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Guest Rec - Bbebar

I have a confession to make. I hadn’t read twific in a really long time.  Outside of a few twikinkfest stories, I honestly can’t even remember the last one I read. Blasphemous I know!  However, I’ve been temporarily hijacked by other fandoms. And as you may know, once you fall down the rabbit hole, it takes some time to crawl out.

There are so many incredibly talented authors out there writing in so many different fandoms - the choices are endless! So, if you haven’t yet branched out, I’m here to encourage you to give it a try. I promise not to tell Edward.

Which brings me to the first of two recs I have for you; Light Foot Lads by LIttlesleepfic.  It’s a Merlin fic.  Haven’t heard of the show Merlin or the love of my life, Colin Morgan, who plays him? What’s wrong with you?! Just kidding…mostly.  But seriously, this story is completely modern AU, so there is no need to have any knowledge of the show.

I’ll be up front and confess the story comes with several warnings, but try not to let them scare you.  Littlesleep is a master of writing about taboo topics in such a brilliant, non-exploitative way.  Light Foot Lads tells the story of Arthur, his friend Gwaine, and the new boy Merlin. The author herself labels the story as PWP.  I’m here to tell you it’s one of the sexiest things I’ve ever read.  In fact, it completely ruined me, and I’ve yet to recover.

There is an immediate attraction among the three boys:

The JV kid is jogging one of his knees. It's a whir of spastic movement, and his eyes are darting over Arthur, agitated. While Gwaine watches, the kid wets the corner of his parted mouth with his tongue, little mouth breather, and then looks away with a wince, hand fluttering below his belt, covertly touching and adjusting himself in his baggy jeans

Gwaine makes it his mission to see that this attraction is acted upon.  After some cold shower inducing manipulation of both Arthur and Merlin, he eventually gets his way:

"Oh he's so...look at him. Fuck, Arthur. He's so sweet--" Gwaine mutters at the soft looking taint the boy has, so flushed and hairless and plump.

God, he wants to suck it. Lick it until it's swollen.

Arthur has a different idea. He's jerking his y-fronts down, eyes hard, staring fixedly at the boy's spread cheeks.

Let’s just say it gets impossibly hotter from there. So hot in fact, that I highly recommend reading this story only when you’re alone, at home.  Littlesleepfic will take you to unimaginable places with her beautiful writing.  It’s porn, yes, but her talent elevates it to a whole other level.  Do yourself a favor and try something new, then work your way through her other amazing stories.

My next rec clearly demonstrates  a story doesn’t have to have lemons to be fantastic.  I came across My name is Seren Dipity while searching  for just the right twific to share with you.  Her story Kiss Me immediately grabbed my attention with her summary. There is something so very sweet and pure about a kiss, and Seren Dipity doesn’t disappoint.

This story follows Edward and Jasper, who go away to Paris for a few days after Edward’s family has a bad reaction to their son being gay and Jasper is attacked for his sexual orientation.  Edward is still struggling with feeling safe and comfortable in expressing his feelings for Jasper in public, so Jasper decides to surprise Edward in a most unusual way:

Suddenly a young man to my right blew his whistle and everybody around me started kissing their partner. Boys and boys, girls and girls, girls and boys. There was at least a hundred couples making out in the middle of the shopping mall while the casual shoppers were passing by and watching. Some journalists were walking in the middle of the couples, taking pictures or filming. Some people, obviously straight, were either joining in the kissing fest or pulling out their phone and taking pictures, punctuating them with comments like "sweet" or "beautiful".

"It's called "Kiss-In". Gays and straights gather for five minutes for the sole purpose to kiss. To fight homophobia with love." Jasper explained to me smiling. "I thought it was a romantic and meaningful way to put closure to our recent misadventures and start fresh and new."

Jasper is determined to show Edward he has nothing to fear, and the description of the kiss that follows is so very heartbreakingly sweet and full of love:

Putting a hand on the small of his back and another around his shoulder I ground myself to him, obliging him to step closer and to take me in his arms. His stubble tickled my check as he kissed the tip of my ear lobe. He then let his nose wander down my neck and coming back up to my chin, following the lines of my jaw. I lost him there and opened my eyes. He was smiling at me, brushing playfully the end of his nose to mine a few times. A wave of love rushed inside me filling my chest and leaving me breathless. I closed my eyes again trying to contain the flow of emotions and swallow it back in.  

This story will give you all the warm, fuzzy feelings and leave you smiling.  But perhaps even more important is the greater message: Love is Love. And before you complain it’s too short and you need more of these boys, fret not because My name is Seren Dipity has a sequel called Kiss me Again.

I hope I’ve convinced you by now that these stories, while completely different, are both worth your time. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start reading and give these authors some love!

Until next time,
Bbebar xoxo

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