Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday's Best~June 30th, 2009

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Donna's Lesbian Lovers...

St Andrew's Place
by Lipsmacked

This week, I've chosen to recommend Lipsmacked's final fanfiction, St Andrew's Place. The story starts out as a Bella/Alice/Rosalie/Leah story, but it will eventually be a Bella/Leah story. I know totally out there since Leah hates Bella in canon, but open your pervy minds and let the awesomeness of this story wash over you.

Bella moves in with Rosalie, Alice and Leah, who have explained to Bella that they are all lovers and not only need a roommate to share the rent, but with the departure of Emily their fourth, they need a new lover as well. It's a lesbian girl's wet dream come true.

It doesn't take Bella, Alice and Rosalie long to get comfortable and that's when the action starts. Oh, the action! It's just...well...FUCKAWESOME from the very first encounter! It's hot and intense and had me searching for the towel I'd forgotten. (You've been warned.)

Leah had been absent when Bella arrived, but as Bella walks into the kitchen she sets eyes on Leah, in the flesh, for the first time and she's floored. In an author's note, Lipsmacked describes Leah as "Jake from SO with tits." (If you haven't read So Obvious, you need to. It's FUCKHOT and has some hot ass girly action with Jake in the middle.) The description of Leah from Bella's POV is so beautiful that I just had to share.

Leah. Was. Beautiful. Her voice, an incarnation of sex. Her picture had done her absolutely no justice. It didn't hurt that she was only wearing a black lace boy shorts and a black tank top, but her face and her body were simply stunning. Her lips were naturally plump and wide, accented by high cheek bones. In the dim light from the television I could see the deep brown pools of her eyes were speckled were gold. Her lashes were long and thick around her almond shaped eyes. She was toned, but perfectly soft in all the right places. Her breasts were large and full and her ass, my god her ass. She would have given the Williams sisters a run for their money. Just below the line of her panties, I could see a shape inked into her skin, parts of a tattoo on the crease of her hip.
This story is only four chapters long as of now, but those four chapters were posted within six days, so don't despair she's updating very quickly and as with all her stories, her updates are well worth the wait.

Check out the Twilighted thread for pictures and discussion. Don't forget to tell them who sent you.


The Master's Boys...

Six Inches
By Rosalee Lorraine

When I started thinking of all the wonderful slash stories I could review or recommend on this blog, some of the obvious, more popular ones, of course, came to mind first. We really are in a great time of Twific for slash; as it is becoming slightly more accepted by readers. Yes, most still get squeamish by the thought of Jasper fucking Edward and not Alice (I, however, feel the opposite). There are a few slash stories out there, with little traffic, few reviews and yet, they are still worthy of our reading time. I hope that I find a few of these occasionally and that by recommending these lesser known stories, they might get a bit more recognition. This week’s recommendation is one of those lesser known stories with only thirteen reviews to date. “Six Inches” by Rosalee Lorraine is a one-shot that I would LOVE to see turned into a multi-chapter story.

Rosalee completely owned me with her Jasper. He is tentative, eager, and terrified all rolled up into one hot package. Edward was nervous, passionate, and caring, asking permission from Jasper before continuing, always putting his love before his physical desires.
My heart actually jumped with this statement:

His lips were close against my throat at he spoke, resulting in a strange, sexy, whispering sensation that made me want to pull him even closer, so that he was pressed against me, inside of me.

“No one has ever touched me the way you do.” Edward said softly.
Sigh. No, Edward, no one can ever touch you the way Jasper can. That shit is just fact. We can read and definitely enjoy other Twiguy pairings, but Jasper and Edward own the slash category.

Rosalee has done what is so hard to do one in one-shots. She develops emotions, as well as physical intimacy. Usually with one-shots, you get one or the other; the emotional declaration with perhaps, a kiss, or the quick ‘omg I love you let’s fuck’. While they do get, er, physical, this story is about so much more than sex. There are not so obvious declarations of love, loyalty and passion between Edward and Jasper, and loyalties to others brought into question. Rosalee wraps all these qualities up into beautiful, poetic phrases that you will want to read over and over again in delight.

I really cannot say enough about this story, I highly recommend reading it; and please leave Rosalee a review if you enjoy it. My one and only complaint about this story…it is only a one-shot.


Rosella's Poly Pleasures...

No Rules Tonight
by Rosalee Lorraine

I was introduced to this author just this week by one of our top Twislash authors, so I rushed right over to check out what Rosalee had to offer, and I was very pleasantly surprised. I had been told her writing was incredible, but I had no idea just how good it would be. Every word flows easily into the next and the sensual ambiance she creates starts at the very beginning, making this one-shot very enticing and satisfying.

Jasper and Edward are a voyeuristic gay couple who have decided to fulfill their fetish by sleeping with a woman...together. Of course this woman is none other than Bella. Although we tend to see this threesome often, Rosalee finds a way to represent their passionate character traits in a way to make the whole situation more connected and beautiful.

By the time I reached the more hardcore elements of the lemon I was completely sucked into the story as it all played out like a movie in my mind, making it that much more arousing. Edward pulls in some surprising behavioral components that really add to the intensity already present in this tantalizing poly slash fic and it doesn't take away from the increasing passion you can feel coming from each of them. It intensifies it.

The love and respect between all parties involved truly makes this believable too, which is always something I personally look for in a good slash story. It helps pull everything together, creating the perfect atmosphere for a passionate, sexy and satisfying threesome.

If your craving a bit more time to get to know the characters, and enjoy male slash check out her short story Sexual Healing. This story has only four chapters and is told in the third person perspective. The featured pairing is Edward/Carlisle/Emmett. I couldn't decide which I liked most!

Go ahead and give these fics a chance, I promise you won't be disappointed. Just make sure to have your towel and toy of choice ready. ;-)


Cella's Secret Craving...

The Brute
by kaiistar

Hot as fuck!

If the first three words in that list cause you to think the last phrase then maybe you have a craving for something a bit rougher this week, I know I sure do.
The Brute by kaiistar... 'wait did Cella just say kaiistar?'

Yep that's right the same writer that wrote the story I was not very fond of a couple of weeks ago also wrote this juicy little one shot. Every one has their niche and perhaps Domination Slash is hers.

The Brute is a short lemon that will help get your juices flowing. With less than one thousand words the story is very quick to dive straight into the smut, but with Carlisle barking out orders who needs foreplay?

The tale begins when Carlisle barges into Edward's room furious that little Alice has learned about their naughty play times, but how could she not know since she is a psychic. You would think the mind reading vampire would know better than to plan out his little escapades with Alice around.

That's right this short tale is all vamp so if you view Carlisle as too much of a dad to Edward when they are vamps be warned, but if the taboo of how they pretend to be father and son turn you on then go right on ahead and read.I promise not to tell.


Well, there you have it, TwiSlash Unveiled's Picks of the Week! Leave us some love and let us know how you liked the stories and the new look of the blog. We also have a thread on Twilighted. Drop in and get a little dirty with us.

Have a great week and we'll see you on Thursday when Rosella and Cella give you a new story to sink your teeth into.


veddersgirl said...

I agree with you Master about finding good not as popular slash ff. I looked around last week and I have about 25 stories that I've saved. I'm working my way thru the list now. Unfortunately most of what I've found is REALLY bad. Most of the stories are simply Twilight re-written with Jasper in the Bella role. I’m definitely adding this one to my list to read.
Thanks for starting this blog. I am a really big Jasper/Edward fan and love seeing those boys together.

Lady Kassmett said...

I adore both Lipsmacked and Rosalee Lorraine. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her Jasper/Emm fic "Echos of You" .. Em as a boxer.. as it is .. kind of known I do have a thang for the teddy bear but mixing him with Jaxxx.. effin hot. Great to see her getting even more Recc for the brilliance she delivers!