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Tuesday's Best 2-21-2012

Good morning, my lovelies! I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day last week, whether you were with someone you love or on your own. Either way, it's good to celebrate, even if only to spoil yourself (*ahem* you know what they say about loving yourself, first, right? ;-)). 

Anyway. That was last week. This week, I know that Connie and MizzDee have some more goodies in store for you, so why don't we get right down to it and see what's up? Don't forget to grab your towel and fresh panties.


Hello Ladies, hope you all had a great weekend.

Today I’m going to share with you a quick read Boys, Books and Library Fucks. Yes, I know, the name of the one shot is giving everything away. But who doesn’t like boys? Books? Or have a fantasy that involves Library fucks? LOL  

beckybrit has been around fanfiction for a while now, you probably read The Whipping Boy, if not you should check her profile.

Back to BB&LF the story is told from Riley’s point of view as he works on a boring Friday night at the college library.

I lean against the counter, chewing my pencil, attempting not to look at the clock for the third time in the last ten minutes. It's nine o'clock on a Friday night and I'm stuck working in the college library. 

I imagine everyone has better things to do than go to the library on a Friday night. They're probably out partying at a club or someone's house, which is where I should fucking be.

The door to the library opens and closes, announcing that I have a visitor.

Hmm... not quite everyone has better things to do it seems.

I crane my neck to see who just came in; smiling then licking my lips, as I recognize those black rimmed glasses and that unruly mop of red-brown hair.

Edward Cullen.

I like how this paring works; Riley and Edward together are hot. Here we have a very straight forward Riley pairing up with a shy kind of geeky Edward. So is Riley the one to make the first move.

His glasses are slightly askew, and I want reach up and straighten them for him.
so that's exactly what I do.

His eyes go as wide as saucers, but he doesn't move back when my fingers gently set his glasses in their proper place.

"Thanks," he says, quietly. His voice is all breathy and it goes right to my cock.

It's straining a little painfully against the buttons of my jeans, but I just about resist the urge to adjust myself front of Edward. I don't want to bring attention to the fact that I'm as hard as a rock, just from touching his glasses. I think that might scare him, and rightly so.

It seems I'm more obvious than I thought. Because despite my ability to resist touching it, his eyes still flick down to the bulge in my jeans.

His breath catches and he lick his lips.

Fuck, yeah!

I'm cheering and doing a happy dance on the inside, because that boy is definitely fucking gay!

It takes a few days and a very inconvenient event with an ex boyfriend to get Riley and Edward finally together in the library. Once the boys are there they are not wasting any time…

"Edward," I whisper, running my slick fingers around his entrance. "Are you sure?" I really fucking hope he is, I think I'll cry if he says no at this point.


Thank fuck.

If you secretly have library sex fantasies then you won’t be disappointed with this one.

There you have it my lovelies, just a quickie to get your daily boy love fix.

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See you all next time.



Hello my loves. Today I’m bringing you another love story by the great Bbebar . Together We Fly is Edward and Jasper’s story of love and loss and finding your way home again. Follow them as they take a journey as they find their way both together and apart.


Edward and Jasper had been together since the time they were babies. From as early as they can remember, there’s always been a special connection between them. They called it their ‘little bubble’ and no one else was allowed in.

They faced everything in life together; the terrible two’s, kindergarten, and little league. They spent so much time together that their parents worried about them, but it was unnecessary. Even from such a young age, Edward and Jasper knew that they only needed each other to be happy.

They grew closer with age until that one fateful year at the age of fourteen when their lives were torn apart.

Nothing was ever the same as each felt the gaping hole in their lives left by the other’s absence.

Nothing ever filled it and each boy had to learn to move on and live life. But what kind of life could there be when the other half of your heart and soul was missing.

Edward: How do I explain that even after all these years there is no me without him?

Jasper: I've carried him with me every day since we've been apart.

After so many years apart, missing each other desperately, can Edward and Jasper find their way back to each other? Can anything bring them back together and give them the happiness they’ve been searching years for? Hopefully, because a soul can only be healed when it’s whole.


Bbebar definitely knows how to break your heart and put it back together again. Join Edward and Jasper on their journey and find out if they can really go home again. And when you do, leave my girl some love. It’s definitely well deserved. Until next time…much love to you – D


There you have it, folks. Two great stories to sink your teeth into. Check back next week to see what Connie and I have up our sleeves. In the mean time, be sure to leave these wonderful authors some love.

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