Monday, May 25, 2009

TwiSlash Unveiled is Going Live!

TwiSlash Unveiled will be going LIVE!
WHEN: Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Cum join us for the fun and remember...
Panties are optional, but towels are a MUST!

We'll kick off the blog on Tuesday, June 2nd, with our PICKS OF THE WEEK! Then we will update again on Thursday the 4th with our very first Read, Rate, and Review!

Tuesday is Pick of the Week day. Every Tuesday each one of Major Whitlock's ladies will choose a story fitting their chosen category and tell you why it should be on your MUST READ list.

Whitlock's Girl will be covering DONNA'S LESBIAN LOVERS! They may have started off as best friends, but sleepovers and pillow fights can turn into so much, much more. With soft kisses and irresistible touches, these stories will leave you wanting to taste that cherry chapstick for yourself.

Master Jasper will be covering THE MASTER'S BOYS! Her picks will focus on stories that have doubled up on the meat. Why fight over Jasper and Edward when you can have them both? With Val's picks you will find any combination of our sinfully delicious Twilight men thrown together in anything but innocent situations.

Rosella will be covering ROSELLA'S POLY PLEASURES! Whoever said three's a crowd, obviously didn't have the pleasure of reading these deviant tales. Playtime has never been quite as gratifying as this. Let Rosella show you tales that teach you how to share.

Cella Cullen will be covering CELLA'S SECRET CRAVINGS. Have a secret craving for the naughtier stories. So does she! Go ahead and check out Cella's picks. She promises not to tell.

AND, as if the Tuesday Picks of the Week weren't enough to get your juices flowing, every Thursday, we'll take a story that has a very few followers or that's written by an author that's new to slash and we will read and review it. Then we'll rate the story using our very own rating system, letting you know whether or not it's worth your while.

What that means for you, is every Tuesday and Thursday, Major Whitlock's Southern Belles and Yankee Lady will be providing you with some incredibly, fucktastic Slash here at TwiSlash Unveiled. So, be sure to click the subscribe or follow button at the bottom, whichever tickles your fancy, as we're sure you'll want to CUM back for MORE!

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