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Tuesday's Best 2-14-2012

Happy Valentine's Day, my lovelies! I hope your sweetie spoils you rotten as you all deserve. MizzDee and I have found a couple of stories that should warm your hearts and feel the love, so let's get right to it. 


Hello my loves. With today being Valentine’s Day, I thought it was appropriate to bring you a story about pure love. A Love Times Seventeen and a Half by Bbebar is the perfect short story to show us how a relationship can build from nothing and change into all you could ever want.


He was young but it didn’t matter because when he saw him…he knew.

They didn’t need to speak for him to know that he was interesting.

Because they didn’t speak, Edward didn’t know Jasper existed.

But, given time and Jasper’s newly found freedom, Edward finally noticed.

Now that he noticed, Jasper’s freedom didn’t seem so attractive anymore; especially when he found out where Edward lived.

At the time, I couldn't have told you why any of it was important. But it wasn't long before I discovered Edward lived in the house directly behind mine.

We shared a fence.

How long his family had lived there, I couldn't tell you. I didn't particularly care, either. Because I knew he was there now, and I was here.

Now, fences are built to give people privacy but the fence separating Edward and Jasper gave them the strength they needed to be together.

Silence led to one-sided conversations which ended in a comforting touch.

Full conversations turned into confessions and admissions which ended in a look that said everything.

For Edward and Jasper, their relationship grew around the fence that gave them their strength. Each knowing instinctually what they meant to each other, never speaking the words, never willing to risk making their relationship less than it was.

Some things in life are sacred and untouchable; you protect them at all costs. Things such as boys who shine brighter than the sun, fences that hold secrets, and the first time you fall head over heels in love.


I have to say, Bbebar has done an amazing job in showing us that the beauty of love can be enough to make a great story without needed anything else. She is a true talent and her stories definitely deserve to be shared. So stop in to read her wonderful words and give her some love. Until next time, Happy Valentine’s Day…much love to you – D

You know how I normally rec just one story at a time? Well, today’s special, with it being both Valentine’s Day as well as my 10th anniversary, so I’m feeling generous (and maybe just a little more sappy than usual). So today, I come bearing two stories to rec, both of which were written for last year’s Twilight No Stress Love Fest.

First off, there’s
Surprise is Good for the Heart, by unwantedone. Edward’s had a crush on Emmett basically from the moment he (Emmett) and twin Alice moved to town. For years, Valentine’s Day had been less than joyful, because of how shy and very much in the closet Edward is. Besides, he only ever had Bella, his best friend, to trade cards with.

Until he decides to give Emmett a card, telling him how he feels - without signing the card, of course. Emmett’s response is the same year after year: he reads every card (and he does get a great many), smiles, then tosses them in the bin.

In senior year, Edward decides it’s time to take things further, and tells Emmett in the card that if he wants to meet him to find out his secret admirer, to leave his card at the top of the pile before tossing them.

He read the card with the same small smile as always, and then put it at the bottom of the pile.

Somehow I made it through the rest of the day. I even managed to participate in class and carry on conversations with people. My breakdown occurred when I got home. There were no tears, thankfully; rather there were long moments where I felt nothing. Sleep did not come that night, just those numb moments followed by intense and searing pain. My mother never questioned me the next day when I told her I was ill and staying home. She called the school, and even sent Bella and Alice text messages, letting them know.

Halfway through the day I realized that I was being an idiot. Of course Emmett wasn't going to agree to meet the person that sent him the cards over the last few years. He had a girlfriend already, and regardless of how much he may have wanted to know my identity, he would never do anything to hurt her. That epiphany helped me to decide that it was time for me to be honest with my friends and tell them about my sexual orientation. Bella already knew, and I was pretty sure Alice had figured it out, but Emmett didn't have a clue.

Giant leap of logic here, you say? Follow me. All this time I'd been hiding who I was out of fear that Emmett would reject me. And he had, but not because of my orientation. He rejected me because he was already taken. So, my feelings for him no longer mattered. Gay or straight, he wasn't going to be mine. Understanding and accepting this lead me to the realization that I needed to move on and start dating. See, I had some weird romantic notions and had been 'saving myself' for Emmett. Silly, I know. Bella has a theory that I waited because I was scared, not because I was waiting for Emmett. Don't tell her I said so, but I think she might be right. Anyway, knowing that I wasn't going to be with Emmett hurt, but it did help me resolve to begin dating. At seventeen I'd never been on a date and that needed to change.

And change, it did. Just how much life evolves for Edward, you’ll have to read for yourselves.

Now let’s continue on to another wonderful love story. Lost and Found, by Lou-La, is about Edward and Jasper. You get to watch them grow up from around six years old or so, into their teens, and finally adulthood.

Edward is... Edward. He thinks too much, doesn’t really like to take chances, and pays the price accordingly. Meaning, he’s confused, hurt, and deep in the closet.

Jasper, on the other hand, is also in the closet, but has a very different outlook on life in general.

All in all, the two aren’t aware of each other’s secrets, despite growing up as best friends. Until...

At sixteen years of age, Edward was long and wiry, taking up a lot of space on Jasper's small bed as they sat side by side atop it.

Tonight they were having a Lord of the Rings marathon. Last night had been the Harry Potter marathon. It was geeky, true, and maybe not really Jasper's thing, but he was desperate.

Something was wrong with Edward, and he needed to find out what it was.

Most people wouldn't have noticed the way he was keeping to himself more because he really wasn't outgoing to begin with, but Jasper noticed. Most people wouldn't have been able to tell he was losing weight because he was already so thin, but Jasper noticed. Most people didn't notice much of anything about Edward, but Jasper wasn't most people and he noticed a lot of things.

He always knew when Edward hadn't been able to sleep because he would come to school with his fingers still playing soundless tunes on imaginary keys. He always knew when Edward was having a rough day because his hair would be standing on end from him pulling at it with his fingers.

Edward's hair had been a mess for the past few weeks, with bruise-like circles forming under his eyes, fingers twitching restlessly, and weight disappearing off of his too skinny body.

That wasn't even taking into account that Edward had been avoiding Jasper for just as long as he'd been losing sleep and weight.

Will Edward tell all? How will Jasper react? Read it, and find out ;-)

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovelies!


There you have it, folks. A whopping three stories to sink your teeth into, this week. Be sure to check back next week to see what Connie and MizzDee have in store for you then. In the mean time, leave these wonderful authors some love (if not today of all days, then when, right?).

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