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Tuesdays Best 5-4-2010

What's this? A Tuesday rec...on Tuesday? Two weeks in a row? Oh hush, I know that's what y'all are thinking ;-). It's cool though, I understand. Life, as I may or may not have mentioned before, keeps getting in the way of things. A good example is Whitlock's Girl currently dealing with the aftermath of the storms this weekend down in Kentucky, which is why it's me here today. She and the family are fine, but still.

Anyway...because life seems to keep getting in the way, she and I talked about what we could do to make things  go just a little bit smoother all around. We agreed that new blood was in order, and after some back and forth  on the who-how-when-why of it all, there was one person that came to mind (not the only one, but we're taking it one step at a time here, folks).

Who is this person, you ask? Well, it's none other than slash-h00r extraordinaire, reporter for HOFY (Holding Out For You readers will remember her antics with Jim ;-)) - our very own Captain Jezebel!  When I asked her to come on board, she was both thrilled - and a lot nervous. Please give her a warm welcome to TwiSlash Unveiled as she brings you her very first rec, hot of the press (given free reign on what she wanted to rec, of course, so please bear that in mind).


*peeks head timidly into TwiSlash Unveiled and looks around in amazement* WOW! it's pretty cool in here. *waves hello* Hi folks I'm Captain Jezebel a hoor of the slashy variety, I've been asked by the lovely ladies of TSU to do some recs, and when they come a'knockin...you don't slam the door in their face. So here I am, happy, and excited about my first offering to the slash fanatics.
Okay, for my first foray, I wanted to highlight a fic that I hold near and dear to my heart. It is also a fic that does not get the recognition is so richly deserves because of the very original pairing it boasts. I'm not going to lie, I was a bit grossed out by the thought of this pairing, but I gave it a chance. and boy am I glad that I did. It has quickly become one of my favorite fics, you know the one's you drop everything to read when an update pops in your box? What story am I rambling about? Be Careful What You Wish For by Whitlock-Masen and the very delicious pairing is Charlie/Carlisle *snickers* , yep folks you heard me right.
As usual Charlie is Sheriff of the small town of Forks, but he isn't the lonely divorced man living on his own, that we see in most fics. In this one he has someone to love and be loved by, there's only one small *coughs*HUGE*coughs* problem...Charlie has kept his sexuality, and his husband Carlisle, from his daughter Bella's knowledge for her entire life. After Bella calls to ask Charlie if she can move in with him, because Renee is newly married, Charlie has to find a way to tell his daughter about the biggest secret he has ever kept...the love of his life.
This story seamlessly blends the backstory in with the current happenings. You get the feeling that you were along for the entire ride, as you get to know these characters, and believe me you find yourself so enthralled with the captivating love story between Carlisle and Charlie. Their history, and connection is quite powerful, and the lovely Naelany and SorceressCirce make you feel every single word.
I felt a slight sting as his fingers pulled away, leaving me feeling empty and wanting. His other hand brushed my short hair from my forehead as he murmured, "Are you sure, love? Is this what you want?"
I started to ask him if I needed to fucking beg, but all I managed was a nod and another whispered, "Please."
A smile ghosted across his lips as if he'd heard my unspoken question, and he kissed me once more before he turned his head, reaching over to pick up the condom again. He shifted until he was kneeling between my knees, and my eyes were completely focused on his stiff shaft as he absently stroked it a few times before he pinched the tip of the condom and rolled it smoothly on. I had never actually seen another man do that before, and the sight was strangely arousing. I felt a pang of disappointed longing as I realized that I wouldn't see him that way again.
As I was trying to forget that he was leaving in the morning, he picked up the small bottle of lube and poured some into his hand, his eyes gazing into mine. Once more, he stroked himself, this time spreading the slick liquid over his shaft as he gave me a small, almost shy smile.
Forcing any dark thoughts away, I reached toward Carlisle, intent on simply enjoying this with him. He smiled as he leaned forward, pressing his body against mine as he supported himself on his elbows and kissed me. For the first time, his cock slipped down between my legs, and he rolled his hips against mine, teasing me with the sensation of him brushing past my balls and just barely touching my entrance.
"Are you ready, my love?" His accent was more pronounced, his words soft and lilting as my eyes widened.
My love, he had said…not just some casual term of endearment. Not just some 'British thing'.

Oh did I forget to mention Carlisle is a Brit? *looks sheepish*  ...oh yes, that's right, a yummy accent to drool over. There is so much more to this story than meets the eye, so much more depth, but I can't give it all away here, you'll have to read it and find out for  yourself.


I know I left y'all in tears last week, so I figured this week I would bring some lighter fare. Pinned by radiofreeamy is a very sweet story. I can virtually promise you'll be able to read it tear-free.

Edward is a student trainer for the University of Washington wrestling team. Edward loves sports, so much so that he doesn't let his disability stop him from doing his bit for the team. Though he himself cannot play, he helps his team members stay in good physical condition to give their best efforts.

He's accepted as an equal by most of the team, though some still see fit to make the odd comment. Edward tries not to let it bother him, though it isn't easy. He is the best student trainer the school has, and he has worked hard to get to that point, so naturally, it irks him. These comments play a part in why Edward hides one secret from the team. He's gay, and knows that not everyone will be comfortable with that knowledge, considering how close they have to be at times when he's working with them.

There is one person in particular that he hides his truth from - Jasper. He is Edward's ideal man in every way, and Edward has had a crush on him for as long as he can remember. He's hidden it away, believing Jasper is straight, and even if he weren't there'd be no way that Jasper would ever go for him.

A week away from school as the two (and the coaches) travel to Omaha, Nebraska in order for Jasper to play in the finals of the 2010 NCAA Division I championships, brings several revelations for both boys. Especially when the tables are turned and Jasper ends up helping Edward with his exercises.

"You need some help stretching those hamstrings, Edward?"

"Umm. I guess. I mean, if you want to."

Oh shit. Jasper's hands would be on my body, and I wasn't sure I would be able to let that happen without outing myself. I was too weak to resist, though.

I made my way over to Jasper and he motioned to the bed. "Why don't you lay down on the edge of the bed, and sort of let your legs hang over?" I did what he asked and felt him lift my legs to begin stretching my tight muscles.

"You don't have to do this, you know."

"You've wrapped my joints and stretched my muscles for three years, Edward. Let me return the favor."

I nodded and closed my eyes, willing my penis to behave while Jasper performed my stretches. My leg was extended and practically resting on Jasper's shoulder when he began caressing my calves gently. The wonderful sensation of his soft hands rubbing my legs caused my groin to stir and within seconds my cock sprang to life. I only had on a pair of boxers and some flimsy mesh shorts, which did little to hide my excitement. I lifted my head and wanted to cry when I saw the fabric tented up towards Jasper.

I wanted to jump off the bed and run to the bathroom in embarrassment, but when I looked at Jasper, he was still rubbing my legs gently while staring longingly at my erection.

"Um. Yeah, so. Sorry about that," I said pointing at my crotch. "It has a mind of its own."

"You have nothing to be sorry for, Edward. I like that I turn you on."
How they get to this part, and what happens after it, you'll have to go read for yourself. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I have, and that you'll leave radiofreeamy some love.

Now I hope y'all have remembered to bring your towels along, I know I didn't state so upfront, but trust me, the usual disclaimers apply - TU won't be footing any cleaning bills ;-) 
We hope all our slash h00rs are safe and sound - see you next week!


SorceressCirce said...

Eee! I cannot believe you rec'd this, Jezzie! You are amazing. Thank you so much. I can't tell you how much your kind words and enthusiasm have meant to us in writing this story. Nae and I squeal over every single review you send, and this was even better. I adore you :)

Anonymous said...

Have you recc'd The Sweetest Addiction? I love it and have read LOTS of TwiSlash. It's on ff.net by Maddie Grey. Please check it out if you haven't yet.

radiofreeamy said...

Thanks so much for the rec. I'm flattered that you would feature my little story on here. :)