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Read, Rate & Review~Thursday, June 11th!

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As you know, today is the day that we will be introducing you to a little known piece of fanfiction and giving you our opinions on the selection. This week's selection drew mixed reviews from the Major's Southern Belles and Yankee Lady, so let us know what you think of...

by ECullenitis

Cella says...

Bella’s change has taken place in fan fiction in so many different ways it’s impossible to keep count. Sometimes the Cullen family plans out her change, other times it’s on the verge of death.

Unwrapped has to be one of the more provocative and erotic ways that Bella is turned from a human into a vampire. In this unique one-shot, drinking blood quickly turns the vamps into lust driven fiends.

We find out early on that Edward isn’t the only member of the family that craves the sweet nectar of Bella’s life, and a hesitant Edward wants to ask his Bella to not only share her blood with the rest of his family, but her body as well.

That’s right, no longer a prude Edward seems to have a thing for poly relationships, and wants the whole family to join in. Bella is hesitant to agree until Edward uses a vampire gift more powerful than dazzling to convince her to share herself.

This naughty tale tempts you with only hints of fem slash as Bella and Alice share a hot steamy kiss, and Rose allows Emmett to lick Bella’s Juices off of her own fingers. Although none of the guys enjoy each other sexually, they are definitely not opposed to sharing.

This story is well written and has Bella getting kissed, licked, touched, and fucked by all but one Cullen family member. For all those reasons and one more, I give this story the highest rating possible, and say go grab the towel.

What’s the one more you ask?

That’s easy, Jasper fucking Bella while Edward watches is always a win in my book.


Whitlock's Girl thinks...

I was very leary of reviewing this story. It doesn't include slash of any sort, but it does include a lot of sex, that, to some, would be considered deviant. Normally, sex of any sort is a turn on for me. Well, unless it is a story of incest or rape, of course, but there's just something about this story that makes me squeamish. Don't get me wrong, the sex is well written and if you are looking for a long one shot full of sex, then look no farther, cause this will do. However, if you are looking for a story or even a one shot that is realistic and has a good plot, close the browser and go back to square one, because, in my opinion, this just isn't it.

The characters, while hot, are so OOC that for me it really throws the story off-kilter and into some weird alter ego fantasy realm that does nothing for me. What turned me off the most was Edward's request of, the still a virgin, Bella, but it's followed closely by Edward sharing Bella with father figure Carlisle just moments after deflowering our favorite virgin.

I do have to agree with Cella, that Jasper fucking Bella, while Edward watches is always hot. So, that's why this Southern Belle gives Unwrapped 2 for story and a 3 for sex.

So, depending on what you're looking for, your towel may or may not be needed, but I'll leave that up to you to decide.


Rosella's take...

We are bringing the holidays back with this one-shot as all Bella wants for Christmas is to become immortal. Edward not only agrees, but also has some ideas of his own. *wiggles eyebrows* His suggestion is to allow each family member, minus Esme, a taste of Bella’s sweet blood & body. His persuasive powers guide her into making a decision that makes this story different from most. As you will see, Bella experiences her change while under the influence of intense feelings of arousal, lust and passion. Mmm, yummy!

It all starts off with Edward making love to Bella for the first time. And the way this lemon is described is enough to get the juices flowing and the fingers roaming. *smirks* Jasper is second in line, and requests a certain position, which Bella quite enjoys, even as both Edward & Alice watch from the sidelines. Bella never takes her mind off her true love, Edward, and feeds off the passion, lust and love she feels for him to make herself a better lover for the others. Rose & Em are next for the tasting, and taste is exactly what they do. By now, Bella has had several orgasms, and Emmett’s fingers have no problem bringing forth another.

Bella is under the impression that this is all cuming to an end; that is until Carlisle makes it known that he would like to bring her pleasure with a little anal stimulation. Edward joins this two-way making the final peaking moments that much better. *panting & throbbing* Gawd, I love polyslash! Now that each Cullen has tasted her, she begins her change burning with not only the pain, but the lingering bliss that follows so many mind-blowing orgasms.

If I had the chance to turn into a vampire, this is the way I’d want to do it. I might make a few adjustments to meet my own personal Jasper obsession needs, but overall this is one hell of an erotic way to be changed. I give it a sizzle scale rating of 4, which means get nekkid & finger happy. So grab your towel and make sure the door is locked because you will most definitely find yourself in quite the compromising situation.


The Master's thoughts...

When the one-shot “Unwrapped” by ECullenitis was first suggested as our next review story choice, I admit to being a wee big squeamish when I heard the term ‘orgy’ describe the, ah, plot. I know, I know, I can handle guy on guy slash and the occasional threesome but not group sex? This is indeed true. I seem to have acquired an irrational jealous streak when it comes to sharing the boys or Bella, therefore, the words “Cullen orgy” sent me into a tailspin. I was pleasantly surprised to find that ‘orgy’ did not necessarily describe “Unwrapped”, a story revolving around Edward submitting to Bella’s desire to be turned into a vampire as a Christmas present to her. However, this acquiesce does not come without a request from Edward and …the rest of the Cullens. Since becoming vegetarians and denying themselves what they desire most, the Cullens have learned to quench their thirst for human blood. Yet, being around Bella daily has left them all yearning for something they have fought hard to forget. Alice has seen a vision of Bella enjoying herself physically with each of them, so Edward uses his dazzling powers on Bella to help with her insecurities and indecisiveness over being intimate, in more ways than one, with the Cullen family.

The Cullens have all requested to be included on Bella’s change, each wanting a taste of her strawberry and freesia scented blood for their own. In turn, they have offered to aide Edward in putting her into such a state of ecstasy that burning pain of the venom will be delayed. Edward, of course, is the first Cullen to be with Bella, taking her sweetly for her first time as they make love on a bed, with the remaining Cullens nearby in another room. Their lovemaking is sweet, tender and full of love. But Bella doesn’t have long to rest after, as Jasper is waiting to get some release from all the built up sexual desire in the household he has been tortured with, while Alice intends to watch and pleasure herself. Anyone who knows me, knows that I ship Jasper and Bella, therefore, I admit to this being my favorite part of the story, and Edward observing from the head of the bed made it even more erotic. Emmett, Rosalie, and even Carlise all have an enjoyable time with Bella prior to her change.

Each Cullen has a taste of Bella, drinking her briefly before sealing the wounds with their venom. True to their word, Bella is on such a high from multiple orgasms, that the change begins with a tingly feeling, rather than an excruciating burn. While this story surprised me with some of the sweet moments between Bella and Edward, I was turned off by the idea of Bella and Carlise together. I see Carlise as a father figure to Bella and their having sex was a bit incestuous to me. Brothers I can handle, fathers I cannot. Also, Edward seemed so out of character here, I had hard time imagining him agreeing to such risky and deviant behavior. I can handle OOC Edward, but this story begins canon-like, with Edward and Bella deeply in love. His sharing her, in any manner, does not seem like something Edward would do, regardless of his family ties or their call for her blood. Although, that being said, the way the entire story was written intelligent and sexy. Sure, the fuck word was used, along with some grunting and groaning, but each coupling was unique and the Cullens finally satisfying some long denied bloodlust was very concupiscent.


So, there you have it. Our take on Unwrapped by ECullenitis. We know that with such mixed reviews that it may be hard for you to decide on whether this story is worth your time, but for hopefully our reviews will help you make that decision.

As a collective, Major Whitlock's Southern Belles and Yankee Lady give Unwrapped an average rating of 4 on the sizzle chart. So, get nekkid and finger happy, then come on back and let us know what you thought.

Also, there's a thread for TwiSlash Unveiled over at Twilighted. Cum join in the fun through the entire week.

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