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Tuesday's Best~June 16th, 2009

Welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled

Well, here we are. Another Tuesday has arrived and with it, four fabulous stories to wet your down unders with. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

Up first today is The Master's pick of the week...

For my recommendation this week, did I search the internet far and wide, using all my knowledge to search fanfiction.net to find the best of best, the most intriguing and beautifully told boy slash stories written? Actually, no. I went no further than my inbox, as a link to this story was sent to me by starfish422 about a month ago. There are few stories that I will drop everything, whether I am playing in Photoshop, reading another story, writing, or posting on Twilighted. When my email dings with an alert notice for “Thank You, Elvis” by young author Klytie, programs get closed, iTunes gets turned up and IE opens with speed I did not realize my computer had. I will forever be grateful to starfish422 for sharing this gem of a story told in both Edward and Jasper’s point of views. It surprises me that with nine chapters posted this story has barely over one hundred reviews. I hope to change that-so if you go read, please leave the author some feedback.

“Thank You, Elvis” starts off canon. Jasper loves Alice. He is devoted to her and will follow her to the ends of the Earth, entrusting his life in the pixie’s visions. She leads them to a new coven, the Cullens where they are introduced to Carlise, Esme, Emmett, Rosalie and Edward. This is where the canon story stops and a wonderful story of love, sometimes unrequited, angst and passion begins. Upon meeting the Cullens, Jasper feels an immediate and almost primal attraction to Edward. To Jasper, being attracted to another man was unacceptable and intolerable, but in this case completely unavoidable. When Jasper makes love to Alice after meeting Edward, he imagines her hair bronze, her body smooth, tall and hard, her fingers long and her eyes filled with self loathing. Disturbed by his thoughts of lust, he begins to avoid Edward, quietly disappearing whenever Edward is near, becoming even more introverted and silent, pouring his energy into studying philosophy and human attraction. Their mind reading and empathic abilities make their relationship that much more intense. Edward is determined to discover the secret that he is sure Jasper harbors deep inside his mind, and apparently, heart. A simple, casual and very brief touch by Edward leaves them both shocked at the electricity that passes through them and leads Jasper puts his strategic military skills to analyze all possible explanations and scenarios for his relationship with Edward. They share a few small, intimate moments of comfort and companionship before Alice interferes, encouraging Edward to decide to leave the family in effort to escape the saddened eyes of reddish gold that will never belong to him. Before Edward leaves, he and Jasper share one last hunting trip, where a storm ignites long denied passion so intense that hard, perfect skin is marred by venom and razor sharp teeth. Edward’s loathing at their impure act forces him to flee, leaving Jasper crushed, and Alice to pick up the pieces of her husband’s shattered heart.

As with “Evading the Orbit” last week, I feel anything I write about this story will not do it justice. It is a remarkable story, written so poetically that you cannot help but feel the emotions of angst, love, and lust flow directly from the story into your heart. The thoughts of Edward and Jasper remain true to their characters, Jasper, brilliant strategically, but joyous as a school girl with a crush when Edward even glances at him. Edward, young in mind, innocent, confused and guilt ridden with the impure thoughts he has of his new coven member. This is an exquisite story of two vampires, and their undeniable attraction, both physical and emotional, to each other in a time where such attraction will no doubt cause heartbreak and loss.


Now, let's see what Rosella has in store for us...

I'll just get straight to the point with this week's rec. Fiberkitty is one of my favorite authors on FF and she never fails to write the best poly slash stories, lemons included. This particular story was written for the Pirate Talking Edward Contest, but Kitty put her own spin on this by making Jasper the man with all the booty...pun intended. It is written in third person, a first for this veteran author, but that doesn't deter her from producing another well-written slash fic.

I don't want to give away too many details, as it is a one-shot, and would spoil the story. But I will say Edward does get some Bella action, for those who enjoy canon pairings, with some Alice on the side. I am not particularly fond of canon, but that's okay because Kitty never disappoints went it comes to fulfilling my Jasper needs. And he has his fun with two ladies, at the same time of course, as this pirate's tale is told. Don't be put off by the fact that it's written in full-on pirate lingo either, because Kitty has done her research and knows just what to say.

If you're already familiar with fiberkitty's work, then you don't need anymore convincing. As for those of you who have yet to read any of her fanfics, I only have one question for you...Why the hell not?! Your panties will be wet (or your pants will tighten), your toy(s) will wear out, and your towel will most definitely be soaked. Run. Now. Read "Maid on the Shore", and while you're at it check out her other fabulous stories too! Fiberkitty deserves much love and support, so go...read and review. What are you waiting for?


Donna's girly action of the week...

After spending an entire weekend writing, editing and rewriting my next chapter, to no avail, I woke up this morning realizing something. I FUCKING FORGOT TO FIND A FEMME SLASH STORY TO REC! OH MY GOD! I'm so screwed! That was my first, second and third thoughts. I spent the entire day dredging through the black hole of horrid femme slash and finally, FINALLY, at about 11pm last night found my story.

"Skin Deep", by Isabel0329 is FABULOUS! It builds slowly, sweetly and dramatically. It features a newly on her own Alice and a mysterious Bella.

Alice spent her first year and a half of college at home. She's now transferred to a school far away from home so she can, truly, be on her own and be open in her sexuality without it reflecting on her parents negatively. She moves into her dorm with the help of older brother Emmett and as he leaves, they share a moment of tender acceptance.

Alice is subjected to the roommate from hell in Jessica Stanley. She's proclaimed herself to be Alice's new best friend and has glued herself to Alice's hip. She never leaves Alice's side and on the rare occasion that she does, it's to make out with boyfriend, Mike Newton. She often regales poor Alice with tales of their exploits and Mike's penis.

After a brief encounter with a beautiful brunette with brown eyes to match, Alice spends all her time fantasizing about the mysterious girl that she spied getting off the elevator, her very first day on campus. She's very curious about her, but when she questions Jessica, she's warned away from the beauty.

Later, Alice spies the lovely girl from her mind's dalliances in the shower. The stunning brunette sees her peeping Tom-ette and speaks only three words to Alice, further ensnaring our darling pixie in her mysterious web. Drawing Alice in slowly but surely, even after Jessica warns Alice to stay away yet again.

"Skin Deep" enthralled me, just as Bella enthralls Alice. When you finally get a glimpse into Bella's head you hurt for her and for Alice and for all the multitudes of girls that came before Alice.

What I like the most about "Skin Deep" is the tempo of the story. Like I said earlier, it builds slowly but, it also flourishes, enveloping you into the story and embracing you, dragging you in and not letting go.

It isn't a rush to the bed like some slash stories. It works its way up to the smut and OH GOD is the smut good, but that's not the driving force behind this fabulous story. The sexing is like the cherry on the sundae. It's just the added bonus and not the actual dessert.

"Skin Deep" is definitely worth adding to your read list. It's beautifully written and the pace is exquisite. Make sure that you do NOT skip this one. Also, just an FYI, this story is COMPLETE, which means no waiting for updates. Just remember your towels and maybe even a box of Kleenex.

Be sure to read and review the story and stop by the Twilighted thread and let them know TwiSlash Unveiled sent you!


Last, but certainly not least, Cella's Secret Craving of the week...

My addiction for DefinatelyStaying's stories can probably be classified as unhealthy, but honestly when she writes slash and poly tales who wouldn't be tempted to read her stuff.

This week my rec for the Twislash lovin world is Definately Staying's One-Shot "PayBack".

"PayBack" is a tantalizing tale about Bella and the sexual tension she has caused poor Jasper. It is just not fair for the empath in the house to be stuck around Bella and Edward all day long when the two are constantly arousing each other, but refusing to do anything in fear of hurting the weak little human.

Alice has the perfect solution though, and payback includes bringing both Bella and her husband some release. Trapping the human in their bedroom the couple unleash their knowledge and experience of sex on Bella with a show and tell method.

Bella is terrified at first, and longs for her sweet innocent Edward to come back and save her, at least until she starts to enjoy the experince at which point she begins moaning like a whore, and begging for more.

If you like things a bit rough, and a darker Jasper then "PayBack" is for you. Go ahead and take a peak, I promise not to tell.

So, there you have it. Another week of TwiSlash Unveiled's Picks of the Week. Please visit us on our thread at Twilighted. We'd love hearing from you. Leave us some love here as well and let us know what you think of the stories we've mentioned today.

Also, stay tuned for some exciting announcements from Major Whitlock's Southern Belles and Yankee Lady, in the not so distant future. We are working on something that's certain to get the juices flowing.

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