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Tuesday's Best 5-15-2012

Good morning, my lovelies! Hope everyone's doing well. I'm sure you're all anxious for a reading break and Connie and MizzDee have some great stories lined up for you, so why don't we just get right to it. 


Hello again, first of all I want to wish you all a very Happy Mother’s Day! I know it was on Sunday so I hope you all had a great time with your little (or maybe not so little) ones.

And back here for your weekly slashy goodness fix my gift to you ;)

Do You Love Me? Now That I Can Dance what can I say? The tittle on its own got my attention. It’s Edward & Jasper, but the story starts with a wedding and it’s not the boys wedding...

I didn't really want a big wedding; a simple ceremony at a small chapel would have more than sufficed for me. But no, not for Tanya. She wanted to go all out: flowing gown, flowers everywhere and a formal sit down dinner before the party really began. Feeling at a loss and unable to put my foot down, especially with my mother and younger sister Alice helping to arrange everything, I just had to nod and accept it all.

With a wedding well on the way, a fiance and a sister that apparently do not take “No,” for an answer. Edward needs to face the one thing he is not comfortable with at all about himself.

I was born with the unfortunate disease of two-left-feet-itis, and I really didn't want to spend my first dance as a married man either tripping over my own feet, or worst still, over my bride.

We have an awkward first meeting with Jasper, who is the person Edward was looking for, in more ways than one.

"You look a little lost."
He stopped a couple of steps in front of me and surveyed me with his golden brown eyes. They lowered down my body and back up again, giving me the sensation that he could see right through my clothes to my body. I swallowed and nodded my head.
"Um, yeah, I think I am. I'm looking for the dance school."
"What does this look like to you, a petting zoo?"
I glanced back up to him, surprised by his tone, and looked past him to the dancers. His dancing partner stood by the record player, waiting for the song to end, so that she could put on the next one. I looked back to him, seeing he had his eyebrow raised again, awaiting my answer.
"N…no. It's just the sign downstairs said this is a jazz school and this sure doesn't look like the kind of dancing I was looking for. Sorry to have troubled you, I'll go now."
"You misread the sign. It said: 'Jazz's School'. I'm Jasper; Jazz for short. What kind of dancing were you looking for?"
"Um, a first dance kind of dancing."

And so it begins. If you dance and enjoy dancing you know that there is nothing that can be more intimate, outside of the bedroom, than that moment when you partner holds you against him and stares right into your eyes.
And nothing can be sexier than being led by strong arms around your body. Well, imagine were that will lead our boys.

His hands began guiding me, helping to push and pull at my hips until they were moving in sync with his. When he was satisfied I was doing it right, he pulled himself closer to me until our crotches were almost touching. I felt the zip of his slacks glide against mine, and instantly my muscles stiffened up again.
"Watch my eyes."
I swallowed and raised my eyes to meet his. His eyes seemed to have darkened a shade in the past several seconds, or maybe it was because we stood so close. I kept my gaze locked onto his as he arched his hips down to rotate them against mine. I tried to just focus on his eyes and the dancing, but for some reason the Edward Junior in my pants wanted to focus elsewhere.

*swooooooooon* see what I was talking about? And there is so much more from where that came from. It’s all about the connection, learning to dance, the moves, the attitude. Even with Tanya still in the picture, Edward keeps coming back to Jasper for the lessons and these new feelings he is discovering.

As the music played, he swayed his hips against mine, giving friction to my now aching cock, and his hands lowered from my back to my ass. When he gave a light squeeze, I moaned and it took all of my strength to not open my eyes in shock. The squeeze took me by surprise and caused my hips to jerk forward into his. A soft moan escaped his throat and I could feel his body responding to my own.

I don’t have more words for you just now, my cheeks are flushed just by reading it. What Jasper1863Hale creates in this one shot is pure passion, ladies.

Enjoy your moment with Do You Love Me? Now That I Can Dance and leave some love for the author.

See you next week.


Hello, my loves. Today I’m digging into my favorites list to bring you a great story from one of my all time favorite authors. Just Once by rmhale tells us a tale about how holding on to secrets can lead to heartache and loss. Edward and Jasper learn this lesson the hard way.


He loves him.

He hates him.

But he’ll never tell him.

Jasper has a secret he’s been keeping for years. A secret that’s already broken so much of him. A secret that threatens to shatter every last piece of his heart.

Three years ago, Jasper fell for his roommate, Edward, instantly. But there’s a problem. Edward isn’t the ‘falling in love’ kind of guy.

Edward will sleep with any warm body that piques his interest for the night. Leaving Jasper to sit by and watch in agony.

There were no words to describe the sheer agony of watching the man you fell for instantly screw his way through an entire university. The ache was always present, never leaving, always resting under the surface. Sometimes it was dormant and dull, lying in wake for the next time Edward turned on the charm to anyone who wasn't Jasper. Other times it burned so badly Jasper could hardly stand.

Now, after years of living with the pain, Jasper’s worst fears are about to come true.

As Jasper and Edward head out to a party, he knows Edward has no intention of picking up some nameless, faceless person to keep him company for the night. No…his plans are much, much worse, causing Jasper to hide in a dark corner to conceal his pain.

This night, Edward’s plans take him into a dark hallway with none other than Jasper’s best friend, Riley.

The two oblivious boys climbed the last step and Edward slammed Riley against the wall in the hallway. He buried his mouth against Riley's exposed neck, biting and licking.

"Oh fuck, baby," Riley groaned when Edward bit harder.

He pulled Edward's face away and went in to taste those lips Jasper only wished he could savor.

From his corner, Jasper can see every move… hear every word that the man he loves says to his best friend and the despair is too hard to contain. He makes a single sound that catches Edward and Riley’s attention and, finally, all the pain, anger and misery are too much and Jasper runs.

Edward watches as Jasper runs away completely devastated and an immense guilt tears at him. When he returns home alone, he undresses and falls into bed only to find no rest as the sounds of Jasper’s anguished cries rip at his heart.

Hearing those cries torments Edward because he has a secret of his own.

His actions at the party hurt the only man Edward ever loved and he couldn’t stop himself from going to Jasper, hoping to comfort him and take his pain away.

A single knock on the bathroom wall and the shower curtain flies open to reveal a very broken, very naked Jasper. A desperate reaction causes Jasper to reach out a hand to Edward and he’s all too willing to take it.

Wrapped in an embrace, both men finally have what they want, but their secrets still remain unspoken. Edward and Jasper are finally able to hold, kiss and love each other, but neither one believes it’s because of the love they both feel.

Jasper was too weak, too tired. It was a bad idea, he knew it but when would he have this chance again? The chance to touch Edward, to be touched back, to pretend like he was loved just as much as he loved Edward.

Just this once, under the cover of night, he gave into the man against him. Edward kissed his back, neck, healing Jasper from the inside out. A soothing balm on the raw, open wound that was his soul.

"I didn't know, I didn't know," he kept saying softly between kisses, his hands moving down Jasper's body. Edward didn't know if he could handle Jasper using him to bury the pain of seeing Riley with another man, but he felt like he had so little to offer. He knew Jasper hated all the people he fucked, was worried about him, and now Jasper was going to use Edward for the exact same thing. A quick fuck, a way to forget, even for a moment. And he couldn't stop.

Edward and Jasper give the other what they’ve wanted for years, but it is enough? Will their secrets and misconceptions tear them apart for good or will their love for each other finally bring them together?


One of my absolute favorite things about rmhale is that she keeps things real. She’s not afraid to rip your heart right out of your chest and stomp on it to tell her story. Some have happy endings, some don’t, but each and every one leaves you feeling every raw emotion, the good and the bad, that her characters feel. She is an absolutely brilliant author and if you haven’t figured that out yet, it’s time you see for yourself just how incredible she is. Go read Just Once and then every other story she’s ever written and tell me if you can feel the same things I do when I read her amazing work. And don’t forget to leave my girl some love because she deserves every word of praise. Until next time…much love – D


There you have it, folks. Two wonderful stories to sink your teeth into. Check back next week to see what Connie and I have in store for you. In the mean time, be sure to leave these wonderful authors some love.

Also, don't forget about The Summer It All Began  contest. There's still plenty of time to write an entry and join in. I know you have some great stories that are begging to be told, and you know we'll love to share them with you. 

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