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Tuesday's Best 7-19-2011

Good morning, my lovelies. Just a quick entry today as my internet is down and I'm using my mobile connection. Hope you're all having a great time and are enjoying the weather, where ever you are. Conversed and I have managed to find you some goodies and we're dying to share, so let's get right to it!


I just have time for a quick rec this week because I have srs bsns important work to do watching nearly-nakey-men, down on the beach. It’s tough, I know, but someone has to mentally slash all these dark-eyed, glossy haired Spanish boys.


Anyway, on with the rec… I’m pretty much owned by Owenic. I last raved about her hot DoctorWard and PaintSper in Learning to Feel. This time I’m raving about her new drabble set called Best of Both Worlds.

This Jasper/Edward story revolves around a chance meeting at a club that crosses over into ‘real life’.
“The lights are strobing, the bass is thumping. Bodies are swaying, grinding, sweating.
I am lost in a sea of metaphorical white and blue collars; from lawyers and doctors to tradesmen. Status isn't important on the dance floor. We are all accepted here; gay, proud, sensual.

That’s how things are in the club—accepting, open, honest— but things are just a little different when Edward meets Jasper elsewhere:

“We work on the same site, but not together and I catch myself looking for him. Sometimes I swear I can feel his eyes on me, burning the skin on the back of my neck.
On Thursday, I try to be near him, accidently on purpose. But he ignores me.”

Jasper, Jasper, Jasper. *shakes head*

Does Jasper redeem himself? Well, he tries:

       “Can we grab a coffee?" he asks.”

Everyone knows this is code for ‘Let’s fuck,’ right?


Not Edward:

"I don't want you to think I'm inviting you to my place for sex. That's not what I meant, I just want to talk."


Of course Owenic doesn’t leave us hanging. This is an extremely sexy story and while it’s  concise, she still delivers a huge amount of bang for your buck.

Anyhow, check out the story. It was part of a fundraiser for Fandom4Tsunami and the sequel will follow immediately after the first drabble set completes. Gotta love two or three chapters of goodness in your box every single day.

I know that I do.



Vampslash is something that’s appealing in an altogether different way from AH slash - in my humble opinion, anyway. It’s difficult to do well, and there are few who pull it off with excellence. We’ve already shared a few of those with you, which I’m sure you’ve all read by now.

Today, I want to talk about The Inadvertent Voyeur, by FFReaderRW. Carlisle’s a doctor in Forks, lives next door to the Masen’s, and has been keeping an eye on his neighbors. Especially after a particular incident draws his attention to them even more than Edward’s appealing scent already did. I won’t tell you more than that, you’ll have to read.

However, Carlisle’s watchful eye has not gone unnoticed by young Edward, who’s at times looking at the house as if he knows exactly where Carlisle is and what he’s doing.

Over time, Elizabeth - who is a patient of Carlisle’s - asks him to watch over her child. Carlisle agrees, because he feels so drawn to the boy and is unable to deny Elizabeth anything. Something troubling is looming over his horizon, though.

Edward is laughing at something one of the other teenagers said. It is such a delight to see him happy. I've seen him grow up from a baby-faced preteen to a very mature and handsome boy balancing on the edge of manhood.

The years meld together for me. Time has no meaning for my kind. Nevertheless, I know my time in Forks is nearly up. Soon I will need to find another place to call home. As a human being, my face would have matured over the last six years. However, my face remains unchanged. It is the same as it was when I was turned at the age of 23 by another monster I encountered on the streets of London. Soon the staff at the hospital will begin to question my youthful appearance and begin asking me how I manage it. What's your secret, Dr. Cullen? It happens every time. As soon as the questions start, I move away and start again in some other small, dark God-forsaken place. For the first time in this miserable existence, I worry. I now have a responsibility. I can't abandon him. There is an unfamiliar ache in my chest as I contemplate my lack of options.

A couple of loud splashes and scream distract me from my self-pity. Edward and Mike are chasing Jessica around the pool. She surprised them by pushing them in and now they are out for revenge. All three are laughing as they run.

Will Carlisle have to leave before he can keep his promise to Elizabeth? Or will something happen to set other wheels into motion? You’ll have to go read to check it out. I promise you, it’s worth it ;-)


There you have it! Hope you enjoy these as much as we have. Be sure to leave these authors some love, and check back next week to see what Aradi and Conversed have in store for you.

In the mean time, hop on over to the Twilight No Stress Love Fest if you haven't already, and check out the lovely (mostly slashy!) stories entered. There's a few days left to try to figure out who wrote them. I'm there. Think you can find me?

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