Monday, January 2, 2012

Guest Rec - Chele681

Happy New Year, y'all! Here's to a wonderful, slashy 2012! Chele681's kicking off the year with the first guest rec, so let's get right to it.


There are so many fics that deserve more love than they get, and so I wanted to share a few of my oldest and newest little-known slashy one-shot favs.

Major Changes by Subtlepen  

This fic makes me happy both in my heart and in my pants. Not only does it have one of my favorite rare pairings (sssh, it’s a surprise - I’m not telling), but it delivers a message of love and attraction beyond gender and appearance.

Their relationship begins on Twitter when Edward (Fastfingers) lets slip a vague reference to spanking, and his admirer (Heavyvetter) tweets him back with a seductive response. Their back and forth moves to email where is gets steamier and more personal. The exchanges are both erotic, and emotional as it’s revealed that Heavyvetter knows Edward, and has been attracted to him for some time. The passion and longing expressed is intense and sensual and you can feel the vulnerability in the words.

Major Changes makes me breathless every time I read it. The anticipation and the need and the sweet, beautiful release that these two find makes this well worth a read.

My Surreal Life by Einfach Mich

My Surreal Life is hot, hilarious, and wickedly, amazingly smutty. It is pure indulgent PWP, and yet Einfach Mich has snuck in enough backstory and emotion to make the characters compelling, and all the more sexy.

Edward is straight, he insists, but his student loan debt prompted him to take advantage of a convenient health condition which allows him to be the cock-sucker of the century, and gives a go at acting for a gay for pay porn company. And I’m oh, so glad he did. Why? Because this little smut-tale details Edward’s first gang bang scene.

I’m not sure who I love most, Dirty-talking, Ass-worshipping Emmett, Jokester, mouth-fucking Jasper, or shy, swooning romantic Jacob. The best part, is that I don’t have to choose. Edward gets all three of them at once. The only thing that made me happier than this little erotic porn-fest, is the promise that Einfach Mich is going to give us more Pornward. Yay!

Yearning  by Sweet Dulcinea

In the mood for a sweet, misguided love story? Look no further than Yearning. Peter and Jasper are best friends, both dancing around a mutual unspoken attraction that’s obvious to everyone except each other. After Peter’s latest choice in dates (a boy who looks shockingly like his best friend) sets Jasper over the edge, he finds a way to get Peter’s attention once and for all with the help of a few new friends, one of whom is Edward.  

There are body shots, neck nuzzles and implied affairs, all with the intent of sparking enough jealousy in Peter to get him to act and make a stand for Jasper. While I won’t spoil it and tell you whether the plan works or not, just think about it, even if it doesn’t, Edward makes for an awfully soft place to land. Yum all around.

To be forthright, SweetDulcinea and I share an unholy mutual love for Peter, so it’s not surprising that she writes him in a magical way that sets my pants on fire. Yearning, however, is guaranteed to set yours on fire too.

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