Sunday, June 28, 2009

Is Slash finally getting recognized?


TwiSlash Unveiled would like to thank The Eddie and The Bellie Awards for recognizing Slash as an individual category in this summer's Bellies. It was a last minute addition and we here at TU really appreciate the Bellies for helping to further promote and recognize this fabulous genre.

The nominees for the Best Slash Bellie are...

All I Ever Knew by Manyafandom
The Trip Home by MsKathy
At the Deep End by Naelany
The Forbidden Room by DefinatelyStaying
Over the Top by Starfish422
Evading the Orbit by TrampyVampies

We would also like to crow about The Office banner being nominated for Best Banner. It was made by our very own Master aka Touchstone. She's a FUCKAWESOME graphic artist and has been prettying up Twilighted with her banners lately. Her request list is long and seemingly neverending as she's in high demand, but just one look at her work and it's easy to see why.

Please make sure that you support your favorite story and/or author by voting. Voting for the Bellies opens July 15th!

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The Fellatiator 4 said...

Finally! A little bit of reward for the Twilighters that put their brave little hand up and write something to the left of the usual center stream! Still think you ladeez of the TU should think about some type of awards.. just saying ;o)

And Congrats to TS for the banner nom. It's obvious to anyone on the threads or Twilighted that her work is truly amazing and creates great adverts for authors fics!

Here's to Slash!!