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Slash Guest Author Rec - mrsyt31

Okay, so I have to admit, when Naelany asked me to do this...well, I might have panicked a little at first. Admittedly, I’ve been happily lost in Jewnicorn/TSN RPF for weeks now. If you have no idea what that is, well, look back to ArcadianMaggie’s guest rec from a few weeks back. I could go on and on about my love for that fandom, but I won’t. Instead, I’d like to focus on what keeps pulling me back in to the TwiFandom.

So I will admit, somewhat shamefully, that I really only read slash. I can’t help it, boy/girl pairings just haven’t been able to draw my attention for awhile, and there is SO MUCH GOOD SLASH in this fandom that, really? Why would I want to read anything else? And, while I still enjoy all the full length WIP’s that I’ve been following for months (and sometimes more than a year or two), what I’m really loving right now is the uprising of the drabble fic.

As a sometime writer, I find that drabbles can be a good distraction. They help me to keep writing, even when my muse is not cooperating. They also let me visit a different storyline for a short time, with no long term commitment and no need to fully flesh out a plot.That being said, I love the way that some slash authors have taken drabble writing to a new level, complete with angst, drama, and completely outlined plot points!

The one story that is KILLING ME with the love right now is Eye Candy  by Whitlock-Masen. This story features Jasper as the owner of a candy company and the primary ‘candyman’, and Edward is hired as a summer intern, working for him. Their attraction is immediate, even though Jasper is hesitant to get wrapped up in a summer fling.

His eyes are trained on mine. I find I'm the one that has to look away.

I sigh, running my fingers through my hair as I study the label of the bottle in my hands. My voice is low, uncertainty ringing clear as I speak.

"I can't be someone's summer trophy again, Edward."

Looking up, I see him watching me, his brow furrowed.

"I won't be another notch on a bedpost."

Lately, these ladies have been cranking up the romance (and angst!) and I am absolutely in love with it! One recent entry found Jasper finally admitting his feelings to Edward and relinquishing the control he has held onto for so long.

We barely make it through my door before I push him against the wall. The sheer need I feel for him takes my breath away – or perhaps it's just the way he kisses me without relenting.

Seeing Edward react the way he did reinforced his words for me.

Odin mysteriously leaves us alone, as if knowing we need this moment. Taking advantage of the fact that we're alone, I make quick work of his pants.

As soon as his jeans are down his thighs, I drop to my knees and take him deep in my mouth.

He gasps.

"Fuck! Jasper!"

Stumbling and pulling, we make it to my bedroom. I hear Odin's collar jingle as his paws hit the floor, but I pay no attention, focused on the nearly nude man in front of me.

Edward breaks our kiss to strip me of the last of my clothes, while I do the same for him. Finally, we pause, our eyes feasting before finding each other again.

I know what I want.

"Edward," I murmur, kissing him gently as I thrill at the way his name tastes on my lips. "Make love to me…"

He pauses, pulling away. "Are you sure?"

This began posting on January 1st, and is supposed to post one drabble a day for the entire year. I, for one, can NOT wait to see what happens with these boys!

Another drabble fic that I am absolutely IN LOVE with, is Imperfect Timing ,by OnTheTurningAway  , and the follow-up one-shot, Just Say Yes  .

In Imperfect Timing, we meet Jasper, a college student who has just been accepted to study in Italy for a semester. He picks up a job in a local bookstore to earn some extra money, and there comes to be friends with Peter. It appears Jasper also has a secret admirer, who has taken to leaving post-it notes for him in a variety of places. Who could his admirer be? Jasper isn’t sure, but he really hopes it’s his new friend.

The Post-It notes kept coming, always affixed in places where Jasper was sure to find them. 

The variation in colors seemed to set the tone for each one.

Hot pink said: I love your mouth.

Soft purple whispered: Your mind turns me on.

Orange teased: Rumpled looks good on you.

Bright blue growled: Hearing you laugh makes me hard.

The notes were intimate and Jasper wasn't sure what to think of them, but he kept them all.

He knew if circumstances were different, he would've wanted Peter to come forward as the author of the notes, despite his previous denial.

I don’t want to give too much away, so if you want to know who the secret admirer is, well, you’ll have to read it yourself! It’s beautifully written, with enough angst and romance woven throughout to keep you coming back for more. So when you make it through all 3000 words in this fic, check out Just Say Yes to find out what happens when Jasper gets to Italy!

One more drabble series that had me begging for more is partially a collaboration. There are three fics in the ‘series’; Age Gaps, Interns , and Lip Reading. The first and third parts were written by Conversed, and the second part is a collaboration between Conversed and Lou-la, who are writing under the penname slash hashtag.

Age gaps starts with Carlisle, who is feeling down and lonely, and develops an online friendship with a younger man named Riley. The summary says it all;

Online, Carlisle and Riley are impossibly perfect for each other, but offline, one minor detail could make their perfect relationship impossible.

As the reader, we get to watch this friendship grow and change. Carlisle seems to know that Riley is much younger than him, but his suspicion appears to be confirmed when he discovers that his new friend knows two of the young interns working in his office.

We have some new interns at the office. They annoy and amuse me equally.

I jot down some of their comments that I think will make Riley LOL.

Later he tells me how to do that on my iPhone, amused that I don't know how to access all the features.

I gently mock the interns, although I enjoy their company and perpetual drama. They are young and so idealistic, especially Jasper and Edward.

Riley doesn't answer for a while and I wonder where he is - 9pm to midnight is our regular time to talk.

"Jasper Whitlock and Edward Masen?"
I had half-guessed that Riley was younger than me.

Initially, I used to tease him, calling him my secret socialist whenever he ranted about healthcare reform.

Now, I recognize the naivety of youth. The indignation he expressed on our political forum came from intrinsic hopefulness, rather than left wing agendas.

I feel stupid.

How many mornings have I woken at the ass-crack of dawn, looking forward to his yawn-filled "Morning babe," and verbal snuggling?

How many evenings have I gone to sleep half-hard after some particularly suggestive conversation?

I think about the interns – his peer group?

Riley's pings go unanswered.

Now, I could give a snippet from each of the other fics in this series, but why ruin it for you? All three of these stories are complete and ready for your reading pleasure. I heard a rumor that Conversed may continuing this series, so if you haven’t read it already, give it a shot!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to my Jewnicorns....

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