Monday, May 10, 2010

Slash Guest Author Rec - OCDJen

Hi all!

So happy to have my turn to recommend some great little fics, though I have had a job and a half going through them all. :)

There have been some of my faves already recommended on here and pimped to death, that I thought I would pimp out two little, golden, unknown fics and Authors.

My first is: Scares and Nightmares by Ealasaid77!

When Amy first told me about this fic, I got very excited, very fast. If any of you read my stuff you know I have a thing for the more heart breaking, more angsty fics. I really do get all happy when things start to go wrong. :)

This fic is not for the faint hearted. It deals with some real life experiences and how sick and twisted this world can really be. Having said that, there is also a strong message of hope and that things can and will get better.

Here's a snipet.

"Fine, except I didn't want to be here today, now did I?" I asked him bitingly. He raised an eyebrow at me.

"Okay Jasper, you didn't want to be here. Are you feeling any pain at all today?" He asked me.
"Only my arms, they feel like they are on fire. It's not like I can't deal with the pain though." I said. I'd lived through much, much worse.

"Jasper, I need to take a look at your wounds, if that's okay?" He asked me and I nodded. What did it matter now anyway? I was sure once I got out of here I'd do the same thing, only succeeding that time.

The doctor pulled the sheets back and pushed up the hospital gown looking at the old and fresh scars on my thighs. Tracing them his jaw clenched tight in anger. I'd seen that look, but where? "Do I know you?" I asked him.

Shaking his head no he said "No, I don't think so." Then he looked as though he was debating something berfore he leaned down and whispered in my ear "But I think I know what you're going through."

He unwrapped my arms and took a look at the long gashes I'd left there. They'd be ugly things for sure, but as I didn't plan on living much longer it didn't matter. I knew I had stitches where the deeper gashes were so he didn't cover them back up instead letting them heal with the air over them.

Then the doctor pressed against my belly feeling all around. I assumed he was seeing by hand if I'd done too much damage to my liver. I guess what he saw so far was a relief to him, but he told me he wanted to order more tests to make sure. I wanted to tell him not to bother, it wouldn't make any difference. I chose to keep my mouth shut as long as possible knowing they'd never let me out if they thought I would go back and do that again immediately.

My second fic is: Two Different Worlds by dtav

I adore this fic! There aren't enough good Vamp/Human fics, and this popped into my inbox to preread, I fell in love with it right away.

Here's a snipet:

He laughed, and what a beautiful laugh he had. "Yes, I survived. Although why I wanted to come back to high school, I'll never know. I didn't enjoy it much the first time around." He smiled at Emmett as he finished speaking and then I saw him throw a glance my way. I could see that Emmett was having a hard time with this.

Since Emmett certainly wasn't going to introduce me of his own accord, I had to take the bull by the horns. "Emmett, aren't you going to introduce me?" I said. I took a good look at him, drinking in the sight of his pale skin, and his eyes. His hair was a bronze color and sticking every which way as if he just rolled out of bed. His scent was getting stronger, and I could hear his heart beating in his chest.

"Oh, uh, sure, I guess." Emmett stammered. Gesturing to me, he said, "Jasper, this is my chemistry teacher, Mr. Cullen. Mr. Cullen, this is my cousin, Jasper."

I leaned forward and grabbed his hand. ""It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Cullen." I said.
"It's nice to meet you, Jasper. Please, call me Edward." He replied. "Nice car." He added, looking over at my car.

"You like it?" I was surprised.

"I love it. I do. They are very hard to find and restore. Did you do it yourself?"

"I most certainly did. It took me forever to find all the right parts, but it's perfect now. Maybe I could take you for a ride sometime?" I could see it now, him riding me in the backseat of my car. Oh yes, I promised myself, that was going to happen.

"That would be nice. Then, maybe after that, I could take you for a ride in mine?" He said smiling at me.

"Yours?" I asked. What was he talking about?

"Yes, mine." He said. "I happen to have a 1971 Pontiac GTO in black."

No fucking way!!! "You're kidding me, right?" I asked.

"I kid you not. If you just wait here a minute, I'll get it." He headed over to the parking lot. The minute he left, Emmett was on me. He obviously didn't like the fact that I was getting all chummy with his teacher. Before I had a chance to tell him it was none of his business, Edward pulled up.

So there you have it. Run, don't walk and read these two awesome little fics!
Jen xoxo

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