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Tuesday's Best 5-25-2010

Hey all, the Captain and I are back again with a couple of recs, so grab a towel, a Kleenex, and let's get going, shall we?


Hello all, Captain Jezebel here with another rec full of yummy slashy goodness. This delicious little nugget was written as a gift for SubtlePen during the last Twilight Gift Exchange, and I can tell ya, boy was she a lucky girl. Open Heart is a o/s written by the illustrious Starfish422 that finds Jasper as the super of a building that is home to many senior citizens. In fact all of the tenants are elderly except the new guy.
Jasper is a sweetheart who has been adopted by the tenants of the building, and has appointed himself their friend and protector. He spends his days traveling from apartment to apartment, fixing any repairs, spending time, and talking with his friends. He spends his free time using his creative talents to make up stories about the inhabitants of his building and the surrounding area, but he can't seem to bring himself to make up a story for the buildings newest inhabitant.
Dr. Edward Cullen is a pediatric heart surgeon, the new tenant, young...well...closer to Jasper's age than anyone else in the building, gorgeous, and completely a mystery to Jasper. Prompting many questions in Jasper's mind. Why did he move to their building, if he is so successful? Why would a young, handsome doctor want to live with the elderly? Why can he never get enough information on Edward? Is he a threat to my other tenants?
When Jasper meets Edward for the first time so many more questions form in his head, as he finds himself so intrigued by the beautiful doctor. Wanting to befriend him, Jasper opens himself up, only to be confused by Edward's strange hot and cold behavior. Resolving himself to just a working relationship with the new guy, Jasper is a bit perturbed when things keep breaking in Edward's apartment, forcing them together especially since he is so attracted to him.
I forced myself to go to my room, closing the door behind me. I changed into my favorite pair of sleep boxers and climbed into bed, stretching my long limbs under the covers. I opened the book I'd been working my way through; but I couldn't concentrate. My body was keenly aware that Edward was in the next room; the draw to him was so strong. I began to curse myself for having offered him my couch, wondering if I would be able to sleep at all with him so close. I contemplated what to do; only one option really seemed to offer any real solution.
Silently I drew back the covers and pulled off my boxers. I grabbed a wad of Kleenex from the box on my night table and did what needed to be done. With Edward Cullen in both my living room and in my mind's eye, I started to stroke myself. I imagined what might have happened if I'd allowed myself to kiss him in the kitchen...backing him up against the counter, kissing the slender column of his neck, lacing my fingers through his wild array of hair…hearing him moan as I pressed my hips into his…watching him kneel before me and take my length into his mouth…
 UNF! Now who doesn't love a wanking Jasper? I certainly do. Anyway...you will fall in love with the sweet tenants of this building, starfish422 gives them so much character, you'll want them to adopt you too. As for Edward...just read it and you will understand him, give him a chance I promise. Now run off and read this fuckawesome o/s ... don't forget to leave her some love when you do. 
I had a different story ready to rec this week, but after reading The Razor's Edge, I decided to hold off on the other story and share this instead. It's from TwiBoy, it's short, but is so powerful and personal and needs to be read.

There isn't much that I can say, since this really is a short story at just over 1500 words, but I will tell you this. It isn't what you might expect it to be.
Looking at my reflection, I'm nervous about what she will say. Will she cry like she did the first I did this very thing when I was twelve? Will she tell me that I'm being reckless and looking for attention? Will her hands tremble when she reaches out to touch the skin that my razor slid across? Will she ask, "What the hell were you thinking, Edward?"

Or will she understand why I did it?

Of course, this time is substantially different than the last. Last time, I really was looking for attention. I had a terrible need to be different, to show that I can alter my appearance so drastically and yet still be the same person, regardless.

That's how it starts. I urge you to read how it finishes. The love, pain, sense of loss, of hope, of so many other emotions I can't even really begin to name right now, because I'm still trying to siphon through mine after just having read it...it's all there. Packed in this powerful story, that had to have taken a lot to write. I'm so very grateful to TwiBoy for sharing this with us all, and I hope you'll be with me in wishing him and his family all the best. Go read it, and leave him some love.


That was it for this week. I hope you enjoyed both stories. Be sure to check back next week, when we'll bring you more slashy goodness :-)


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