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Tuesday's Best 1-31-2012

Good morning, my lovelies! Hope you're all happy and healthy, and staying warm during these chilly winter nights. Connie and MizzDee have found a couple of stories that should help heat things up a little bit, so grab a fresh pair of panties and a towel, and let's check it out, shall we?


Hello there, how are you?

Today we are going to push some limits. Rampage by jay.142 will do that to you.
Fair warnings at the beginning, the story contains some strong language, a few abuse references and violence.

He was one of the most beautiful creatures I had ever seen. His face had to be sculpted by God himself, it was soft and delicate and held more innocence than a baby. Blonde ringlets of curls framed his face and I watched as his pink lips parted to speak.

"Break his motherfuckin' ribs," Angel spat.

It has a confusing start with a lot of information to take in and characters to meet.

"Shit," Darcy said his thin lips curling into a half smile. "They fucked you up good."

Darcy was supposed to be the leader of the group home, but he didn't give a damn about anyone. As long as he got a paycheck in the mail at the end of the week he couldn't give two shits about this place.

"Well tough shit, boy, you should know better than to get on Angel's bad side

So, we have Edward Masen who lives in a group home and has some anger issues. Those lead to have problems with the other boys in the house whom seem to always pick on Edward.

A sudden turn of events gives Edward a choice to remain as a victim or take control of the situation. But how much will that cost?  

"Ya know, you shouldn't let that temper of yours get the best of ya,"

"I'll do what I damn well please," I snapped back. "What do you want anyway?"

A slow smiled appeared on his prefect face. "I thought you would never ask. Look, I ain't got no time to beat 'round the bush, yesterday you put up one hell of a fight. And you seem like ya don' take no shit from no-one. We could really use your strength to put these motherfuckers in line."

What? Was he offering me to join his little gang group?

"Don' pretend like you gotta think about it cause there ain't nothin' to think about. Either you want to be covered in blood and shit all day or you want to cover other people in blood and shit. It's that simple."

"And if I don't?" My voice sounded stronger than I felt. Before I could catch it I saw something dark cloud over Angel's eyes.

"You ain't got no choice."

"I just turned twelve," I mumbled looking down at the table. All I wanted was to live a normal life. I didn't ask to be put in this group home and I sure as hell didn't ask to become a part of some messed up gang.

Only 14 years old and one murder under his belt, Edward will join Angel and his gang. Finally feeling like he belongs.

Six years later he is Edward Cullen and is trying to fit into the Cullen family, mother, father, sisters and a so called girlfriend. But inside, Edward Masen or Cullen is actually trying to figure out WHO he is and why does Jacob Black thinks he is gay?

Jacob was hard.

"Jacob, let me go-"

"When are you going to stop lying to yourself? huh? I know your gay and I know you want me. Shit, no straight guy would stand here this long without moving."

"I said let go you fuck-"

"Shh," Jacob cooed tightening his grip on me. "Your secret is safe with me. I don't think you know how many closeted jocks I've had. Don't worry; it will all be over soon. All you have to do is wrap those pretty pink lips around my cock,"

An ex-convict arrives to Fork, with memories from the past. After a life in the streets he is lucky to still have friends that are there for him.

Peter chuckled. "Well, make yourself at home. By the way I'll be at work tomorrow so maybe you can go around town and hand out your resume. You know, start looking for a job."

Talkin' about getting a job killed my buzz. I ain't no fool, I knew nobody was willing to hire a convict, but so I could pull my share of the rent I had to try. I knew if I didn't I would end up back on the streets, where I belonged.

A new job as school janitor, a second chance at life and the encounter that will change it all…

The boy was pale, lean and nearly as tall as me. Finally I stared at his face. The breathe was knocked out of me as I stared into emerald eyes, but what caused me to take a step back was his face. My stomach knotted and my chest tightened as I realized this was the boy I had spent half my life trying to forget. I memorized every line and curve of his flawless face for days and days on end.

Recognition showed in his eyes as he gazed at me with astonishment and wonder. His bronze hair was still the same, wild and windswept, his jaw was sharp and defined. I watched in amazement as his pale lips parted to speak.


The first two chapters will have you on the edge of your sit until you are able to get the whole picture and absorb all the information. After that the story will flow filling the missing pieces.

Angel and Masen´s first grown up encounter proves that whatever feeling was once there is still burning inside them. Be ready for some steaming hot kisses between these two alpha males ;)

Rampage is a great idea and jay.142 is a very talented new author. Told From both Edward and Jasper´s POV with all the flashbacks you need to complete the timeline.

I hope you are all up for the challenge and push a little bit, Rampage is totally worth it.

Happy reading and don´t forget to leave jay.142 some love.


Hello my loves. Today I’m bringing you something a little different – well different for me. Photoplay by PandoraGalacia is a sizzling hot little story staring Jasper, Edward and Bella, who happen to get pretty hot and heavy during a normal work session.


It started out as a simple photo shoot, but ended so much better.

Bella was giving a job to take some erotic photos of two men together for a gay men’s magazine. So she hired her friend Jasper, a professional model, to be her main subject. She also recruited her best friend Edward, who has been infatuated with Jasper for a while.

Her attraction to these two men is undeniable and her fantasies keep her happy but since they play for the other team, she lets the prospect of ever being with either one of them go. It doesn’t stop her, however, from checking either one of them out.

The shoot doesn’t start as planned since Edward seems to be running late. Bella decides to start with Jasper and directs him to lie down and do what comes naturally.

"What do you want me to do, Bella? Just lie here?" Jasper asked, breaking me out of my trance.

"Huh? Oh. I guess, just do whatever you'd do if this was your bed at home and I wasn't in the room." I suggested.

"All right." He said quietly and I watched as his right hand moved slowly down and wrapped around his beautiful, semi-erect cock.

Jasper keeps himself busy until Edward finally shows up. He’s shocked to see that the other man in the bed he’ll soon be occupying is none other than the man he’s wanted to hook up with for ages.

Edward turned to me, his face a mixture of bewilderment and terror. "Bella …"

I shrugged. "Edward, I had to do it this way. You've been pining for the man for weeks but you're too chicken to talk to him beyond a quick 'hi' in the quad."

"But … this is …"

"This is perfect. You can skip all the awkward small talk and get to really know each other." I looked at Jasper and back at Edward. "I mean, really get to know each other."

A little shy at first, Edward gives in and lets himself go. Jasper and Edward are giving Bella all the perfect shots she needs for the magazine. Sexual tensions escalate between the two and Bella is ready to finish up and leave them alone together but just as she positions them for her final set of shots, Jasper and Edward decide to turn the tables on her and make Bella’s fantasies finally come true.


I personally think Bella has the best job in the world. Who wouldn’t want to be behind that camera, watching Edward and Jasper “get to know each other?” And I, for one, will go out and buy a camera right now if I could get subjects like that who will let me join in the fun. Wouldn’t you?

PandoraGalacia sure does bring the heat with this story. And, for all of you strictly slash lovers, she has given us an alternate version of this story - Photoplay Alternate Ending Slash Only . So check them both out and leave her some love because she definitely deserves it.  Until next time…much love to you – D


There you have it, folks, two great stories to sink your teeth into. Be sure to check back next week to see what Connie and I have in store for you then. In the mean time, why don't you leave these wonderful authors some love, and maybe hop on over to the Twilight No Stress Love Fest while you're at it. Today's the last day to enter your guesses as to who wrote what story, so don't miss out.

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