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Tuesday's Best - 4-27-2010

Zomg! Yes, we're still alive...and kicking! But it seems life is kicking us a little harder in return, so our apologies for the lack of posts the last few weeks. I'm back now though, to give you a couple of fuckawesome stories. Whitlock's Girl is still dealing with some stuff, but we're hoping she'll be back soon. For now, let's carry on, shall we?

Y'all remember a few months ago, the contest that was run to get a little more love for Jasper? Well, I didn't get to read near as many of the stories entered as I would have liked, but I did run across this little gem by MojoPen and inside-the-disarray, called Tourbillon. Now it's been months since I read this the first time, but it has stuck with me, never quite letting me go. I'm sure you'll understand why that is once you read it. Oh, do bring some tissues with you when you do, you'll likely need them.

Jasper is closeted, but with an understandable reason - he's working his way up the political ladder, and as we all know, that scene isn't the most welcoming to those who stand out from the rest. At least not when it comes to one's sexual preferences (don't ask me why it should matter who you bed or love, because it really shouldn't). Anyway. Once day he meets Edward, and...well, sparks fly. The two are great together, but can their relationship stand up to the pressure that's put on them, that Jasper puts on them, by keeping things hidden from the public eye?

As much as it would have been obvious to any observer that the two were in love, Jasper had yet to bring himself to think those words, let alone say them out loud. Living with Edward and sharing a bed with him was one thing, but admitting that he loved him was entirely different.

In their home, he spent as much time as possible kissing and caressing Edward, but in public, he kept up the fa├žade that they were merely best friends. As much as it bothered Edward, he understood how damaging it could be to Jasper's career if everyone knew what they did behind closed doors.

Nearly six months into their relationship, Jasper lay in bed one morning, watching a sleeping Edward, trying to imagine what his life would be like without him. He was overcome by the physical pain in his chest that that image brought on, and he silently admitted to himself that he was in love. His heart swelled at that thought, and he knew he had to tell Edward.

You'll have to read for yourself what happens next. The story is so well written, and sadly, it could be all too true. I hope you'll appreciate the feeling these ladies have put into this story. I know I do.

And since I have y'all going on a bit of a crying jag today, and you have your tissues out already (right? Right?), I have another one to share with you. This one is blowing me away, update by update. I don't often do this, but this one has me searching out the author almost every chapter, just so I can fangirl a little and talk about what's going on. She says this story is "just a fluke". Her words, not mine. All I can say is...you need to have more flukes like this one, hon, because Goddamn! This story has it all, if you ask me. An unusual pairing. Heartache. Hope. Possible new love? (Cue me praying the answer is "yes")

The story is written from Edward's point of view. And believe me when I say, it jumps right in there by tearing your heart out, and it leaves you just begging for her to do it again. And again. The emotion portrayed by Edward is so raw, so real, it floors me every single time. 
I still reached out when I woke. It was too soon, too recent, and I could smell him, I could feel him lying next to me. But he wasn't there, and the realisation jolted me fully awake. I was hard, because I'd been dreaming about him. I rolled onto my back, ignoring my erection and let the tears come.

Because now I was alone.

I had no idea how long I'd slept or what time it was, but it was dark. I couldn't go back to sleep, so I got up and took a cold shower in the adjoining bathroom.

Oh, if you haven't figured it out what story I'm talking about yet, it is none other than Say Something Else, by vampireisthenewblack. She's absolutely rocking my socks with this one, and I've been dying to share this story (okay, so maybe a poor choice of words, all things considered, but you get the point). I hope you'll check it out, and leave her some love. And for those of you who are nervous about the whole "omg they killed Jasper"....it ain't him ;-)

So yeah, that's it for this week. I hope you'll enjoy these stories as much as I have, tears and all. What can I say; sometimes it just feels good to cry ;-)

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SSE is awesome. Even that excerpt killed me.