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Read, Rate & Review~Thursday, June 25th!

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled

This week you're going to notice a bit of a change. We are sorry to be doing this, but with Yankee Lady's ever growing list of graphic art requests and the Belles' increasing writing demands, we all were feeling the pinch. So, we've decided to split the ranks and alternate Thursdays. Every other Thursday, The Master and Whitlock's Girl will review a story and then the next week, Rosella and Cella will regale you with their latest find. We hope you enjoy the new format.

This week our story is...

The Best of You
By Crash Hale

Here's the Master's thoughts...

When “The Best of You” by Crash Hale was suggested as this week’s review, I admittedly cringed a bit. Fem slash is not exactly my cup of tea, but this is one of the reasons I was interested in doing this blog, to expand my Twific genres to include not only the canon/non-canon, but the really non-canon OOC as well. So, I bravely opened up my browser and clicked on the bookmark. I was…pleasantly surprised by this little story, six chapters so far. Alice is an established fashion designer living in NYC with her girlfriend of five years, Bella, a co-owner of a tattoo parlor. While their appearances might have changed, long haired Alice and blonde Emmett, their personalities and character traits are still present; such as Bella’s ability to blush at the drop of a hat. One night, while waiting at a club for Bella, Alice meets a studly bartender, Emmett and they hit it off immediately. We quickly learn that Bella and Alice are not exclusive to each other and both occasionally, er, dick around; Alice with random guys and Bella with Edward, the vice president of Alice’s company. Alice introduces Bella to Emmett and after a few sexually charged dances and kisses between the three of them; the girls invite Emmett back to their place. He agrees, of course, thinking he just hit the lotto with these two beautiful girls willing to take him home.

What happens once they arrive at their loft, you will have to read yourself. I, for the most part am self proclaimed fem slash avoider, was not as wigged out by reading this as I expected to be. I suspect it is Emmett’s presence, making it a three-way, that alleviates some of my fear of straight on fem slash. The three of them are sweet together, flirting, bantering and even hanging out together the day after. I am interested to see how this relationship between the three of them progresses, if at all. As we know, three can be a crowd and Emmett is no small boy! If you are not squeamish about fem slash, hell, even if you are, give this story a shot. It has the potential of becoming an interesting poly between Emmett, Alice and Bella.


Donna's take on "The Best of You"...

I'm a big fan of Crash Hale's work and when I got the alert that she'd started a new story, I raced to read it. "The Best of You" is a new twist on a polyslash story. Normally, we see Edward, Bella and Jasper as the three in love, wading through the angst ridden waters of forging a triad relationship in a society that discourages anything that wavers from the norm, but not this time. This time we have Bella and Alice, best friends and lovers of five years who've created a life together with the agreement that a little dick on the side in a good thing and Emmett is the lucky guy that lands not one, but both girls.

Alice is as effervescent, bubbly and hyper as always. Her dick comes in various one night stands and hookups, while Bella, the shy, introverted one, gets a little piece of Edward whenever she needs something Alice and the toy box can't fulfill. The funny thing is, they've never their side items, keeping those to themselves while enjoying the main course together.

When Bella is late meeting Alice at a club, Alice kills the time flirting and dancing with Emmett, fantasizing about having both him and Bella in her bed. She wants them to pleasure her together and she wants to share Bella with Emmett. This is unforged territory for the girls and Emmett, as well, but they manage to get through it. Boy, do they manage. GAH! I had to take a break in my reading to find the towel.

I have a feeling, though, that there's some deeper story behind our beautiful, blonde Emmett. Grrr! The man makes me want to grab him, but I'm not sure if I want to do hug him or fuck him, or both.

Anyway, as with all Crash Hale's stories, there's a fabulous back story to each of her characters and I for one can't wait to find out each and every little nuance that makes Emmett, Alice and Bella tick.

While The Best of You is currently only six chapters long, it's got loads of promise to be an epic tale of love, lust and LOADS of hot sex and mind numbing orgasms. Oh, and don't worry, Crash Hale updates regularly, on average of once every three or four days, so you won't be kept waiting too long.

So, grab your towel and head on over to "The Best of You" and give this one a read through. Be sure to grab a bottle of water, though, we can't be responsible for anyone getting dehydrated.


See you Tuesday with four more great Slash stories!

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