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Tuesday's Best 12-28-2010

Good morning, my lovelies! I trust y'all have made it through the holidays with (most of) your sanity intact? No? Hmm, well let's see if the good Captain and I can help you find a moment just for yourself, enjoying some fuckawesome slash as we're wont to do every Tuesday. So grab some towels, and some Kleenex, and let's get started, shall we?


*kisses for my slashies from the Cap’n*   Hello my darlings, glad to be back this week with some more yum yums for ya. Anyone that read my gift to Naelany for her bday this year will know that I am a fan of some Paul/Emmett loving. So when I came across The City by artbeatsandlife I was quite delighted, add to this that it’s set in my hometown NYC and it features the subway prominently and I am in heaven. Seriously I am going to geek out and say she wrote it specifically for me, even though that is not the case.

Emmett is a successful designer in a bit of a slump has his world shook up when he spies beauty; in the form of a bruised, tatted up, leather wearing sex god , on the subway. After their brief encounter in which their gazes literally lock into one another, Emmett is left with this longing when his sexy stranger leaves abruptly breaking the spell. Imagine his surprise when a week later the star of his fantasies walks in to his favorite hangout and immediately steals Em’s attention from the boy that his friends were trying to set him up with.

‘Sexy’ as Em named him, turns out to be Paul; a smart beautiful man that moved to NYC from Washington state. Paul is a boxer, and all the thoughts that come with that begin to excite Em in ways he never thought possible. Their connection is undeniable and the author writes them in such a way that you feel the heat between them as you read.

I smiled, and he rested his palms on either side of the counter, trapping me. "Yes? Can I help you?"

That dazzling smile broke, and I was done. He wet his lips, glancing to mine hungrily, leaning closer until they were pressed softly against mine.

It was like magic.

He kissed me like he knew me, like he knew my body, and I was his. His lips were so soft and so warm. Actually, his whole body was warm, hot really, and I briefly worried that he may be getting a cold, or the flu or something. That thought was just a fleeting one, though, because he sucked me into what his lips were doing to mine. His tongue slid across mine, tentatively, asking me if it was okay, and I stepped closer to him, wrapping my arms around his neck, pulling him to me.

His kiss was insane. It was addictive. Everything about him was.

Instantly, I felt his hardness pressed against mine, felt him softly grinding against me, felt him nipping at my bottom lip, and I knew I needed to stop this before we got too carried away.

*drools and falls off chair* Oops! *wipes mouth and gets back into chair looking embarrassed* Yes these boys are quite the delicious pair I tell you. And the sexy tone between them only gets better from here, and quite a bit before this excerpt as well.  This is the authors first time writing slash, and I have to say it didn’t show much at all. She did a kick ass job, and I know this slash lover thoroughly enjoyed it. Please give it a read, I mean what is not to like? Sweaty, sexy, inked up, Paul with rock hard abs; in silk boxing trunks. Hot, sweet, inked, pierced, and intelligent Emmett , just looking for a good man. Sexy boy lovin....It’s all here. Leave her some love if you decide to give it a read.


Okay, folks. I’m giving you fair warning. Bring out a box of Kleenex before you settle down for this read. Ealasaid77 has written something beautiful, that despite its brevity will bring you to tears. I know it did me. In Goodbye, My Angel, you see Edward as he lays his husband to rest. You get to hear about how they met, and lived. Feel the bond that they shared.

Short as the story is, it is no less powerful for it. There isn’t much I can tell you about it, due to the length of it, because then I’d give too much away. I will encourage you to read for yourself, as it touches upon things you or I might take for granted. It certainly does make you think.

And cry.

Definitely cry.

Their first meeting, however, will make you smile, so I will give you that much. There’s more though, so be sure to check it out, and leave Ealasaid77 some love. And maybe a hug or two.

My angel's eyes spotted me watching him in stunned awe. He came closer to me and I shook, not knowing what to say or do, afraid I'd fuck it up. I couldn't figure out why it would matter, I didn't plan to give myself to anyone ever again, in any capacity.

As he stepped up to about a foot in front of me, he tilted his head and waited for me to say something. All the while with that brilliant smile. The only thing I managed to stumble out was, "My angel." I wasn't even sure he heard it, until his smile became impossibly wider.

"I'm no angel, beautiful," he denied


 There you have it, folks. Be sure to leave these two wonderful authors some well-deserved love, and check back next week to see what Aradi and Stolenxsanity have in store for you then.

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Julia Dawn said...

I just read Goodbye, My Angel and I cried so much! It was utterly amazing. Thanks so much for showing it to us