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Tuesday's Best 2-7-2012

Good morning, my lovelies! I hope you're all having a great day, and that you're gearing up for a wonderful Valentine's Day next week. Hard to believe it's almost that time again, eh? For now, though, Connie and I have found some stories to carry us over, so why don't we get right to it? Don't forget to grab a towel and a fresh pair of panties. 


Hello and Welcome back again.

If you’ve been reading slash for a while you know exactly who Lou-La is and her talent needs no introductions.

Randoms is collection of slashy, smutty one-shots based on various forms of inspiration, as she put it – today we will be talking about her entry to the  Twilight No Stress Love Fest Holidays Edition The Gift Of Giving.

Dear Santa,
All I want this year is a little bit of happiness.

It all starts with a note that Edward finds in the library. He instantly feels the connection and wonders who is the person behind the wish, why the sadness.
Saturday a week before Christmas Edward decides to spend the day at the library with the sole intention to find the person that wrote the note.

Edward's heart pounds hard in his chest and his mind races. 
What if that's him? What if he's the one? Who is he? What does he like? Could it be...

A first meeting in the library, a short conversation and Edward wishes that Jasper is the one he’s been looking for.

"Why were you wondering if Alice was my girlfriend, if you're not interested in her?"
"Oh." It's Edward's turn to feel uncomfortable as Jasper watches him expectantly. "I just..." found your note and want to know everything there is to know about you. He can't say that. "I just," he repeats, trailing off again. "Like you," he finishes decisively. It's true. He really likes Jasper so far, and he definitely wants to know more.

The boys are absolutely adorable, they have the perfect first kiss so full of emotion and uncertainty just like a first kiss should be.  Lou-La manages to get us readers into Edward & Jasper’s story in a little bit over 6K word one shot.

A few things to know about The Gift Of Giving is rated R and involves kitten-of-the-day calendars and mutual hand jobs.  If you are cool with all of the above then you will love this story.

The mess starts to feel sticky between them, forcing them to move. It's such a mess and they both laugh about it, cleaning up quickly.
With everything back in order, feeling beyond good, Edward pulls Jasper back down on the bed with him, kissing him over and over until he feels lightheaded.
As he falls back beside Jasper, he asks, "Can I ask you something?" Jasper hums his consent, and Edward twines their fingers together, holding on. "Does this make you happy?"

Is back to basics with The Gift Of Giving and that is what I like the most about this story.

Hope you all like it too.

Tell Lou-La we send you and leave some love for her as a thank you.

Have a great week.


What do frat parties and nerds have in common? Well, in the case of Going For It, by angelbethy, it’s Edward’s cousin Emmett. Emmett, who manages to invite Edward and his nerd-posse to a frat party.

The gang decides to “go for it”. After all, how often will the geeks ever be welcomed by the frat boys? Exactly. So they ditch the nerd-look and don the “cool”. Edward’s wearing the only non-geek thing he has: jeans and a green button-down. Jasper... well, let’s just say Jasper looks a hell of a lot more at home in black jeans, black shirt, and cowboy boots than anything Edward’s ever seen him in. Not to mention... hello! Hot! Something that Edward’s a little stunned to realize he’s even thinking.

Now we all know what happens at most frat parties: people get drunk. And when people get drunk, people sometimes get a little... stupid. No less the case than for Jasper and Edward. However... sometimes, such things lead to very unexpected situations, and even less expected consequences.

Apparently, I am a huggy drunk.

"I love you, man," I slur, wrapping one arm around Jasper in what may or not be a manly way. Beer pwns weirdness.

Jasper, on the other hand, is a moody drunk.

"Sure ya do, Eddie." He pats my hand, then less-than-gently removes it from his shoulder. His expression is pained.

"No, man, serishly." I feel myself nodding. I don't know if I'm actually nodding or if I'm trying to hold my head still while the rest of my body bounces. "Serioush… no, really. It's true. You're my best friend. Ya know? Outta all our friends, I like you the most. I mean, I don't even… don't even really like those other guys. They're kinda… douchey, I mean. But not you, man." I switch to shaking my head, and the change in direction makes me sorta dizzy in a pleasant way.

Will Edward and Jasper ever be the same after their first frat party?


There you have it, folks, two great stories to sink your teeth into. Check back next week to see what MizzDee and I have in store for you. In the mean time, please leave these wonderful authors some love.

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