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Tuesday's Best 4-5-2011

Good morning, my lovelies! I hope today finds you well, healthy, and happy! The good Captain and Stolenxsanity have found you two wonderful slashy stories that I'm sure you'll enjoy (I know I did!). So bring some towels, a fresh pair of panties, and let's go have a look, shall we?


Hello my lovelies. Captain Jezebel here, with another slashtastic story for ya. While searching for something to rec this week I realized I wanted to find something different from what I usually rec, so when I saw E/? as the pairing in this story I decided to give it a try because I love almost everything this author puts out.

I’m talking about A Whisper of Silk by rmhale. This is a sexy and mysterious little tale of a very career and goal oriented Edward, who doesn’t seem to have time for dating. In fact there are many women in his office that he has turned away when they approached him about a date. He works hard, and often stays late at the office with his eyes firmly fixed on the prize of a promotion.

When Edward receives an anonymous envelope on his desk a week before Valentine’s day, asking him to meet up for a mysterious sexy rendezvous he is quite intrigued with the idea of letting go and handing the control over to someone else; as the invitation suggests.

By the following Monday Edward compiled a list of lovely ladies in the office who could be his admirer, rubbed himself raw from the desirous thoughts the letter brings, and made the decision to let loose and take the jump into the unknown.

What will this Valentine’s evening hold in store for him when he places the requested blindfold over his eyes and takes an unknown hand guiding him into a hotel room for a night of promised passion?

'It's now or never,' he told himself, pulling the black strip of silk from his pants.

His fingers were trembling when he stood in front of the door, and he slid his glasses into his pocket. It took him three tries to get the material tied over his eyes. Edward's hands were clammy as the full impact of what he was about to do hit him. Before he could turn and run in the other direction, he heard the door open and a warm hand took his and led him inside.

When the lock clicked, Edward's stomach dropped to the floor. Warm breath ghosted over his neck as the person stood close behind him. Goosebumps broke out all over his body. Edward felt the light touch of lips on his neck and his cock slowly came to life. With every soft kiss up his jaw, more blood pooled in his groin. Her mouth opened and nipped his earlobe, the only sound in the room was Edward's harsh breathing and the moan that escaped him at the feel of teeth on his skin.

She was tall, tall enough to reach his face.

"You came," a soft voice whispered in his ear. The lips that had just been on his ear were tracking their way to his mouth. One gentle touch of his secret admirer's tongue to the corner of Edward's mouth and they were both lost.

Hands encircled his wrists, pressing them against the door, as Edward's mouth opened wide to slide his tongue into the wet heat of the intimate stranger's. Their mouths moved together, dancing back and forth, tasting, touching and Edward was desperate to push his hips into her's. His cock was straining against the front of his pants and he needed some relief. As if sensing this, a hand was pushed against his abdomen, keeping him in place.

Their tongues circled and teased and Edward had never tasted someone so deeply. It was overwhelming and he was stunned to kiss and be kissed so thoroughly. Not one to have enjoyed kissing much in the past, he knew he could kiss that mouth many times and never get tired of it. The taste was intoxicating and their movements were so in sync, it was as if his mouth had been made to kiss this passionately.

Finally, he was freed from the onslaught and both of them were breathing harshly. Then Edward felt warm breath at his ear again.

"Need you," was whispered softly and Edward swallowed once before responding.

What did Edward say back to his stranger? Who is this mysterious admirer? What does fate hold for them? ….well I am not going to tell you, you’re going to have to read it and find out yourself.

I enjoyed this so much...I mean helllllooo it’s Robyn’s FF. LOL But not only that I absolutely love the way she wrote this one with the mystery and explosive reveal and the sweet....wait a minute, you’re trying to get more info out of me aren’t you? Just read it damn it! And when you do send the author some love.

A new week brings with it a new rec for you all to feast your lovely eyes upon. This week’s rec comes to you in the form of a wonderful little - err, not so little considering the length but just go with it - Jasper/Edward fic titled Designs, Desires and Disasters by the ever so lovely bmango. Suffice it to say that, despite Edward’s slightly antagonistic attitude, I was pretty much smitten with him from the get go. It’s a damn shame that he bats for the other team because … well, I’ll just leave it at that and let you come to your own conclusion on how that sentence would have, should have, could have ended.

So, on with the rec because the story is a hundred-thousand times better than my nonsensical ramblings. It’s late, I’m tired, sick and writing this from my phone (there’s an app for everything if you look hard enough!), so bear with me. Please? I’d really appreciate it. Let me begin at the beginning.

"Before you all go, I have just one more thing to add, although I know it's not on the agenda," Esme announces at the end of our Monday morning staff meeting.

I refrain from rolling my eyes as she almost always has unannounced items to add, but it's her company, and therefore her meeting and her staff. She always sounds so apologetic, but no one's going to complain.

"We've recently had the pleasure of acquiring one of the up-and-coming new designers, a real prodigy in his field, I think. He will be starting on Wednesday and will be placed in Jasper's team to learn the ropes and get his feet wet. I expect you all to be welcoming, and I will personally be conducting his tour and introductions when he arrives." She stares at each of us around the table, and I watch my coworkers none-too-subtly close their mouths and try to hide their surprised faces.

"Sounds great, Esme. I can't wait to meet him," I jump in because everyone else seems too chicken shit to say anything.

She smiles at me and nods once before closing her notebook and leaving the room to the still-stunned silence of the rest of the designers. As soon as she steps out the door, the whispers and speculation begin. Who is this new designer? Why does he get a tour from Esme? Why is he so special?

Personally, I've always hated office politics and don't care who this new guy is or why he's special as long as he's good and doesn't interfere with my team. That's not the entire truth. If he's as good as Esme says, then I expect him to do more than not interfere - he better be fucking brilliant.

The next two days pass as they always do, in a blur of work and not enough time at home to do much more than eat, read a little and sleep. My team has a large presentation to a major client the next Monday, and we are spending long hours putting the final touches on our sketches and models. Wednesday morning finds me at my desk, inhaling my second or third cup of coffee when there's a soft knock on the door. I barely have time to say 'enter' before Esme strides briskly into my office with a tall, well-dressed man following in her wake.

As she approaches, I stand as a gentleman should, but then I immediately wish I had stayed seated as my breath catches and my knees go slightly weak when I finally get a good look at the new hire.

He is staggeringly beautiful.

His red-bronze hair in careful disarray, his vibrant green eyes, his perfect pouty mouth and his long, lean frame are all straight from my fantasies. It takes a moment for me to recover and offer my hand to him, and I hope that my pause went unnoticed. By the slight rise in his eyebrow, it probably did not, but Esme seems too wrapped up in her introduction to have seen my stumble. He takes my hand as she introduces him as Edward Masen, newest asset to Esme Cullen Design, Inc. The warmth of his skin and the firmness of his handshake do nothing but solidify him in my mind as the perfect specimen of a man.

A well dressed man in a suit has always, always, been very appealing to me. There’s just something about it that I can’t quite put my finger on. That man being Edward, though - or at least the Edward I picture in my head who is only sometimes Rob? Sheer. Fucking. Perfection. Apparently, Jasper agrees with me and that’s really all the affirmation that I need.

New hire. Edward Masen. Sexy as all get out. Or, rather, the perfect specimen of a man, as Jasper so eloquently put it. Check. Check. Check. And yes, please!

For the rest of the day, I catch passing glimpses of Edward's riotous hair or the edge of his black jacket but don't actually interact with him again until the afternoon when he waltzes into my team meeting ten minutes late. Everyone turns to look at him when he enters, stares and whispers following behind him. He unapologetically takes the seat at the table adjacent to mine, completely ruining my rhythm and breaking my concentration.

So, Mr New Office doesn't think he has to have manners, does he?

I stifle a growl as I actually have to consult my notes to remember where I had been in the review before his interruption. After a short pause, I resume talking about the new design for the massive walk-in closet in the master suite when Edward raises his hand, his confident gaze not faltering as I give him my best glare.

"Yes, Edward," I huff, trying to control my rapidly rising irritation with this man, but he seems to know all of my buttons to push and in precisely the right order.

"I seem to have missed the beginning of the meeting," he states calmly, his clear eyes still boring into mine. "Would you mind recapping what I missed?"

There are quite a few unchecked gasps around the table as my team definitely understands how I feel about tardiness and not being prepared. I know this is Edward's first day, but Esme knows I run a tight crew and that is the reason why we always function without mistake or reproach. Nonetheless, I bite back my sarcastic reply and give him a little slack on his first day.

"I had assumed Esme had filled you in on this project," I start, not wanting to be an ass, but honestly he should have had a heads up if she had wanted him on my team with our presentation deadline so close.

"Oh yes. She sent me all the details last week, and I have reviewed them extensively," he responds, his smile never faltering. "I'm just wondering what you had said so far in this meeting."

I don’t know why it is, but the cockiness and the antagonistic-ness (it’s a word in my dictionary!) demonstrated above only makes Edward all the more appealing. And as contradicting as it is, a demure and repentant Edward is about a hundred times more attractive, while a no-nonsense Jasper?  Well, let’s just say I wouldn’t kick him out of my bed.

As always, at the end of the meeting, I tell my staff to have a good night, sleep on the ideas and we'll meet back at nine the following morning for a short creative meeting to iron out the remaining ideas.

Edward approaches me as I am gathering my materials to return to my office, and I straighten when he clears his throat beside me.

"Jasper, I can see that we've started on the wrong foot and I want to apologize for arriving late. HR had me filling out forms and I lost track of time," he explains in a soft voice, looking a little nervous as his eyes dart down and back up. "It won't happen again," he adds sincerely.

I nod at him brusquely and quickly continue to organize my notes.

"I think the remodel looks great," he offers and I glance up at him sharply.

"Great? You think this is great?" I ask incredulously, gesturing to my papers. He nods and I snort derisively. "If it was so great, then why did I call this meeting?" I challenge.

Edward physically steps back as his eyes widen and he begins to stammer an apology. This was not the reaction I was hoping for and I immediately feel like a dick. I take a deep breath to calm myself before addressing him again. "I'm sorry, Edward. You don't know me or my methods from anyone and I shouldn't jump on you like that on your first day." I look up at him seeing him staring at me wide-eyed again. "It's nothing personal, I'm just trying to push you. It's my unconventional way of trying to get you to think."

The story continues in much the same vein, with possibly a few twists and turns (I can’t give it all away right now or there’d be no incentive for y’all to read it yourselves), and with quite a bit of UST to whet your lovely little appetites until the very, very lovely climax. Pun most definitely intended. If the above doesn’t convince you to give this story a shot, despite it’s lack of anything hot and heavy, then maybe the following will.

I fumble with his belt and buttons before shoving his trousers to the ground, followed quickly by his boxers. His hard cock springs free, thick and glorious, and I sink to my knees before him, wanting to worship him and show him how much I want him. His breaths are coming in short pants as I look up at him through my eyelashes and grab his hard length in my hand, the silky smooth skin sliding easily in my grip. Slowly, I lick from the base to the tip, swirling my tongue around the head and through the slit and wondering how I ever went this long without tasting him before. His face contorts into one of pure pleasure as he gasps my name, and I part my lips to take him completely into my mouth. I moan as the sweet, musky saltiness of Edward consumes my senses while he mumbles my name in encouragement. I need no further prodding as his fingers tighten in my hair as I take his length down my throat over and over. Too soon, Edward is tugging at me. I look up at him questioningly as I release his cock from my mouth with a slurping noise.

"Come here," he commands softly, the words barely loud enough to reach my ears.

I stand reluctantly, still savoring the taste of him on my tongue when his mouth crashes into mine as if he is trying to devour me. I can feel his hands at my belt, and I gasp when he roughly removes the remainder of my clothing as I toe out of my shoes.

Then we are standing there in his office, inches from each other, both naked and panting. I'm not sure completely why he stopped me, so I wait, needing him to make the first move.

"Jasper, I want you," he whispers, running his fingers along my jaw.

I lean into his touch and stare into his green eyes, trying to convey my earnestness. "I want you, too, Edward."

"Then take me," he replies, leaning back on the desk and pulling me with him until our mouths are touching. "Make me yours," he whispers against my lips.

And so, I leave you with that and a pouty, puppy dog eyes if that’s what it takes to convince you to go on over, read this story, and leave bmango some love!

There you have it, folks, two great stories to sink your teeth in. Be sure to check back next week to see what Aradi and I have in store for you. In the mean time, go ahead and leave some love for these authors (and maybe do some gentle prodding for more of these wonderful boys).


bmango said...

Thank you for the lovely words. I am sure as hell blushing over here. Seriously. <3 -b

KJ said...

I love to read your recs, as I have been led to some amazing stories. I do have a small quibble though, lately I've already been turned on to, or by, the fics that you are recc'ing. Not your fault, I know, but it is a bit disappointing to look for something new and realize we're on the same page. *sigh*

Whitlock's Girl said...

Great minds, KJ. LOL!