Monday, April 26, 2010

Slash Guest Author Rec - ATypicalSwan

So, I turned to livejournal to hunt up some one-shots for my shot at guest reccing. I had a few favorites saved in my memories, and hunted a couple new ones to share. I chose a bunch of one-shots because I honestly couldn’t find anything I was reading that it didn’t seem everyone else was, as well.

So…here we go. I have three (four) Jasper/Bella recs and three Jasper/Edward slash recs
To Covers of Cohen and Too-Tall Trees

In a future where Bella’s become a vampire, she and Jasper share a moment at Christmas. Having broken from the family and split from Edward (more or less), Bella lives alone, and Jasper is her one contact with the family.

I love the prose of this story, as well as the hint that the author leaves about the possibility for the future for Jasper and Bella.

Another Jasper/Bella tidbit. Let me give you a quote to sum up what I love about this story:

“I only stayed away because Edward saw her first. He saw her and claimed her and she, in return, had claimed him. I had wished it had been me and that frightened and angered me. I already had Alice. Alice was beautiful, interesting, elegant, intelligent, and strong. What more could I desire? What gave me reason or right to want Bella too?”

It’s a short one-shot, but worth the read inside Jasper’s head.

Between the two, Edward’s mind-reading and Jasper’s empathy/ability to project emotions, who has the stronger power? In this story, the author sinks the reader into Jasper’s head as Jasper tries to convince Edward that his is the superior power.

One of the things that this story does beautifully is capture Edward’s 17-year old vulnerability, especially as seen through the eyes of a more mature vampire Jasper. Of course it turns out that there’s more going on than anyone had possibly suspected, even Jasper, which ends the story on a bit of a question, but it’s a great journey getting there.
Something to Sleep To

Return my Heart Before I Fall

These two are companion pieces to each other. I found ‘Something to Sleep To’ in a list of Jasper/Bella fics on livejournal, but found the author on with the companion piece.

I love these two looks into the possibility of things with Jasper and Bella. Neither are very long, but both give insights to Jasper and Bella’s characters, and they’re just lovely little tidbits.
Five things Jasper Doesn’t Know about Edward

Five things Edward doesn’t know about Jasper

I’m listing these two together because they really do work as a pair. For awhile there was a trend of “five-thing” fics making the rounds of the communities on live-journal. These fit in with that pattern. In each of the stories, the author reveals secrets that Edward and Jasper don’t know about each other. They’re not long, but they give hints at what could possibly be between the two male vampires, without going into immense development or a ton of dialogue.

So. I know these recs weren’t very long, either in the length of the stories or in what I had to say. But, I hope you’ll check them out, and please don’t forget to leave the authors some love. :D

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