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Tuesday's Best 12-20-2011

Gooooood morning, my lovelies! Are y'all ready for Christmas? There's only five days left to get your presents taken care of, your cookies baked, and your halls decorated. Whew, just listing that made me tired, so why don't we go see what Connie and MizzDee have found for you this week?


Hello ladies, Happy Tuesday!

Nae won’t let me lie; I’ve been waiting for two weeks to share with you my excitement over the Twi Kink Fest that is taking place at the moment. Some great authors; slash experts and some new ones are taking part. It shows that we kind of like a bit of Kink with our Slash, I know I do ;)

For today’s recc I’m going to chose one, basically because of the pairing – Emmet & Riley and because there is nothing I like best than boys in lace. Pretty in Pink is one of the few entries the beautiful Fr333bird submitted for the Twi Kink Fest. We have “gay for you” Emmett and all gay out and proud Riley. This one shot is told from Emmet’s POV and is funny, sexy and all sorts of hot.

I guess some dudes would be uncomfortable having Riley as a roommate, but we get along well and I don't have a problem with his sexuality. He's never been shy about the fact that he likes guys as well as girls. He calls himself pansexual, says he doesn't like to limit his options.

He made it pretty plain early on that he thinks I'm hot, but I told him that it was never gonna happen. I was flattered and all, but I like tits and a pussy.

Emmett & Rilley have a bet that includes pink lace.

"How the fuck do chicks manage to put these things on?" He grumbles.

He's half naked, with his back to me. His torso is covered by the pink lacy corset that's obviously causing the trouble. It's hanging off him and he's reaching around trying to do it up and totally failing. My eyes drop lower and stay there. He's wearing matching panties. Pink lace panties. Pink lace panties that cover less than half of his ass cheeks.

Fuck me running.

There is a party going on, some make up added to Riley’s cheeks, some looks here and there between Riley and his roommate building the UST until the text messages that will decide Emmett’s fate.

See something you like?

You're a fucking cock tease Biers, I reply, my stupid, big fingers skidding around on the touch screen in my frustration.

The reply comes back immediately. If you need help with your cock, all you have to do is ask.

But I'm already typing the words. Meet me outside in five minutes.

We get all hot and heavy against a wall and it gets better…

"Riley, stop," I gasp. "I don't want to come yet."

He pulls off with an obscene popping noise; he does this shit on purpose I can tell. "What do you want, Em?" He asks me, looking up through his lashes, his lips wet and shiny with his spit and my pre-cum.

"I want to fuck you," I reply, my voice catching in my throat as my heart pounds faster.

OMG! Yes, that is all you are going to get from me, go and read if you want to find out how did it go for Emmett.

There are over 40 entries on the C2 Twilight Kink Fest Stories and you can find all the prompts here Twi Kink Fest. Hope you give them a chance even if some of them push a bit on your soft limits, I promise it’s all worthy.

As always don’t forget to leave some love for the amazing authors.

Have a great week and I’ll see you all next time.



Hello my loves. Today I get to share a great story with you. Guiding Eyes by Mrs. Agget and Mkmmsm is a great story about finding your way in a suddenly unfamiliar world. Starring my favorite couple, of course, the gorgeous Edward and Jasper. Take this journey with them and see how they navigate their way through a world that only one of them can see.
For high school senior, Edward Cullen, life wasn’t always fun. He wasn’t the popular kid or the cool kid. He was the nerd… the geek with glasses so thick his classmates teased him relentlessly. Unfortunately for Edward, they were a necessary part of life because, by nineteen, Edward was losing his sight. He was told it was something he would have to accept and learn to live with, but he didn’t want to live with it. For him, it was like a death sentence.

The day he woke up with no sight at all, he was absolutely terrified. He wasn’t ready. He didn’t know how to cope. He didn’t know how to live the life he had before. He’d gotten lost in the nightmare. It took some time but Edward finally decided to go get help. He decided to learn to live again.

With his parents help, Edward packed up and headed for the Hale School for the Blind. There, he would receive one-on-one attention from his caregiver / teacher, Jasper, who would teach him how to live a life without eyes. After the introductions were made and Edward’s parents left him in Jasper’s capable hands, it was time for the teaching to begin.

Edward, who was used to being taken care of, didn’t get that kind of attention from Jasper and the two clashed immediately. Edward felt helpless. Jasper knew he wasn’t. He pushed him hard during their lessons and Edward hated him for it.

“Listen up and listen up good. I will not stop pushing you. I will push you and push you until you know this by heart. Hate me, I don't care. This? All of this is being done for your benefit."

"That's it, you just don't care!" Storming past him, I headed into what I thought was the direction of the door.

"And where do you think you are going?"

"Away from you and your fucking games. I don't need your help."

They argued constantly but when the lessons were over each day, things were always different between them.

"Edward," Jasper said, "I know this is hard for you, but I promise you will adjust. All it takes is time."

There was nothing I could do but nod. After a moment, Jasper patted my thigh and stood. Fuck! What was up with him doing that? Every time he would leave me alone, he would pat my hand, arm, or shoulder. When he first started doing it, i thought he was just doing it to be nice and friendly. Now, I wasn't sure.

Outside of our lessons, we got along great. During mealtimes or free time, we chatted easily about all kinds of topics, and we respected each other's opinions. But the whole touching thing had me confused. Was he like that with all his students, or was it only me? Sure, I liked him a lot. We had a lot of the same views on things and shared a lot of laughs. I guess if I was pressed, I would have to say that I was attracted to him. More than once, I had woken up with raging wood from dreaming about his subtle touches and his smooth voice.

Edward was terribly confused, wondering if Jasper was just doing his job or if he really cared. What would he have to do to find out the answers? Would he like the answer when he did?
Mrs. Agget gives us a great story about accepting help and finding yourself when all else seems lost. It’s a journey we all have to take and until we do, we’ll never know what is out there for us. I, for one, am in love with this story and I know you’ll love it too. So check it out and leave my girl some love. Until next time…much love to you - D

There you have it, folks. Two great stories to sink your teeth into. Check back next week to see what Connie and I have in store for you, and be sure to leave these wonderful authors some love in the mean time.

Also, there's still plenty of time to spread the Holiday cheer, so hop on over to the Twilight No Stress Love Fest and pick up a prompt or two and get to work. We'd love your stories and artwork - the more, the merrier, and after all, it's a Fest of Love, right? Deadline is January 7th, so enjoy the holidays and we look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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