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Tuesday's Best 5-11-2010

What's this? Another week, another rec? Yes, 'tis true, you can believe your eyes. We're baaaack ;-) Well, Jezzie and I are, anyway. Whitlock's Girl is still dealing with the aftermath of last week's storm (more on that after the recs).

In the mean time, we are here to bring you our finds this week, and boy do we have some nice ones! Let's get to it, shall we? Oh, and as always, do remember your towels. I promise, you won't need any Kleenex this week (unless of course you cry happy tears, but hey).


Hi folks *waves* Captain Jezebel again, happy to see you fellow TU'ers for a second week in a row. When I was approached to rec some fic for this slashilicious (is that a word? :P *shrugs* ) blog, I searched my brain to think of some titles I could possibly suggest. Two fics immediately came to mind, and since I shared the angsty one last week, I would like to offer up some sweet lovin' fluff for this week.
If you are in need of a sexy, doting, and sweet E/J relationship look no further than Rediscovering What Matters by rmhale . Edward and Jasper have been together since they were 16 years old. After seven wonderful years together, they're getting married. The story starts when Edward decides to keep a journal of the daily happenings in the 40 days leading up to his and Jasper's wedding. He wanted to find a way to see past the mundane, real life issues that plague every long term relationship, and rediscover what truly matters....the love for one another.
Edward sets some rules that this adorable couple must follow each day to help guide them in their endeavor to reclaim the important things in life. Some of these rules are so sweet, others are sexy, but one rule is the most important, and the basis for Edward's entire idea. What is this rule? *shakes head* Nope, not gonna tell ya. You're going to have to read to find out, but I promise, you will fall in love with this Edward by the end of his first journal entry. What about Jasper you ask? Well since this is his journal the entire fic is EPOV, but remember he is doing this for the love of his life. Jasper lover's will have plenty to be happy about, as they learn about him through the eyes and words of his love.
I've got two excerpts for ya since I couldn't decide....one sweet and the other...UNF!
On our first date, after dessert, he looked me in the eyes and said, "I could fall in love with you." My heart was his from that moment on, and he fucking knew it. Who gets lucky enough to meet the person they were meant to share a life with at sixteen? We did and I was so fucking ecstatic that he picked me.
When the conversation started to wane and we were looking into each other's eyes over the flickering flame of the candle, I decided it was time for his next surprise. I pulled him to his feet, pulled out the remote in my pocket and pressed play.
The strains of music surrounded us as the very first song we ever danced to played over the speakers, The Cure's acoustic version of "Love Song". When he looked at me, his eyes were piercing and wet with unshed tears. Smiling, I wrapped my arms around him and we began to sway gently. He whispered that he loved me in my ear while pulling me tighter to his lithe body. Holding each other as close as possible, we kept our faces pressed against each other as we danced to the song that meant so much to us. His body moved so perfectly against mine, they fit together in all the right places, they knew where home really was.
He whispered the he loved me before kissing down my neck and across my shoulders while his hands kneaded my worn out muscles. As tired as I was, having his hands on me was slowly making my cock come to life and throb with need. It had been five days since I had seen any sort of release and my body cried out for it. His hands slowly moved from my back around to my chest while he continued to kiss and nibble up and down my neck. The only sounds I could get out where moans and groans. He knew my body better than I did and he knew exactly what I needed.
I couldn't stop my hand from wrapping around my cock, and his soon followed, wrapping around mine. Turning my head, I sealed our mouths together as he moved our hands up and down my aching dick. I knew I wouldn't last long, I needed this so badly.
This fic is truly such a clever piece of writing that started out as a way to help rmhale manage the lack of Starbucks in her system. Having given it up for Lent, she needed a distraction, something else to keep her mind off of her daily vice. Since it is a journal it is written in real time, and therefore the chapters are very short; just like a journal entry, but 40 days equals 40 chapters of this cute couple. If that isn't enough to make you run off to read this ASAP...when she finished the journal, rmhale spoiled us with the wedding and honeymoon outtakes, Rediscovering What Matters: The Wedding *whispers* Jasper lover's will get some JPOV.....GO! READ! NOW! ;)

You want more? Alright, alright, I'll give you a yummy little fic that caught my attention. It was a birthday fic for Zigster, written by FarDareisMai2 called Finger Painting. I fell in love with it, and I've begged her to please continue it, because...well, this story's just begging for more. And well...come on now, who wouldn't want a little more of this Jasper?

Oh, you want to know why? Well okay then. Let me tell you a little about this. Edward and Alice are siblings, and only have each other left as their parents are both dead. Alice keeps trying to hook him up, unaware that Edward is gay because he's never told her or given her reason to believe him to not be straight. You guessed it, he gets set up with girl after girl, and obviously it never works out. And then something changes for Edward.

Enter Jasper. They meet as Edward escorts Alice to an art show where she's exhibiting some of her work. She's once again trying to set him up with 'a nice girl', but almost as soon as they get there, Edward's eye falls on a tall, blond 'thing of beauty' as he calls Jasper. Attraction is immediate, but...Edward isn't out. He goes about his business, and looks at the art pieces. What happens when he finally comes across some art that he likes? Maybe the answer to that is the best work of art of all ;-)

The paintings were . . . interesting. No, not interesting, captivating—wild and yet, sensual.

"What do you think?" a male voice behind me asked; the southern inflection was unmistakable.

Without taking my eyes off the painting I told him what I thought and added, "The figures are anonymous, almost androgynous even, yet they exude such sensuality, and the brushstrokes are so big, so raw, it's almost . . ."

"Almost?" he egged.

"Almost like the artist was finger painting," I finished.

He moved closer and then his breath was against my ear as he whispered, "I was finger painting."

My breath hitched and my body froze. Could it be him? I wondered. Gathering my courage, I turned around slowly, but no one was there. My eyes darted around the room looking for him, but I didn't see him anywhere. My breathing started to come in pants and from across the room I could see Alice with a tall blond woman, and it was obvious she was looking for me. No way could I deal with meeting one of her friends at that moment. I turned and walked in the opposite direction, looking for somewhere to be alone for just a few minutes. I needed to collect myself, and I also realized that his low voice in my ear had me partially aroused. Jesus, if just a whisper from him could do that to me . . . I shuddered.

And it only gets better from there, folks, trust me ;-) After reading this fic, I doubt you'll look at finger painting (or colors) in quite the same way again. Hurry up and go read, make sure to leave her some love (and beg for more, if  you love this as much as I do ;-) )
We hope you enjoyed these stories, and remembered to grab a towel or two. Now, as I promised at the top, some more about the storms and aftermath of them. As you're likely aware (at least if you live in the continental US), Tennessee and Kentucky were hit pretty bad by a storm week before last. Tennessee was especially hard hit, Nashville suffering a big loss with the Opry being flooded. There's a lot more to it, of course; lives lost, people misplaced - I could go on and on, but I'm sure you get the idea. 

Some lovely ladies have gotten together and organized something similar to what we all did for Haiti, called FicsforNash. There are several authors who are offering up various works (original fic, fanfic, what have you). How can you get a hold of these stories? By donating to any of the charities suggested on the sight, and sending your receipts to FicsforNash. You can read all the details on the community page that's been set up for it. 

Another charity driven event is happening now, too, set up by our very own DefinatelyStaying. This ebook benefit is for charities such as the Matthew Sheppard Foundation, The Rainbow World Fund and a few others. All the authors participating (for a partial list of those involved, check the site) have written original stories just for you, they are all slash and PG-13-ish. As with the other benefit, if you want to get your hands on the ebook, you just have to donate to any of the suggested charities, and send in your receipt. For more information, please check out the blog

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