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Tuesday's Best 3-8-2011

Good morning, everyone! Hope you're doing well (and playing nice with each other, because really, nice and/or naughty are the only way to go ;-)). Life sometimes relishes in throwing a wrench in the best laid plans, and so it is this week. Our beloved Captain Jezebel sends her apologies (and many hugs and kisses to y'all. Or maybe just to me, but I'm happy to share ;-)), but she got called away by Real Life duties this week, so I'll be filling in for her.

Aradi is with me today, though, so let's see what kind of mischief the two of us have got in store for you today ;-) Oh, and there's a special little extra at the bottom, as well ;-)


I'm always grateful for the generosity of the writers in this fandom.  Not only do they write stories for us to enjoy, but they write even more things as gifts to each other (and in contests and in fundraisers) and they graciously share them with us!

It's like getting a piece of everyone's birthday, not just your own.

(It could only be better if there was cake involved.)

OnTheTurningAway wrote Imperfect Timing for Ahizelm's birthday.  It's a story made of 30 drabbles (and you know how I feel about drabbles).

It's also Jasper & Peter, and you know how I feel about non-E/J pairings.

(You also know how I feel about E/J pairings, but that's a story for another day.)

The first week at the shop was incredibly busy and Jasper had (mostly) gotten over being awestruck in Peter's presence. Peter had asserted that if good coffee was properly prepared, no additions were needed. Jasper readily agreed and a friendship was born.

Jasper spent breaks in the café, poring over travel books, scribbling in his journal and sneaking looks at Peter. They'd shared several sexually charged glances but never spoke of their obvious mutual attraction.

Jasper genuinely liked Peter. If the timing had been different, he would have made a move, but he was focused on saving money for Italy.

The timing is indeed imperfect.  Jasper is earning as much money as he can for a semester abroad when he meets Peter at his new job.  There's a friendship and an attraction, but Jasper doesn't want things to go any further since he's about to leave the country.

On top of that, Jasper starts getting mysterious messages.

You are beautiful. I want to know you.


I loved this story because Jasper is a sincere and well-meaning guy, who is just screwed by circumstance.  Also, the notes are disgustingly flirty and romantic and made me completely jealous.  

Will Jasper give Peter a chance and quit cockblocking himself?  Will Jasper still go to Italy?  Will Jasper figure out who is leaving him the anonymous notes?

(Will there be birthday cake?)

Read Imperfect Timing and find out!  
As most people probably know by now, I’m not that much of a sports person. I don’t play them, and have little interest in them (barring an exception or two *clears throat*). However, being surrounded by football-lovers does tend to rub off a little over time. Between a husband who loves the game, and a co-writer who’s a die-hard Falcons fan... well, I’ve had to learn to enjoy it. At least a little.

Here’s where ICMezzo’s brilliance comes in handy. She wrote Score! in honor of SorceressCirce’s birthday a while back, and boy oh boy does it help to get a new appreciation for the game ;-) Pun may or may not be intended - you’ll have to read for yourself to figure that out, hehe.

Anyway! ICMezzo and SorceressCirce’s shared love of the game prompted this story into existence, for which I’m very grateful. ICMezzo brings Jasper and Edward alive in a way I don’t think I’ve ever really come across - and I love it. Oh, and let’s not forget Emmett (and Rose), of course ;-)

Emmett and Jasper are out together watching the game. They’re having a good time, even though for a while there things don’t look to be going so well for their team. Emmett doesn’t let the fact that Rosalie roots for the other team distract from his flirting with her.

Since Emmett got them into the game, Jasper’s paying for all their refreshments - fair deal, right? During a break (see, not a sports person, so no technical terms here), Jasper tries to get them beers when he runs into Edward. Literally. Jasper ends up with beer all over him, and Edward insists on getting him new ones, so who can blame Jasper for doing a little snooping of the crowds once they’re back in their seats?

It was only natural to scan the crowd between plays. And really, was it my fault that my eyes were trained to pick out Falcon's red in a sea of black and silver Saints paraphernalia? Thanks to the binoculars I recognized plenty of Matt Ryan jerseys, enjoyed some creative face painting, read a few signs, and... spotted another pair of binoculars framed by messy bronze hair and a red #88 jersey—aimed directly at me from two sections away.

Edward. It was Edward. And then Edward gave a shy wave in my direction.

I smiled and waved back.

"Hey! Who 'dat?" Emmett joked, punching me in the arm, before stealing the binoculars and training them back in Edward's direction.

"Emmett! No, stop, please," I begged, and futilely tried to grab them back.

I saw the tiny spec of Edward quickly pull his own pair away from his nose and turn back to face the field.

"Shit," I muttered under my breath.

Emmett shrugged and handed them back to me after a few agonizing seconds. "Nice," he commented. "#88. He's a fan of tight ends."

*chuckles* Leave it to the big guy. Read for yourself to see what happens after this, and to find out just how big of a fan our Edward really is ;-)
Now for something a little out of the ordinary. Conversed came to me the other day, with a story she wanted me to look at. I enjoyed it, so asked her to write a little something for it, and luckily, she obliged (Thanks, bb!). With everything going on of late within the fandom (and let's face it, outside of it, too), I thought it prudent to have a little reminder on what fanfic's supposed to be - for authors as well as readers: fun. 
If a little crack-fic can't do that, then I don't know what will ;-)

Here's what Conversed has to share:

Outside the Bubble.

I first found this story before Christmas and thought it might be one to watch.  As the chapters have mounted, I’ve lurched from snorting with laughter to shaking my head, and I blame OvertlyConcealed for that.

Her Edward has issues.

I might be understating it a little.

Her Edward has ISSUES.

He’s insular, insecure and utterly socially inept. To be honest he doesn’t have a lot going for him apart from the fact that he’s gorgeous, and Edward, and sweet, and Edward, and lovable, and Edward.

He’s so self aware that it’s painful;

I may have an irrational fear of sea creatures

His real issue is that he’s hopelessly in love with Jasper, but truly believes he has no hope of getting his man. In a display of typical avoidance he hides from his feelings;

“However, "Operation Don't-talk-to-Jasper" didn't really work out for me when every day for the last month – no matter what I did, no matter what time I left – we always ended up together on the elevator at the end of the day

That’s because Jasper has a crush on you, fool.

“Of course, I will start out small. Maybe say a 'good bye' or a 'see you later,' nothing fancy, just a nice little baby step

Just talk to him, fool.

I swallowed hard. This was it, time to man up.
"Good you later, Mr. Whitlock!"
My body tensed and I saw Jasper stop mid step.
Did I just say, "Good you later?


The story is just heating up; there’s been rocking in the corner, fears about his administrative assistant giving birth in his office, rocking in the corner, reminiscing about Riley’s tongue down his throat….wait, did I mention Riley?

"Oh, sorry about that," Riley said as he tried to adjust the cart to fit into the elevator properly. "It's just that my thing is so big, sometimes it can get a little hard to maneuver in such a small place."

Jasper hates Riley, Riley wants Edward, Edward wants Jasper.


Jump in and get reading.  OvertlyConcealed has just taken on the lovely sapphirescribe and cocoalvin as betas to whip her chapters into shape.  It’s already quirky and funny and a leetle bit crack-ficy, and that’s exactly what I like.

Because I’m a fool, too.


There you have it, folks. A couple of lovely stories to sink your teeth into. Be sure to leave these wonderful ladies some love, and check back next week to see what Stolenxsanity and I have in store for you.  
In the mean time, let's all remember to try to let the fandom be the fun refuge/play area it's supposed to be. After all, we're all adults here, right? Right? (y'all better be, or else shame on you for reading this here blog. Go sit in the corner and wait 'til your Mama tells you you can join in on the fun. Hmm, wait a minute...) 

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