to you...
By DefinatelyStaying

My first recommendation for TwiSlash Unveiled is a story by DefinatelyStaying. This outtake from The Forbidden Room immediately became one of my favorite slashy lemons between Edward and Jasper. For the first Jasper/Edward TFR outtake, we were treated to Edward’s point of view, which we hadn’t before seen in TFR. For this outtake, the cocks have turned and we are now blessed with Jasper’s version of an Edward/Jasper tryst. Sure, it starts off innocently enough, with Edward and Jasper lounging on the deck of Jasper’s boat. But then, Edward, bare-chested in only swimming trunks, is enough to make Jasper’s mind start to wander. At Edward’s prompting, he moves to sit between Edward’s legs. My stomach did flips when Edward ghosted a finger over Jasper’s abdomen and asked, “Do you want this?” Jasper’s reply was to turn and capture Edward’s lips with his own.

While we are accustomed to the urgent, animalistic fucks between Jasper and Edward in the Room, this outtake shows us a different side of their physical relationship. Their lovemaking, not fucking, is slow, sensual, and full of emotion. There is teasing, gentle caresses, tender kisses, and mind-blowing orgasms. I highly recommend giving this outtake a shot! Knowing the characters’ pasts with each other makes this outtake even more delicious, but you do not have to have read The Forbidden Room in order to enjoy this sweet moment between these two beautiful men.

Join DefinatelyStaying on Twilighted for A House of Cards, the sequel to The Forbidden Room.


Miss Rosella Whitlock brings Rosella's Poly Pleasures. This week she's gifting us with...

Just The Three of Us
by KuntryGal

I stumbled upon this story while searching for some yummy polyslash and was melted into a pool of romance and love. Kuntrygal has taken on some of my favorite characters, Jasper/Bella/Edward and molded them into a story with the perfect balance of sweet endearing romance and steamy hot lemons. If you are a sucker for the knight in shining armor bit and would love to read a poly story that truly supports equality between all partners, than this is the story for you. If you also enjoy Jasper and Edward slash you will be plenty satisfied. The relationship portrayed between them is sinfully delightful; some of the most erotic lemons I’ve read. Trust me when I say you won’t be complaining about the level of intimacy in each chapter.

Bella is a struggling college student working two jobs, living in a crappy, sleazy rat infested motel, surrounded by creepy assholes. She meets both Edward and Jasper one night while out with some friends, and all three immediately form an intense bond. Jasper & Edward have already been a couple in hiding for quite some time, but the addition of Bella in their lives opens them up to a level of comfort that enables them to express their relationship openly. Bella is her usual danger magnet, low self-esteem, modest self, and the boys help her see herself for who she really is. They wrap her up in a blanket of endearing, heartfelt, soothing words, gentle caresses and touches, all the while making sure she sees the sexy side of herself as well.

Romance isn’t the only thing you’ll find here. The sexin’ is absolutely mouth-watering. You can’t help but imagine yourself as Bella, smack dab in the middle of the boys, enjoying all the erotic pleasure she is giving and taking. You might as well forgo the panties entirely; there will be no use for them. If you prefer toys, get them ready too. You will have plenty of orgasms reading this fabulously delicious story. I know I have!

I’ve been told that a new chapter will grace my inbox very soon, so make sure to set up your alert to stay up to date. You can also find a thread dedicated to JTToU at Twilighted. Make sure to give Kuntrygal lots of lovin’ and support. Reviews make every author happy.


Cella brings Cella's Secret Cravings to life and would like you to dirty yourself up a bit with...

Dark Salvation
by Kitten Mischief

Kitten Mischief has of course been on my alert list since I first discovered Fiberkitty, and her talented writing skills. It is no secret that I’m a fan of her work, but once combined with her fanfic wife Mischief Maker1 it’s honestly a surprise that more people have not put their trust in their writing skills.

One of their most questionable stories comes to us in the form of a Dom/ Sub relationship featuring Edward and Jasper.

Dark Salvation is a tale about a broken surgeon (Edward Cullen) who is convinced to start seeing the talented psychologist, Jasper Whitlock. If only Edward had known when he first stepped into Jasper’s office what he would be getting into.

The story starts off darker than anything I have ever read before. With two deaths, slavery, betrayal, and punishments that have you squirming in yours seats it’s easy to see why some people might click away in fear.

Of course that’s not enough to scare me away. The horrific background of Jasper’s past is a necessary evil in this tale to truly understand how he views the world, and why his relationship with Edward is so precious to him.

The lemons are anything but soft and ordinary, of course that just makes them so much more enticing. From toys and positions to whose sleeping with whom you never know what you will get when your inbox declares the newest chapter is up.

This story has something for everyone. Fem/Fem, Male/Male, Threesomes, Bondage, lovemaking, you name it and I’m pretty sure it’s there, and if it’s not who knows it may very well be in the next chapter.

That’s why to start off the TwiSlash Unveiled website I am recommending “Dark Salvation” as my secret craving of the week. For those of you who are thinking you really want to read this, but are afraid that it might label you as a pervert, go ahead and take a peak, I promise I won’t tell.

Once you've caught up reading Cella's Secret Craving of the Week, head over to Twilighted and join Kitten Mischief on the Dark Salvation thread.


Please remember to check back Thursday when we will be posting our first Read, Rate and Review. It's one awesome slash story by a FABULOUS author that's sure to deliver!


miyadreams said...

The site looks great, my dears! I can't wait to see what the future brings.

Seren Dipity said...

Congrats for the opening!

All the great fanfics you gave on this first post are the ones which made me discover and enjoy slash stories.

Wish you the best and as the Quileute tribe says "I'll be watching you" :):)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your launch! Being a lover of slash (started by manyafandom, perpetuated by DefStaying, Lipsmacked, MsKathy, starfish 422, fiberkitty...), I'm so excited to see your site take off. Best of luck to you guys ~ WOOT!

Lu :)

DefinatelyStaying said...

The site is absolutely beautiful, I love that header image. Thank you so much for mentioning me in your debut rec's. I'm really psych'd about this blog.

MsKathy said...

Great start, ladies!

Thank you so much for picking one of my stories. I am completely flattered at the privilege of having been selected.