Wednesday, December 29, 2010

When Fiction Comes To Life

2010 recap and update!

In 2010 Twislash Unveiled introduced a new segment where we discussed real world crossovers with slash fan fiction readers. We learned that all of the authors were bringing to light real world issues and concerns as experienced through the fictional characters, and that by doing so, they were changing hearts and changing minds, for the better.

We saw that gay bashing is very real and still occurs in this day and age.  However, there are also organizations like The Matthew Shepard Foundation that battle the atrocities.

We realized that there is real life pain being caused by Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

We found out that there is more to Gay Pride than just parades (but those are fun too)

We learned that Marriage Equality is really about human dignity and human rights.

We discovered that areas outside of fan fiction are recognizing that the impacts that slash writers are having on the real world.  

We discussed what real family values were.

We saw instruction on how to be a real Straight Ally.

We faced a real tragedy caused by all the homophobic nonsense and bullying and learned how to help and how to support organizations that helped.

And last but not least, we learned that sexuality is not always black and white, but many shades of grey.

I am very pleased to announce that there have been two very significant and very positive breakthroughs on two of our topics.

First, my home state of Illinois voted to legalize Civil Unions!!! And while I am the first to say that separate is not equal, this is still a huge step forward.  Much like in Washington State, the law actually specifies that Civil Unions will have the exact same rights and everything as marriage, and is open to everyone.  This does pave the way for full equality some day.  Please enjoy a very good speech by a state senator:

It’s just fairness ya’ll that’s all.

(Pat Quinn that he mentions is the Governor of Illinois and he promised Civil Unions)

And for the big news!!!

After many had given it up for impossible, Our Congress passed and our President signed into law the bill that will repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell!!!  I actually cried – how did you react?

I think President Obama says it best:
(I recommend viewing the whole video, some very good lessons and some very good points)

That was it for 2010.  What articles did you like?  Did you learn anything new?

What kind of topics do you think should be discussed in 2011?  

Please comment.


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