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Tuesday's Best 5-22-2012

Good morning, my lovelies! Hope y'all are having a great day. If you're ready for a short break, then sit back and relax while you check out the stories Connie and I found for you this week. Let's get to it, shall we?


I decided to push my limits a bit today and share with you a great story that is a bit out of my comfort zone. Not because of the subject but because of the pairing.  Are you ready for some wolf-pack love?

The congregation gathered to pay their last respects at La Push cemetery on an overcast day. All of the Res, who'd known the deceased, had turned out in its entirety. From the elders - Billy Black, Old Quil and Sue Clearwater - through to the youngest members of the Pack. Well, almost all had shown up ... There had been one missing at the graveyard. A person whose absence couldn't possibly be ignored. Someone everyone had taken for granted to be there to comfort and support the bereaved. One by one, after the service drew to a close, the assembly slowly dispersed and headed off in various directions before the ominous storm clouds which had been gathering finally broke.

From the outskirts of the forest which lay at the edge of the cemetery, a lone wolf stood beside a vast tree trunk, studying the proceedings silently.

Captive Heart by Blaidd Du is Sam & Paul story, it also contains other unusual pairing such as Leah & Jacob, which I love btw, it has a lot of potential.
Back to the boys errr wolves, Sam loses Emily and thinks that is the end of his imprinting without knowing there is a wolf out there that has already imprinted on him several years ago.
The pack’s back story goes a little different too, Paul’s second in command.

But as a team, he and Sam worked really well together. They complimented each other. Sam was the cool, calm and collected one. Always planning and thinking things through meticulously and ensuring that we were aware of any potential risks we'd have to face. Paul was the volatile, passionate, loyal one, whose impulsiveness was curbed by Sam's restraint, while Sam was far less controlling and detached, thanks to Paul's influence. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that Sam may well be the Alpha and the Pack's soul, but Paul's definitely its heart.

But a woman got between these two and made a living hell out of their lives, not just Paul’s and Sam’s but the whole pack too.

He no longer hung out with us once Pack business was done ... not after the last vicious argument with Sam, which turned into a rather nasty dogfight at surprize, surprize, Emily's instigation. The bitch had Sam by the balls and poor Paul was the one who kept getting it in the neck. Usually for no fault of his own.
Things had gotten so bad between our Alpha and Beta, that Paul would barely look at Sam.

Returning home after so long is hard for Paul, but he needs to get back the love of his life now that Emily is out of the way.

So now, here I am. Outside my imprint's home for the first time in a month. I haven't seen him in weeks ... Not since we last fought ... and that was down to that conniving bitch. I stayed away 'cause it was too hard for me to be around him. To see him. Hear him. Smell him. And not be able to touch or taste him. I've missed him terribly. More than I ever imagined possible. And now, I find myself as a favour to both Jake and Leah, about to enter the wolf's den. To be Sam's loyal and supportive Beta once more ... and I'm fucked if I know how he's gonna react once he sees me ...

Imprinting has always been a mystery right? That love at first sight bond with your mate. But when your mate is still grieving the one he thought was ‘the one” how do you approach him?

"You push me too far, cub. Time you realized who's top dog here ... and remembered who's Alpha."
The hand suddenly came to rest between my bare shoulder blades and pushed me forwards, effectively trapping my throbbing dick between my belly and the back of the couch. Sam suddenly kicked my legs apart and nudged a thick, muscular thigh between mine. A sinewy forearm slipped around my torso, drawing me to him until my back was flush against his chest. His hands grabbed my hips roughly and were sure to leave even more bruises and he began to grind his hips against my ass. I was immediately aware of his hard, thick length rubbing against me. Desperately craving friction. And that's when I caught the heavy scent of arousal in the air.

Looks like Paul did push too hard this time, or maybe not? I have to warn you the scene that follows is not all lovey-dovey it’s almost non-con, it’s strong and messy when it comes to emotions; but it is necessary.

"By the time I've finished, I expect you to collect your shit and not be here. I want you gone ... Don't bother coming back ... Just stay the fuck away from me, Paul ... for good,"

Told from both Paul & Sam’s POV we get to see how conflicted they are about their feelings.
I hope you give it a chance, this one is a very strong pair, both very masculine and I really like my men strong and powerful...and in love with each other.
Don’t forget to leave some love for Blaidd Du while you are there.
Hope to see you all next time.
Have a great week.


I’m about to do something I’ve never really done before. At least, not quite like this. Bear with me, though, because this rec starts with something definitely not slash. Have you ever heard of BettiGefecht’s Little Green and EasyBella? No? Well, it’s about Edward, who’s autistic, and Bella, and ordinary girl who just got divorced from Jake when the story starts (as an aside, they divorced because Jake finally came out of the closet and found his true love in Seth. Be still my slashy little heart! Hint, Betti: there’s a story to be told there).

Bella used to babysit for Edward, who wouldn’t allow just anyone to be near him. Yes, this means Bella is older than Edward. Betti lets us follow along as the two get reintroduced years later. Somewhere along the line, Bella and Edward end up at a music store run by Aro. And this is where today’s rec comes in, in the form of the outtake for that particular bit.

PLAY A Little Green and Easybella Outtake shows us a little of Jasper. Oh, I haven’t mentioned him yet? Well, Jasper works for Aro, and let’s just say that our boy is very taken with Little Green. Obsessed with him might be a better way of putting it, but that’s neither here nor there.

I was so gone; I almost didn't notice the petite brunette in his company. She seemed to be a bit older than him, but maybe that was just because she looked a little tired. Apart from that she was cute, pretty actually, in an unobtrusive way. Despite my love of tatts and metal and a bit of eyeliner every now and then, I do like the natural type in a girl.

Yes, I do like girls, so what? I'm not gay. I'm not straight either. I just like sex, a lot.

Call me undecided if you want to, but I don't think much about it when someone turns me on. A pretty face, smooth skin, the hair, the scent, a sexy voice, a cute ass… any detail can catch my eye before the gender even registers with me.

Like I said, Jasper’s very taken with Edward and who can blame him. To the point where Little Green stars in a fair amount of daydreams - and not all of the pervy variety. No, Jasper would be very happy if Edward would just see him, since eye contact is a very difficult thing for Edward.

Will his dreams come true? Maybe. Maybe not. You’ll have to read for yourself. While the outtake works well enough on its own, I would suggest reading the story proper. After all, it’ll only give you more to love about Edward (trust me), and get why Jasper’s fallen for Little Green.


There you have it, folks. Two great stories to sink your teeth into. Be sure to check back next week to see what MizzDee and I have in store for you. In the meantime, why don't you leave these wonderful authors some love.

Oh, and don't forget about The Summer It All Began  contest. There's still plenty of time to enter, and you know some of you have a little plotbunny just dying to get out. This would be the time to do it, since the contest is anonymous, and you know we'd all love to read it. Give it a try!


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