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Tuesday's Best 7-12-2011

Good mornin', everyone. Hope y'all are enjoying your summer weather. It's a bit rainy where I'm at, so perfect time to snuggle up with a good read, wouldn't you say? So let's see what Aradi and I managed to scrounge up for you today. As ever, make sure to bring towels and fresh undies - you're likely gonna need 'em. 


The VampSlash contest recently ended, and I owe the lovely organizers a beer (or three) for encouraging more, more, MOAR non-AH stories.

The full listing of entries is here, and the list of winners is there, and I alternate between being squeeful at excellent submissions and grumpful at how wolf/vamp/dark contests still don't get the turnout they deserve.

Conversed gushed last week about ArcadianMaggie's Amid the Lucid Stream, which won second place.  (Conversed also revealed an astronomy fetish.  Kinky.)

I have no astronomy fetish (unless you count liking to "see stars"?) but I do have a deep and writhing love for vamps, rare pairings, and writers who can capitalize on the "issues" of vamp (or wolf) pairings.  And by issues I mean the harsh realities of getting up close with someone who can bite you or break you or fursplode in your face.

That's why I love All That's Best of Dark and Bright by rhythm junkie.  Jasper and Seth!  AU Jasper and Seth.


It really makes sense if you think about it.  For an empath, especially one as baggaged as Jasper, Seth must make for lovely company.  Plus, who doesn't love Seth?  (And who doesn't unf for Jasper?)

Jasper didn't quite know when it had happened, when this sweet naïve Native boy had shoe-horned himself into his dead heart. He remembered when Seth had started coming around, after the whole Jacob/Nessie/imprint fiasco. He hadn't paid too much attention, not really, but it was hard to stay aloof with Seth.

Seth, who was so sweet he would walk into the home of his sworn enemy with nothing but a smile and those ridiculous cut-off shorts, was just so damn easy to be around. Especially for an empath. It was rare for Jasper to feel anything but calm or excitement from the boy. He was, almost always, a one-emotion guy and it was just so restful that, after a few weeks of his presence, Jasper found himself gravitating to the boy whenever he was over, soaking up his uncomplicated aura.

The warmfuzzy is not without complications.  There's Alice, of course, and the whole treaty thing, and then that minor issue of vampires with their inhuman strength and venom.

"Let me."

Deep brown eyes turned up to gaze from under thick dark lashes. Jasper stared back at the boy kneeling in front of him, one hand on his thigh, the other on the waistband of his jeans, and shook his head almost imperceptibly. It made his dead heart clench to see the fall of rejection on that beautiful face. He tangled his hand in the boy's dark hair and tugged. The boy kept his eyes turned away until Jasper tugged a little more firmly, insistent that his gaze be met.

"Seth." He kept his voice gentle. "This isn't a game. This is your life we're talking about."

Ahh the lovely UST of cockblockery.  Noble cockblocking, but still.

Read it and find out if Jasper gives in, or if anyone gets maimed, turned, or killed.  (Alice already knows how the story ends.)


PS:  I got mail!  Y'all remember my random brain-leak from a few recs ago, where I said I hadn't seen Jacob/Carlisle fics?  The wonderful VAVikingGirl wrote me and pointed to her body of work (winkwink).  She's got some AH Jacob/Carlisle (among others), so go have a look-see if that pairing happens to shake your maracas.


It isn’t often that I come across femmeslash. I think I’ve mentioned that before. It’s even rarer to find any that’s really good. And it’s neigh impossible to find one that is that and vampslash to boot.

But I found one (thanks to @mechanical_rain)! It’s called
Fleeting Image, by HoochieMomma. Alice has had a vision that has turned her world upside-down and she will do whatever it takes to make that vision happen.

She just isn’t sure how that will take place, as the vision was only the briefest of glimpses of one particular moment in time.

But, Alice will be Alice.

The next evening, I whisper the first part of my vague plan to Jasper while we're hunting.

"Baby? I'm taking Rose to Seattle at the weekend. It's coming up to Christmas... I need to do some shopping. Maybe we'll stay the night somewhere."

I twirl a lock of hair innocently around my finger.

"Shopping, huh." Emmett's amused voice reaches us from the other side of the forest and I can hear his smirk. "Is that what the kids are calling it these days?" He's laughing, but I can tell he's turned on at the thought of me and Rose together. I pout. Emmett, much as I adore him, is not someone who will ever feature in my list of desired conquests.

"It's rude to eavesdrop, but yes, Emmett," I snap back, at normal volume – he'll hear. "Just like your, uh, extended out-of-state hunting trips. All boys together, huh?" I cock an eyebrow at Jasper as Emmett chuckles again. Behind a cluster of boulders, Rosalie laughs softly.

Jasper winks, throwing me a wolfish grin. "Whatever. You girls have fun. Just don't scare any humans."

Just between you and me, I wanna see some of that action, too. But, we’re here to talk about femslash, so that will have to wait for another time (please, HoochieMomma, please let there be another time).

Anyway! Alice appears to have things all figured out, but just how will things end up going? Alice will be Alice, but Rosalie will be.... Rosalie. Or will she? ;-) Check it out for yourself to get the answer to that one.


There you have it, folks, two great stories to sink your teeth into. Be sure to leave these authors some love, and check back next week to see what Conversed and I have in store for you then.

In the mean time, hop on over to the Twilight No Stress Love Fest. There are great entries there again, and quite a few of the stories are slash (yum!). Try to figure out who entered, so that at the end of the month you can have a guess. I'm in there, somewhere. Think you can find me?

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