Monday, January 31, 2011

Slash Guest Author Rec - annanabanana

I’m not sure why I qualify for this honor, but I’m happy to offer up some of the things that I’ve been obsessing over.  I honestly don’t start a lot of multi-chapter fics unless they come with a very reliable recommendation and I’m in that sort of mood.  So it’s likely that anything complete I’ve loved is something you’ve all read first!

I go through phases where I only read slash and then I flip back to mostly E/B stuff.  Right now the story I have on alert that I will read in line at the bank if it happens to update at that moment is:

We Were Here  by lola-pops

Summary: Upon waking, there's a brief, blissful period in which you don't yet recall the sins of the night before, but eventually, you have to open your eyes. I'm Bella Swan, seventeen years old, cheerleader. This morning I woke up in the wrong bed.

Here’s the deal: I don’t read High School fic.

Okay, that’s a blatant lie.  Actually, I read them but I rarely fall in love with them, or even understand why I continue to read.  With this story lola-pops has transcended that Mean Girls mates with a WB drama and spawns a story where the characters are going on 35 years old and live like overindulged trust fund twits stereotype I often encounter in Twi High School fic.  Yet at the same time she captures the atmosphere accurately--no cookie-cutter shapes--just real, well-rounded characters and a genuine experience.

Oh, and anything she writes is there’d-be-a-fire-in-my-pants-if they-weren’t-already-so-damp hot.  Also, it’s B/E and I dare you not to fall in lust with her Edward.

Dare. You.

Another story I’m loving (and waiting patiently for) is:

Conjunction  by fngrcufs

Summary: There was love. New love, old love, perfect love, imperfect love, too much love, not enough love, lost love. A love story that didn't end but couldn't last. F/F/M poly. Mature themes. AH. OOC.

Here’s the deal: I like threesomes... I mean *cough* conceptually, of course, however I rarely read a threesome that I truly enjoy--especially if it’s a story that isn’t just about the smut.  For that reason I don’t read many.  

This story is an exception.  It is beautifully told, well balanced between the characters, and my heart is as invested as my ladybits.

I’m not going to tell you who is in the pairing--it’s part of the mystery.  Read the prologue and you’ll see what I mean.  You also won’t be able to stop reading because you will have to know how it all fits together, and then you might just go tell the author how much you’d like to read more yesterday.  

Now a few other things I’m perusing and looking forward to:

For the Love of Women: A Twilight Femmeslash O/S Contest : I’ve read some of the entries already posted and am looking forward to MORE, even though my glasses are a bit steamy. Scamper over and enjoy the ladies.

Fandom Gives Back Fundraiser Spotlight: April Is Autism Awareness Month : This is a compilation fundraiser for Autism and I’m super excited about the authors who have signed up to participate.  I can’t wait to receive this monster pdf so I can load it onto my Kindle and take it with me everywhere I go.  Have smut, will travel!  (I’m also trying to get my act together to write a follow up for my E/J slash oneshot for this great and important cause.)

Finally, I must admit to something dark and nefarious...

I’m still reading quite a bit of slash featuring the boys... just not the Twi boys.

My name is Anna, and I’m a Harry/Draco addict.

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