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Tuesday's Best 10-5-2010

Mornin' y'all! Everyone ready for Fall? If you're not quite ready to let go of Summer just yet, why don't you sit back and check out today's recs? Aradi and I have found you a couple of sweet, heart-warming stories. Of course, don't forget your towels, panties, and Kleenex, I'm sure you'll need one or all at some point. Let's get to it, shall we?


I read all the (M/M)  In the Closet Contest entries and I fell in love with one (or two, or a few).  We hold off on reccing around here til winners are announced, which I don’t really understand in my case since the three of you that read what I yammer about (hi Mom!) certainly can’t influence any vote.  Regardless, I quickly staked a claim on Science is an Art Form, so the other two wenches couldn’t steal my favorite.  It had me at “Warning: Gratuitous use of suspenders,” and I had to get a chance to fangirl about it.

Then the winners were announced, and I was happy because I could finally do the rec.  

Then Science is an Art Form won first for both Judge’s picks and open voting, which made me ridiculously happy because I survive only with constant reassurance that my taste in fics isn’t completely wonky.

Then the author was revealed as AngstGoddess003 (Wide Awake, Company Loves Misery), and all I could think was “Well, crap....

Because really, the absurdity of me sitting here trying to convince you that something AG wrote is good?  Let me put on my Captain Obvious jammies and get right to that.  *snaps elastic*

Science is an Art Form lives up to its title in that AngstGoddess003 clearly used some sort of formula for the ideal Slash O/S.  Angst + suspenders + AwkWard + FreeSpiritSper = all the ItC votes barring the freaks who only ship wolfpack.

Edward is a science major of the highwater-pants-and-suspenders variety.  Jasper is an art major with a “liberal” sexual preference.  Edward relies on Google and the aid of two women he barely knows in his mission to solve the problem of his attraction to his apparent opposite.  It is awkwardly and sweetly painful from their very first non-conversation.  Once they finally speak?  Oh it’s so much better/worse.

"Ah." Jasper nodded, came to a pause in the middle of the living room, and lifted the scarf from his neck. His eyes locked with Edward's, who then gulped and tried to decide how best to begin their evening.

But then Jasper walked closer, a calculating squint to his eyes exaggerating his long, light lashes. "I can't get a read on you."

Edward's head cocked to the side, brows drawn. "A read?"

His guest's cheeks expanded with a puff of air before he shrugged, rolling his eyes. "Hey, it's late, and I'm about one hour from being dead to the world, so may I be frank?"

Edward instantly nodded.

"You wanna give me some head?"

I know I should have probably shared a slice of a hot part or a sweet part, but you’ll have to trust that those are present just as you’d expect.  It’s the encompassing discomfort of AwkWard’s scientific process that made this story a winner for me.

The other winners of the In the Closet Contest are posted on the profile.  There were many other excellent fics submitted, and I’m sure you’ll see more of them turn up as recs around here, but my inner science geek loved Science is an Art Form an irrational amount.


Inspired by California’s overturning of Proposition 8, Rosmarina - who we all know from her lovely Edward/Emmett story, Potential - wrote another Edward/Emmett tale, called Shooting Stars. This isn't a future-shot of Potential, but this pairing is just as lovely as the other. The boys are a little older (mid-thirties, to be exact), and have been together for a long time. They’re also parents to two wonderful kids - Nina, and Davey.

We get to tag along with them as they’re out hiking and camping, and the image Rosmarina invokes is very real, and very lovely. I’m a sucker for Dadward, and Emmett as a Dad? Yeah, I’m sold. They’ve taken the kids out to the meadow, so they can watch the shooting stars. As they’re all settled on a blanket and watching the night sky, they each make a wish. It’s very sweet, and tugs at the heart strings.

"Ooh! There!" Nina exclaims just as I catch sight of one out of the corner of my eye.

"What's your wish, Nina-lina?" Em teases.

I watch her think it over. Her lips purse and squish over to one side and she tugs on a lock of her hair by her ear that's come loose from her ponytail.

"I wish my daddies could get married."

Emmett's eyes meet mine over their heads. He hugs her closer to him. "That's sweet, honey. Thank you. Now look for another one and make a wish that's just for you, okay?"

There’s much more, but I’ll leave that for you to discover for yourselves. I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet glimpse - with a serious note in there, because really, everyone deserves the right to marry - into the family life of Edward and Emmett. And Rosmarina? I for one would not mind seeing more of them ;-)

And there you have it. I hope you've enjoyed these stories as much as we have. Be sure to leave these wonderful ladies some love, and check back next week when Aradi and Captain Jezebel return with more slashy goodness.

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LovelyPenguin said...

I loved Shooting Stars!! It was a great story for gay adoption too. I am also loving reading Potential.