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Tuesday's Best 1-24-2012

Good morning, my lovelies! How are y'all weathering the winter season so far? I don't know about you, but I could certainly do with a pick-my-up, so why don't we see what MizzDee and I have found for you this week.
Don't forget your towels and fresh panties!


Hello my loves. Nearly two weeks ago, I found a little gift in my inbox from one of my new favorite authors, KellanCougar . Now, I have to say that E/J are my favorite couple of all, but let me tell you that Edward and Carlisle have suddenly become a very, very close second. And in this new story, All I Want To Hear , it’s further proof of why I love them so much.


Well-known author, Carlisle Cullen, has closed himself off from the world as his writing consumes his life. To the world, he could be seen as a ‘success full man at the top of his game’ but in reality, he’s lonely and almost completely detached from the world around him.

Suddenly, his world is changed as he prepares for a trip to give a lecture to a university group in Maine. Carlisle makes a call to his hotel to confirm the reservation made by his publishing company and is taken completely by surprise when the most captivating voice speaks to him from the other end of the line.

"Dragonfly Inn. How may I help you today?"

The voice is deep; the honeyed tones making him momentarily forget his reason for calling.

Finding his voice, he speaks, sounding somewhat flustered to his own ears.

"Um, yes; I'm calling to confirm a booking for the 27th made for me by Hale Publishing. I have a lecture to present."

Why was he telling the man this? It was doubtless of no concern to him whatsoever.

"The booking is for just the one night, sir?"

Again the beautiful intonation, seductive enough in its cadence to send a bolt of something thought long forgotten through his chest.

"Y-yes that's correct. A single room for one night."

The voice sparks a desire in Carlisle that he hasn’t felt in a long time and when he gets to the hotel, he wants nothing more than to find the owner of the alluring voice that has become an obsession to him. One night turns into two as his hopes of finding him rise. Will Carlisle’s obsession lead him to the one person he so desperately wants to find?


While this story was originally written to be a one-shot, KellanCougar herself has told me that there will be more to come. These two men are going to get their time together and I, for one, am going to be there to read when they do. So, start their story now so you can be ready when we find out more about Edward and Carlisle. And don’t forget to leave my girl some love because she definitely deserves it. Until next time…much love to you – D


Is there anything as sweet as seeing two boys in love and trying to navigate their way through first times? Didn’t think so. Sadtomato’s done an excellent job showing the awkward sweetness of discovery between Jasper and Edward in Double Down.

Neither boy is out to anyone, other than their immediate family. There’s one major difference, however. Jasper’s mom and older brother are cool with him being gay (though Jasper thinks at times it’s worse because of that, due to the even more awkward safe sex talks that result). Poor Edward’s parents believe he’s just “acting up” and “in a phase” and that he’ll grow out of it.

The boys go to different schools, and only met on an online message board through a shared love of a local band called Double Down. When they eventually admitted they were gay, they became even closer friends. Best friends, even. Except...

"Ouch! Did that hurt? When I shot you in the face?" he laughs. When he turns to catch my reaction, he must realize I'm staring at him. His cheeks turn bright red and he looks back at the television.

It's fucking awkward. Maybe it's my one chance, though, to say something. Or try something.

I fumble with the buttons on my controller, and my mouth opens before I've really thought the words through. "Do you ever think about getting a boyfriend?"

Edward's jaw drops and he looks down at his lap. "I... I don't think-" He stops suddenly when we hear the front door slam.

"Jay? You here?" Peter bellows.

Ah, you gotta love a cock-blocking older brother, right? ;-) Never fear, though. The boys will finish their conversation... eventually. How it goes, you’ll have to read for yourself.


There you have it, folks, two great stories to sink your teeth into. Be sure to check back next week to see what Connie and MizzDee have in store for you. In the mean time, why don't you leave these wonderful authors some love.

Also, the guessing poll for the Twilight No Stress Love Fest; Holiday Edition is up! MsKathy, Sadtomato, Lou-La, Whitlock-Masen, and naelany all contributed. Can you figure out who wrote what?

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