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Slash Guest Author Rec - TuesdayMidnight


I like it. On occasion, I write it.

Kink is a broad topic that encompasses all types of fetishes. They can fall anywhere on the scale of perceived sexual deviance. Some fetishes are actually kind of sweet, though I've been known to enjoy reading a few kinks that might make you blush. What I like about kink is that it occurs mixed with fluff, angst, humor, or any combination of the above.

Once upon a time on LiveJournal, there was a Twilight Kink Meme where users anonymously offered a kink (and pairing) they'd like to see in a story. Other users anonymously answered the kink prompts with fics and ficlets. A lot of other fandoms use kink memes, too. The Harry Potter fandom (my first love) has a more formal kink fest in which users submit prompts and other writers claim them.

I've always thought there should be more kink in Twilight fics.

Have you ever wanted to see Emmett with an exhibitionist kink? Or a voyeur Seth who likes to watch the wolf pack getting it on? Or vampire Edward and Jasper who like to engage in a bit of blood play?

If you do some searching you can find a lot of great slashy kink in this fandom, and I am here to share with you a few of my recent favorites.

Walk Away by hidingfromsomeone

Pairing: Edward and Jasper
Summary: Domward and Subsper have come out to play. You can join them if you like things slashy, naughty, kinky and if you're over 18. If not... Walk Away.

The kink in this fic is BDSM, which is one of the first things that comes to my mind when I think of a sexual kink. While this fic is full of deliciously kinky scenes that are guaranteed to make your temperature rise (Chapter 9 is a favorite.), the great thing about this multi-chapter story is that it's about so much more than the playroom. It is told from the point of view of Jasper, who is torn trying to balance his day-to-day life with his need to be dominated. The author does an expert job maneuvering through Jasper's internal struggle after everything changes when the feelings between Edward and Jasper go outside their contractual arrangement. An excerpt from Chapter 2:

"I'm here. If you need to end the session, use your word. There are no repercussions for using your safeword, Jasper. I'll wait right here until you tell me you're ready to continue."

His words reassured me, even though he was repeating what I already knew. I took advantage of the fact my hands were free and ran them over my face, pushing my sweaty hair back then rearranged my body back over the bench, making sure my wrists were in position so they could be attached again without Master having to move me. Then I took deep, clearing breaths and fought my mind away from the situation I was in. I had a mental list of genuinely mundane things I could do in my head while I forced attention away from my cock, and picked the task of wallpapering a room. By the time I had finished mentally hanging the last piece of paper I was ready to keep going.

"Thank you, Master," I said softly, sure now that I wasn't going to fail him.

Pairing: Edward and Jasper
Summary: A series of stories about Edward, Jasper and someone's kink for underwear.

The kink explored in this lovely to-be-continued one-shot is a panty fetish. This is unabashedly a favorite kink of mine, and SarahAH30 is kind of my hero for writing it. Originally written for the Twilight No Stress Love Fest, this fic starts with slightly nerdy college student Edward having a secret admirer around Valentine's Day. As it turns out, fellow student Jasper is the secret admirer, and together they pursue a relationship. The little details included about these boys bring them to life, and the kink fits seamlessly into their story. A little tease:

Twenty minutes later I was ready and I must admit starting to doubt my own sanity. If anyone other than Jasper walked in right now...

"Edward, you here babe?"

Taking a deep breath I answered, "In the bedroom Jazz."

Jasper walked into my room taking in my form lying on the bed in front of him. The roses he was carrying hit the floor along with his jaw. From the stunned expression he was wearing, I knew my plans would come to fruition.

Maybe you are looking for some kinky slash outside of an Edward/Jasper pairing?

Pairing: Carlisle and Edward
Summary: "My beloved is mine, and I am his..." Carlisle and Edward explore passion, love, and boundaries.

This one-shot, an entry for the Carlward Contest on, is a gorgeous, lyrical piece that centers on a serious subject matter. The author warns that this could be objectionable, and I repeat that warning here. It contains the kink of sex in a public place, but the forbidden nature of the act increases because the location is a church. Carlisle is training to be a priest, and he is decidedly hesitant when his partner, Edward, begins to come on to him in the sanctuary. Luckily for both Carlisle and the reader, Edward is very persuasive:

Edward cut me off as his tongue found mine; his hands grasped my hair, and my body responded in kind.

"We're not doing anything wrong. What could be holier than kissing a priest?" he teased.

"I'm not a priest. Yet." I paused to clear my throat. "And I'm pretty sure sticking your tongue in my mouth and—" I gasped as he moved to caress me through my jeans. "—putting your hand there twenty feet from the altar isn't exactly appropriate."

Edward pretended to look surprised as he pulled his palm away. "I must have slipped," he said, adding falsehood to our growing list of transgressions.

Yes, Professor by NanaMun

Pairing: Edward and Jacob
Summary: Edward Cullen is an English professor with a list of unsuccessful blind dates and an aversion to public speaking. His well, orderly life is thrown through a spin, when a student makes a sexual advance.

I admit that I have a bit of a professor-student fetish. There are other great fics with this particular kink (Mini rec: One of my favorites with Carlisle/Edward is Stay by avioleta.), but I stumbled upon this one-shot that uses an unexpected (but one of my favorite) pairings - Edward and Jacob. This is a long one-shot, originally written for Twilight: The Big Bang on LiveJournal. The characters created in this fic are complex and developed, and the connection between Edward and Jacob is absolutely palpable. Even though Edward feels that pursuing a relationship with Jacob is wrong, he can't help begin drawn to him. A taste of one of their first classroom encounters:

For a second, his eyes remained hard and distant and just like a wave resetting the footprints on sand, he was another boy. He had a coy smile on his lips, "Is there anything I can do to fix this problem?" His whole demeanor changed. He leaned his weight on one leg, placing a hand on the desk I was leaning against, "I'm sure we can work something out. Get this paper to a C, perhaps?

I felt a rush from his body being so close. I could feel his heat and it was suffocating, "We can look over your paper when you come in during my office hours." I cracked. I never re-graded papers and I rarely provided extra credit. I didn't know what I was saying, but I knew what his potential was and I didn't want to squander it on a grade, but I needed him to earn it.

And if you like kink and aren't opposed to Harry Potter fic, well, there's a whole world of kinky delights I'd be happy to rec you...

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