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Tuesday's Best~June 8th, 2009


So, here we are, one week past launch day and we've got a following. YAY! We are so freaking excited. I don't know about the other girls, but I'm still filled with trepidation. I don't want to let y'all down. I'm confident that y'all will be well satisfied TwiSlash groupies this week, because I know we've hit homeruns this time around, as well.

This Tuesday's Picks of the Week are...

Whitlock's Girl recommends for your femme slash pleasure...

Me and Mrs McCarty
by Lipsmacked and OIP Em

I was a bit behind in choosing my story this week and I was getting kind of worried because like I've said in the past, femme slash, the good kind anyway are few and far between. However, I think I've found something that is freaking FUCK-TABULOUS!

Lipsmacked is one of my favorite authors. I'll read anything with her name on it because I know that she'll never disappoint and this two-shot collaboration with OIP EM is no different.

Bella and Edward have been together for several years. They are happy and thanks to Bella's friendship with Rosalie, aka Mrs McCarty, she and Edward have expanded their sexual horizons. Satisfying each other's desires, but there's something she wants that he just can't give her.

Me and Mrs McCarty explores Bella's sexual fascination with her best friend. Bella takes advantage of every opportunity to watch Rosalie, banking the voyeuristic information for use during her "me-on-me" time, which is done lying next to a sleeping Edward, funnily enough.

Rosalie isn't oblivious to her best friend's scrutiny. She knows that Bella is into her and has mentioned that Emmett doesn't share. Is she lying or is she just playing her cards close to her chest?

Well, I'm not going to give it away. You'll just have to read it yourself to find out. Don't worry though, whether they get it on or not, Bella's fantasies alone will be more than enough to get the juices flowing. Grab your towels, you're going to need them.


The Master recommends...

Evading the Orbit
By TrampyVampies

Sometimes you read a story that, from the first words, stands above and beyond anything you have ever read before. You know it will have the power to affect you so profoundly that it will settle deep in the corners of your mind, surfacing at random moments throughout the day. “Evading the Orbit,” by newcomer TrampyVampies, is one of those rare stories. This story stands apart from the others for a few reasons, but first and foremost, the “smut” will not be what drives this plotline. Unlike most other slash stories I have read, EtO dives deeply and thoroughly into the mind of a character struggling with his sexuality. I actually have difficulty writing about Orbit, as it touches me so deeply, I simply do not know where to begin. Do you start with the wonderfully slow, almost erotic pacing? The humorous, yet blatantly honest, inner dialogue of our beloved Edward? The intense details that easily allow you to feel like a voyeur?

We have read about Darkward, Domward, Geekward, and even Fuckward, and now Orbit introduces us to GayDenseward. Edward Masen, a hardworking medical student and his best friend of four years, Jasper Hale, a criminal psych major, have found themselves abstinent for a few years due to being immersed in their studies while they strive to be the best in their respective majors. Both are shy and a bit antisocial; however, they enjoy each other’s company immensely, often debating current controversial issues over meals at Angel’s.

We learn of their close friendship, their dependence on one another, the unique way they fit together. They are so in-sync that Edward grins to himself when they walk side by side, in time with each other’s steps. Through Edward’s eyes, we are told more about their relationship, Jasper, their families, and few friends. Gradually, for reasons he does not yet understand, Edward’s observations narrow to Jasper and only Jasper: the way he tucks his hair behind his ear, his changes in breathing, the fullness of his lips. Without warning, Jasper disappears from Edward’s life for a few weeks and Edward remains oblivious to why he misses Jasper’s companionship so much. Suddenly, Jasper appears on Edward’s doorstep, ready to apologize for his behavior. Edward is almost giddy with anticipation when he realizes Jasper is going to disclose an explanation for his absence.

That is, until Jasper leans over and kisses Edward. On the lips. Edward believes it is shock that does not allow him to pull away from Jasper’s grasp. Edward believes he is unresponsive as he remains liplocked with his best friend. Edward believes he is too disoriented to protest. Edward believes he isn’t “like that.”

Even though this story is currently only three chapters, the rich details in every emotion, action and thought make it seem lengthier. Edward’s confusion over his physical reactions and feelings for his best friend lead him through denial and introspection and into illumination. We are lucky enough to be able to enjoy his ride of revelations along with him. I can honestly not even begin to give enough praise for this story, as the end of each chapter leaves me speechless.

I have read each chapter several times, each time noticing details that escaped me previously. It is these details that leave me yearning, begging, for more as soon as I finish a chapter. The absolute excitement over an update alert leads me to Twitter my friends immediately upon its arrival in my inbox; the rest of the day is filled with Twitters, IMs, and text messages of “OMG did you read EtO?”

Following in Edward’s example, I will leave you with a revelation of my own.

“Evading the Orbit” is one fucking awesome story.

You can also find a thread dedicated to Evading the Orbit at Twilighted. So, be sure to stop by and leave some love for the story and TrampyVampies.


Rosella's Poly Pick is...
by EllabittenbyCullen

This story is AH/AU/OOC and the title practically speaks for itself. Bella plays the part of a bad girl/sex addict and is on a mission to fuck Papa Cullen. They both are good at their own games and are constantly trying to get the other to submit and be the one begging for the other. Along the way you quickly find out Bella isn't the only one with an addiction. This is a family that shares and Esme & Carlisle are swingers as well. It doesn't matter which Cullen pairing or pairings you're into, you will find just about every combination in this fuckhawt story!

The first chapter gets you panting with desire as you not only witness some hot femslash between Alice & Bella, but you also get a healthy dose of Bigdickward & Bella too. If that isn't enough to get you hot and bothered the second chapter will surely get the juices flowing as Emmett takes Bella for a ride, or rather she rides him. His skills put her in a frenzy that has her wanting more, but she doesn't get more from Emmett. No, she gets it from Alice & Rosalie. This quickly becomes one hot ass threesome and as the Cullen boys watch they also get it all on tape. Yes, you heard me. A videotape of the girls will come in quite handy in the future too. *evil grin*

By the time chapter four rolls around I am ready to burst, and burst I do as Jasper takes the lead. In Ella's story she has Jazz playing the role of the passionate lover who puts everything he has into sex. He gives Bella the orgasm of her life & I quickly followed suit. *wipes sweat from brow* Yes, I am a Jasper lover and this Jasper is close to my heart because he is a master of pussy eating. If you still haven't come across the Cullen pairing of your choice, well no worries, there are still plenty more chapters to read.
Bella takes the lead in 'mission DILF' by surprising Carlisle while he's in an important meeting with some fellow co-workers. I won't spill and tell you what she does exactly, but it definitely puts her in the lead. Although, she doesn’t stay in the lead for long. Carlisle takes it upon himself to surprise her as well. Again, I won't say what he does, but I will say by the time the Cullen boys find them Bella is screaming, "NO please NO MORE". This is where the story really starts to become borderline 'Cella's Secret Cravings'. Especially once Edward, Emmett, and Jasper take charge as the Doms, with Bella as their Sub. Little does she know Carlisle watches the whole thing. It becomes obvious that the boys are starting to side with him and the girls don't take too kindly to it. They simply aren't playing fair. And once Esme finds out, it becomes a battle of the sexes.

I'm not going to give away any more details. All I can tell you is before you start reading this make sure you have some privacy, or your partner around, a toy or two, and an EXTRA ABSORBENT TOWEL! Panties optional? No, I'd say CLOTHING OPTIONAL! This is one fuckhawt story that will please anyone who has an extra pervy mind. Ella, I bow down to the glory that is you.

Cella's Secret Craving of the week is...

by Kaia2008

That one single word brings different things to the minds of each person that reads it. Each of us has a fetish whether we admit it or not. Some we live out, others we keep hidden in our minds under lock and key. Fetishes can be anything from a certain type of role play to a certain object the other person wears during sex.
Personally, I never realized what the fascination with tattoo fetishes were until I read a Kaia’s tempting tale. I wanted to run off to the closest tattoo parlor after reading the hot steamy sex that played out in this one-shot.
Bella and her boyfriend, Jasper have a craving for tattoos, and Bella gets turned on from the smell of the shop alone. The story starts off innocently enough with Bella watching from a hard plastic chair as Jasper receives the next part of an extensive sleeve tattoo.
Of course, the thoughts running through Bella’s head are anything but innocent. Since the naughty vixen has the hots for not only her boyfriend, but the tattoo artist himself, Carlisle.
The story plays out with sexual tension feeling the air, and just when you think you can take no more the tattoo work is done for the day, and it’s time to cash out. Our favorite fan-fiction couple could not just leave the shop to return home for some post ink sex though.
As fate would have it, their credit card is declined and they must come up with an alternative method of payment.

Taking an interesting spin on the old Taboo of having sex for money the young hot couple, offer it as a type of payment instead.

This story quickly takes a dive into one hot slash pairing with Carlisle and Jasper have some one on one time, but why take my word for it? Go grab a towel and enjoy this delicious lemon for yourself.

Between helping me develop a new fetish for ink and throwing two of my favorite Cullen men into the mix, my secret craving for this week is Bad Credit by Kaia2008. Now who wants to go to the tattoo parlor with me? I promise I won’t tell.
There you have it, this week's picks from Major Whitlock's Southern Belles and Yankee Lady.
Hope you enjoy them as much as we did. Remember your towels!
Please feel free to leave comments, questions, concerns or even suggestions.
We love hearing from you.


Lady Kassmett said...

Great picks this week ladies! LOVE Me & Mrs McCarty, Lipsmacked is GENIUS .. and Kaia's HB/Belsper combo.. fukhawt ;)

Dizzygrl said...

You ladies make this groupie proud! I love Mission Dilf and I can't wait to read your other recs this week.


eccentricLisa said...

Does anybody have a copy of Mission DILF? It was removed from FFN and Twilighted and I never got to read past the first few chapters!! Please if you have a copy, let me know!! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!

Imani said...

Is there anyway to post some of these stories that were deleted of of Twilight onto here? It's sad that readers (like myself) would never get to indulge in the slashy goodness.

naelany said...

Imani: not only 'no', but "hell, no." No offense, but it's the author's right to pull their story and decide what happens to it. If you have the privilege of reading these free stories while they're up, great. If you miss out, then you have the option to contact that author and ask nicely for a digital copy, or you move on to the next free story.

TU is not, nor will it ever be, the place for stories to be housed, posted, pulled, or otherwise. We are a site that recommends stories we love. We may run or help with the odd contest, but that is it.

Thank you for supporting the wonderful authors our fandom has. You can do so by reading and reviewing what work they have up, or if you like, buy any books they publish. Either way, thank you for your understanding and support.