Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday's Best 10-19-2010

Good morning! I hope this day finds y'all well, happy, and possibly horny ;-). If you're not already, I'm pretty sure our finds for today'll help you along. The Captain and I set out to find some yummy slash, and I think we succeeded. Want to see? Of course you do. So let's go!


Hello my lovely slasheroos! Captain Jezebel here with a funny, sweet, sexy, unfy (yes it’s a word in my vocabulary) one shot starring the first couple of slash; Edward and Jasper. This entry for the In The Closet Contest had to be one of my favorite’s because of the light sexy feel to it. Don’t get me wrong I love angst and see the need for it in fic, but too much can make me insane. So when contests get flooded with angst I tend to look for the ones that make me smile, or run for the nearest towel.

Show Me Yours ; a collaboration between TwiBoy and his ficwife YogaGal does both. Edward and Jasper are the two gorgeous men that make up a happy couple, blissfully in love. When Edward walks in on Jasper watching a hot, young gay boy on a voyeuristic website he doesn’t get mad or jealous. In fact Edward is kind of intrigued and teases his boyfriend about the whole thing. They set up a private webcam session and thus (as they put it) ‘a video exhibitionist is born’.

Edward and Jasper realize how much they love the thrill of putting on a sexy show for others to watch. Quickly it becomes an addiction for them, and a regular part of their bedroom activities.

Of course, it takes some maneuvering to line up the laptop with a good view of the bed. Big boy Ruxxxpin doesn't mind giving us direction one bit, before or after we get the webcam lined up. He expresses his gratitude with a loud, growling orgasm as I have Edward on all fours screaming out his own.

We quickly become addicted, getting off on how others get off watching us; it was surreal. While making love to Edward had always been a rush, it's even more so in front of the camera, especially when only one person is watching, and we can hear their voices through the laptop speakers. Although, with a public chat room, and a couple dozen voyeurs, going back and reading viewer comments in chat provides for some interesting pillow talk.

Think you have this story figured out? Nope...bet ya don’t...not yet at least. Enter ?POV, yep that’s right this amazing twosome give us a little mystery within their tale. Who is this person, why are they watching Edward and Jasper? What are they thinking? Why don’t you go pop over and read it for yourself to get the answers. Believe me this story takes the most adorable twist at the end, I know you’ll love it just as much as I did. 


Ahhh, Slash/Backslash, the place to find many a gem! And boy-howdy, did I find one, today! Not only is it slashy, it’s BDSM. And it is yummmmmmy! Walk Away, by hidingfromsomeone, is about Edward and Jasper.

Jasper, who is in a vanilla relationship with Alice, has a secret. He’s a sub. For Edward.

I definitely didn't identify myself as a gay man, but my relationship with Edward was possibly the most important one in my life. As promised, he took me to deeper levels and higher heights than I ever thought possible, but it wasn't just about sex. It was about my need to let go and let someone else be in charge of my body and his need to take control of another. I was made to be with him in a way that I couldn't seem to fit with anyone else.

Whether or not Alice knew about my relationship with Edward was possibly the only source of guilt on my part regarding the entire arrangement. When I first met her I was with Esme, and Alice sort of knew I had more than just a platonic relationship with the woman who was actually my Domme. But it was never spoken about explicitly.

There were times when I introduced Alice to more kinky stuff in the bedroom and although she enjoyed it, there was a definite limit there to what she was up for. There wasn't a sadomasochistic bone in her tiny little body so the idea of whipping or being whipped did not sit well with her at all.

In the back of my mind I've always thought that she was aware of my kinks and her inability to fulfill them, and it was for that reason that she overlooked my mysterious disappearances a few times a week. There were only so many times I could go to the gym and the last time I checked, a rowing machine didn't leave you with red welts across your ass.

Ah, yes, a little difficult to hide certain aspects of the life he leads, isn’t it? But if you think that this is the worst of it (or least, depending on your point of view, I suppose), then think again. Because not only is Jasper doing all of this behind Alice’s back, but something is changing. Inside of him.

Revelations he never expected to have, are slowly encroaching on his conscious - and his conscience. Jasper has some decisions to make - and make them soon. Or he stands to lose everything (mind, this is my speculation, so take that with a grain of salt).

I would say more, but that would really give far too much away. Yes, even with as long as that one-shot is. But, good news! There’s already a second chapter up, and there is a promise of more to come! Granted, as time allows, but I’ll gladly take it (and be begging for more!). 

Mmm, quite lovely, don't you agree? I hope you enjoyed these reads as much as we have. Leave the authors some lovin' (and perhaps a plea or two for more...just remember to be nice. But what am I saying, y'all slash h00rs are always nice, right? Right.). Check back next week to see what Aradi and I have for you.

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