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Slash Guest Author Rec - Ingenuefic

June 20th 2011. Edward Cullen would be 110 today if he were real. Actually, he most likely wouldn’t be alive if he were real but in the world of fiction, he’s alive and kicking. Thank God.

When I found out I’d be doing a guest rec on the guy’s birthday, I thought “Wouldn’t it be amazing if I went ahead and rec’ced my favorite Edwards in fan fiction that somehow corresponded to his age?” And while, yes, it would have been amazing, I’m not crazy and I have a job and a life (more the former than the latter), so instead, I’m giving you three recs today – stories that are currently being written, stories that have Edwards I am learning to adore, and since I’m being honest, stories that have an Edward somehow infatuated with a Bella (sorry slashers – I may write them but I don’t read ‘em).

First up – In the Skin by ooza

It may seem like a “Really?” type of choice since I claim her as one of my best friends and she betas more than she wants to for me, but I swear that’s not the case at all. I don’t read all of her fic; she knows that there are certain genres and characters I won’t read so when I say I love this Edward, I really, really do.

Based on a one-shot – A Night of Firsts – In the Skin tells the story of shy, slightly-awkward, naïve Edward and well, stripper Bella. Ahem. Excuse me – exotic dancer Bella. A big factor for why I love this Edward is because he still has the same hang-ups as the canon character but it’s a bit more innocent, a bit more real. If Edward Cullen was born in my generation, I’m pretty sure this would be him. He’s the every guy, except maybe a little more shy.

But it’s not just Edward. Ooza’s Bella seems, right off the bat, confident and happy. She’s a stripper but there isn’t a vibe of “I don’t have a choice” when it comes to her career. It also helps that she has the ability to make Edward’s awkwardness seem endearing.

"Wait, you're not, like, saving yourself for marriage or something, are you?" Bella asked apprehensively. "Am I overstepping some moral boundary you have?"

It's tempting to confirm her suspicions, because at least then I'd have an excuse for my lack of experience. "No." I laughed without humor. "That's not it at all."

"Oh . . . would you prefer Javier to finish the job?"

"What? No!"

There are currently only four chapters up right now but I become so excited when I get the little notice. Or the e-mail with a document – which is also something I can say regarding story number two:

Words With Friends by Nolebucgrl

Okay, I know what you’re thinking – “Damn, girl, how can I believe you have any credibility when you go ahead and rec another best friend?” but wait! Don’t run away yet! I swear this one is worth the read.

There is a phenomenon on smartphones known as Words with Friends. It’s basically Scrabble but for some reason, it is 10x more awesome to play the game with someone states away or, sometimes, around the globe. Such is the premise for Nolebucgrl’s regularly updated story. It is, simply put, any fan’s dream.

Bella Swan is a college student with an iPhone. That iPhone has Words with Friends. Bella Swan also has fan infatuation with an actor – Edward Cullen. It’s slightly similar to my fan fascination with Robert Pattinson but I digress. Anyway, during an interview, Edward reveals that he’s slightly addicted to Words with Friends and Bella decides to try to find Edward on the game. The only interaction so far with Edward in the story is through the game. At this point, all we know is that Bella is possibly playing with Edward but the possibility doesn’t necessarily matter – the chats between these two characters are spicy and sweet and laid out on the fire for everyone to see.

I'm afraid I'm not your favorite cheese, but I probably wouldn't mind if you took a bite out of me, so long as it wasn't a big one. Who cares what your nutritionist thinks? This girl likes her cheese and so should you!

Part of the fun in reading the story is being on Bella’s side, trying to figure out who this person is. At the risk of giving something away, the guy on the other side is an Edward but who knows if it’s Cullen or another Edward. Either way, this is one guy that needs to be known. Plus, Alice is a crazy college girl who has some delusions… But didn’t we all at some point during that time?

What isn’t a delusion, though, is my final rec – one that was given to me by Nolebucgrl, actually.

Third and final rec – In Your World by solostintwilight

When I was first told about this story, I had my doubts. Edward Masen is part of an Amish community. Bella Swan is an Outsider who needs an escape. This could have been a recipe for disaster but it is, instead, an interesting look at a different world – not one of mythological creatures but one that is still prevalent in the United States though it sometimes seems incredibly strange to some people.

What I love about this Edward is that he’s slightly broken but he continues through life in the best way possible. There are so many layers to him and every chapter slowly peels away a skin even if there are sometimes moments when the layer is smoothed back over as Edward retreats from the new possibilities. From his first appearance in the story, there is immediate intrigue as to who this man is and why he acts the way he does. Every moment that follows is such a vital part of who Bella longs to be and what journey she plans to take.

"Uh, I'm Bella. I'm… visiting," I murmured extending my hand out to him in greeting.

He paused, looking at my hand hesitantly as if I might be diseased before looking back up to offer me a small crooked smile. His eyes seemed to dance as he looked down at me.

"Welcome, Bella. I am Edward. Are you staying with Elder Carlisle and his family?" he asked, never taking my hand. Instead he moved his hands behind his back, as if fighting some temptation to touch me.

Solostintwilight’s writing flows beautifully and even the tiniest of touches – whether it’s between a married couple, a couple going through a courting, or two friends/sisters – speaks volumes. Yes, I had my doubts about this story but now? I’m completely enthralled and drop everything I’m doing in order to read an update.

Phew. That was a lot more winded than I planned but if you made it this far, I hope you’ll take a little more time to check out these three boys on the (supposed) day of their births. If you’re anything like me – though I’m not quite sure how most of you would know what I’m like – you’ll love these three very different Edwards!

And don’t forget to wish them a Happy Birthday if you send a review to their authors today!

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